Introduction: Nerf Gun Upgrade

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Step 1: Take Apart

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Take the gun apart ....(standard screw driver is required for the upgrade)

Step 2: The Cylinder

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Unscrew the cylinder from the gun and pull off the hardware till you can stretch the spring.

Step 3: Stretch

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Stretch the spring until its quite larger than careful because if you stretch it too much it won't fit ...........this is very hard to stretch so take your time!

Step 4: Back in the Saddle

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Put the spring back into the cylinder and than into the chamber ....refer to video ....., make take some careful !

Step 5: Backin Action

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Screw the gun back together....... your ready to go! Don't shoot at eyes this does hurt not responsible for injuries!

Step 6:


olesgreb (author)2013-07-31

Yes it does@drmonkeyman

Dr MonkeyMan (author)2013-06-25

Does streching the spring give it more power

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