Picture of Nerf Gun Modifications.
Nerf guns are not just for kids any more. In this how-to, you will learn how to make home made darts, modfy your nerf gun, and convert a watergun to shoot nerf darts. Mod a few guns, call up the friends, and shoot each other like your 10 again!
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Step 1: Making Darts

Picture of Making Darts
This is the simple really. Materials are more the issue. You will need:

-Foam Backer Rod. Its found in a hardware store. It looks like the above. A big coil of foam. Try get 1/2"

- Fishing Weights. Ofcourse BB's, old nuts, anything that is small and has some weight to it will work.

-A glue gun and glue.

First, take the FBR and cut a small piece off. Use the glue gun to bore a hole in it. Now that you have a hole, drop your weight in it. Now alll you have to do is cover the hole with hot glue. Don't be afraid to lick your fingers and push the glue down for a better fit.

Repeat this for a good 50 darts and your in business.

Step 2: Modifing the dart gun.

Picture of Modifing the dart gun.
Now, just as easy. Concept is, replace the stock barrel(s) with a new tighter fitting barrel. Here is a list of type of barrels...

-1/2" CPVC (Yes, CPVC.)
-1/2" K&G Brass Barrel (The best of the best. Found in hobbie shops. They are used for making train tracks.)
1/2' Brass

I reccomend CPVC. Its easy to find and worksa great. But, if you know of a hobbie shop, get the brass, its amazing.

Now, its simple. Find the barrel(s) that the air comes out of, and get rid of it. Replace it with CPVC or Brass. Remeber, the shorter the barrel, the moer stable it will be, but you may loose some distance. The longer it is, the less stable, etc.

Take a look at the pictures for an example that I did. That gun is called the Night Finder and is 5 bucks in stores. Shoots a decent 50 feet.
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johnstat0007 months ago

SUper helpful! Thanks!


christine12310 months ago

I made it!!

codongolev6 years ago
why just hand them a modded gun? give them a regular gun and keep your modded one (especially if it doesn't look modded, like mine).
a pic of the gun ? :-P
a pic of the gun ? :-P
Plus, that way, they will be tempted to mod on their own.
or, take a pen, take everything off it except the end cap, cut it so that the end cap makes it a smaller opening on one end, wrap it in tape so it fits snugly in the barrel, and put it in your pocket. then, halfway through the nerf fight, just whip out the extension, put it in the gun, and start firing airsoft bbs.
and they hurt, too..... I lost my nerf gun and broke the other one, though. sadness.
comando90002 years ago
you said it!
jmason162 years ago! weird thing
ghoru4 years ago
another way to get some extra kick, stretch the spring that forces the piston into the barrel or replace with a stronger spring. also by using the "buzzbee toys" darts (cheaper brand) they are slightly bigger and harder darts, force them into the barrel, cock the gun pull the trigger. the dart wont come out but a nice whack on the cocking mech and these darts hurt. i got hit in the mouth and had my gums split
That's disgusting! What was under your gums?
tifrankvl ghoru4 years ago
Sorry, but stretching the spring just weakens it.
Wilne993 years ago
you could also just cut the top off of a nerf bullet.....
cioaonk3 years ago
Nerf Haven is like the Hardcore instuctables
what is the difference between CPVC and PVC pipe?
salazam4 years ago
1/2 inch is too small for mine and 5/8 is too big. I've wrapped the ends of the 1/2 inch with a cloth tape, one time around, and it works but I have to find a good balance now maybe make the tips heavier because now they warble in flight.
What is your barrel?
1/2" cpvc works great for 1/2"fbr....
Maverick stock barrel are the primary weapons of choice, then they also work in the clip loading ones, but aren't as powerful. What I have is caulk-saver from the Home Depot and maybe that's why the circumference is insufficient.
If your stefans spin during flight, you need to make it lighter, not heavier. #6 washers or metal .20 bbs are recommended.
I ended up using SP30 split shot. Seems to work, especially with the hot glue on the end. Still getting inferior distance than the regulars on the clip guns, but not the mavericks.
For me, burning a hole at the bottom of a stefan with a hot glue gun seems to work. Also, making the stefan shorter than its' store bought counterpart seems t work better too, a recommended length is 1 1/2 to 2 inches.
jumpingcat3 years ago
HeckHawk4 years ago
Nice gun dude ! awesome !
sonofstone4 years ago
are you sure about the 22 inch barrel? i just modded my supersoaker just by hotglueing on a nitefinder barrel, but the darts spin out of control, and the darts go anywhere except for the point i'm aiming at. i know thats because the barrel is too short, but isnt 10 inches long enough? thnx
jamesalex554 years ago
Do these darts hurt more than normal darts and where can you get backer rod in the UK?
cant find any record of a company referenced as K&G selling hobbyist metal products. closest i could find is a hobby specific company called K&S
could original poster confirm/deny weather this is the brand he was referring to?
epic fail your cut is bad
ihave this old toy crossbow that i got for 10 bucks and i am tryin to make a bolt action airsoft gun out of it. get back to me if u can help. i has a groove down the middle that can fit the barrel from the extender of a longshot and i was going to try to use the same mechanism as the longshot but i dont no how to fit an airsift barrel on it......
does it matter how long the barrel is?
barrel length matters for modded water guns i recommend a 22inch barrel
Yes. Extremely strong air-powered guns such as this will benefit most from barrels about 2 feet long. The barrel should also be a loose fit on your darts, but not loose enough that they can fall out on their own. Also, you may want to open the gun up and see if there is an "Over-Pressure Release Valve," what we in the Nerf Internet Community (NIC) abbreviate as "OPRV." An easy way to tell if a gun has one is to pump air and listen for a difference in tones in the later pumps. If there is a drastic difference, then there is an OPRV, which you can plug with hot glue or epoxy once you find it. They are usually located on the pump itself, and if not then somewhere nearby.
oh yeah? i have the internals of an at3k modded to be a 1pump yes i said one pump 60 foot super pistolthat gives welts and rips darts as thyer comin out the brrel that only sumtimes though but it makes my unweighted stefans wobble. SUCK!
Awesome! Un-weighted stefans? WTF? They have to be waited if you want them to be of any use.
yes i know my mom is anti bb gun so i don have bbs
Oh. You can use metal washers, too. They work pretty good.
 use small rocks
I have no idea what you just said
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