Nerf Gun/Airsoft Wall Display





Introduction: Nerf Gun/Airsoft Wall Display

This is my very first instructable. I am always on this site looking for new ideas and I finally had one no one else had yet... or at least at the cost of what I spent for the look it gave.

Right before Christmas this year my two oldest kids were on a huge Nerf gun kick (as you can see from the picture). I got tired of seeing all of the guns spread out across the floor and tripping over them (not to mention my youngest child eating all the darts!!!). I looked around for ideas to try while staying within a budget. My original idea was to use peg board until I saw the cost per sheet without the 1" strips and decided negative. I then thought about trying out a pvc type rack and did not like the bulky look.

That is when I decided it was time for me to come up with something. One day walking around Tractor Supply (I'm from the south), I saw what would become the new starting point to this awesome display rack. I was so pleased with the outcome that I felt it was something this site could use.

Of course though, I was lazy and didn't make the instructable until I saw the "Handtool Only Contest". Now this is were we are at. I hope you all enjoy the idea and it becomes handy in your own home. Trust me, the kids will love it and brag about it.

Step 1: Tool Requirements

The requirements for this build can not be any easier. I posted a 2 ft level and a Phillips screwdriver but, I am positive this could be done with even less.

The 2 ft level: used to make sure I stayed level when installing the hog fence to the wall as well as measurement from ceiling to top.

The Phillips screwdriver: used to punch the holes in the wall for the wall anchors and to screw the nylon wire clamps.

Depending on your skill level... I bet this all could be done with a pair of scissors.

Step 2: Material Requirements

The total cost for my build was much cheaper then expected. The only materials needed are hog fencing, 1/4 nylon clamps, wall anchors, a marker, and high tensile clips used for fence posts. In total I believe I spent no more then $30 to $40 at a local Tractor Supply. I live in the south, so if you do not have one try either Lowes or Home Depot.

Hog Fencing: will be used as the rack that will hold your arsenal. (this will need to be cut into sections depending on your wall length at the store)

1/4 Nylon clamps: will be used to hold the hog fencing to the wall. (usually used to hold electronic cables in place)

Wall Anchors: anchors for screws

High Tensile clips: will be used to to hold each individual Nerf gun. (usually used to attach wire to metal fence posts, or you can try searching zarebasystems(dot)com

Marker: for marking anchor points.

Step 3: Step 1 - Choosing Your Spot to Hang Display Rack

First thing to do is find a nice spot that you would like to put your display rack.

Next, you will want to place the nylon clips on the hog fence in each corner and middle section.

With the nylon clips pushed closest to the outside of each corner, use a marker to mark the hole location for the wall anchors.

Now place the anchors securely into the wall.

The final step is to install it onto the wall and add the high tensile clips as in the picture. (when placing the high tensile clips on the rack you will want to hook where it intersects and then pull down so it bends it backwards to sit flush.)

Step 4: Step 2 - If This Is Really Considered a Step...

Now take out all of your Airsoft guns, Nerf guns, foam swords, Minecraft pickaxes, and whatever else you would like to hang and start to add it. Some high tensile clips will have to be bent to make up for certain angles.

Well this concludes my Nerf Gun Display Rack. I hope you all will find a way to enjoy it somehow.

Seth Ferreira

p.s. It may be strong enough to hold actual guns. Pretty positive it could, but I don't recommend it unless you have a backup plan for keeping them locked up.



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    I don't get it. How do the guns stay on the finch? I can't see any clips in any of the photos.

    Anyone have any ideas they would like for an instructable they have not seen yet? Perhaps I may be of help.

    I also made a display in my closet by setting guns on top of boxes and making duct tape slings, you should try it! :)

    1 reply

    Not to sure about the box set up, but perhaps the slings would be good for the modded guns we have. Perhaps I will start doing indestructibles on those as well if they have not been done yet.

    Thank you very much. Nothing beats having the same ideal look for way below the cost. Way way below the cost at that.

    OH. MY. GOSH!!! I happened upon this by accident (was hoping someone posted a DIY battery pack for my son's airsoft gun). My guys would LOVE this (and so would their mother)!!

    I hadn't even looked at the contest, but you have a vote from me!!!

    Awesome, awesome!!

    1 reply

    I really appreciate the comment and vote. Now I have two votes for sure... not saying the other is mine... cough. Thank you again for the comment and would love to see the outcome when you complete it.

    But... I'm still curious...

    How do the darts taste? Did he add ketchup?

    1 reply

    Considering the endless sprints when darts were spotted I would have to assume decent. Only one way to find out though good sir. Also, no condiments were needed to entice his appetite.

    Appreciate it sir.