Picture of Nerf Jolt Mod
This is a simple rubber band mod for the Nerf Jolt. All it takes are some rubber band skills.

I apologize for the messed up pictures. Those will be replaced soon, as I am editing all of my first Instructables to make them better. Edit posted April 28, 2014. Hold me to it!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need

-Nerf Jolt (Elite or N-Strike)

-Rubber bands (#64 work best)

Step 2: Loop

Picture of Loop
Hook band on plunger, then twist it over, then hook it over.

Step 3: Hook

Picture of Hook
Hook band around top of gun.

Step 4: Check

Picture of Check
Make sure the band is hooked over the black overhang.

Step 5: You're done!!!

Picture of You're done!!!
Range should be improved. Enjoy! You can do this for multiple bands, until it becomes too difficult to prime.
nerfrocketeer (author) 2 years ago
Remember you can do this for multiple rubber bands!!!
The Ngineer4 months ago
The Ngineer4 months ago

can I use this as a reference in an ible?

nerfrocketeer (author)  The Ngineer4 months ago
No problem! Go ahead! Thanks for asking! :)
gammerguy10 months ago

Its more fun with the new jolt and needle darts or something :D or can use q-tips (take dart cut off front stick straw in duct tape straw to dart put in gun duct tape that to gun and put q-tip in) Very painful :D

nerfrocketeer (author)  gammerguy10 months ago

The new Jolt (blue) and old Jolt (orange) are exactly the same thing, but different colors. However yes the Q-tip/toothpick/thumbtack trick can be fun/painful. ;)

mrlargo1 year ago

This actually does not work too well. The stronger the bands the worse the range. There is an air restrictor that works against air flow. It tends to close the stronger it gets. The restrictor keeps the piston from bottoming out in the cylinder if there's no load/dart. If you remove that first then you'll see better range. Also, you can pull the head off the darts and trim some of the rubber neck off. Re-glue and the dart weighs less and gets better range. I've also trrimmed darts shorter to make them flush fit with the front of the barrel. This also reduces weight. Where did you get an orange one? I've only seen the blue ones here in Vegas.

Atalpa7 mrlargo11 months ago

You can remove the air resticter from the Jolt but its challlenging :P I did it xD

GuavChenko1 year ago
Dude! That thing is sick!
nerfrocketeer (author)  GuavChenko1 year ago
nerfrocketeer (author)  wildmahogany2 years ago