Step 4: How an Inline Clip Works

An inline clip is kid of like an RSCB clip but its IN-LINE (wow). When the baster is fired, the air goes through the PVC and around the dart because theres room around the dart and then the air pushes the dart out the barrel like a regular barrel. While the first dart is being fired, the next dart is carried into the barrel so it can be shot the next time the gun is fired.
If is not a good explanation, please ask me to edit this and make it better.

what diameter pvc are you using?
1/2 inch pvc and 1/2 inch cpvc
nice mod dude that is cool thanks for th cooect info i needed
dumb pc.<br /> i mean correct not cooect my pc thought i hit the o on the keybord 3 times not once.
pretty cool looking man :D<br />

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