Nerf Jolt





Introduction: Nerf Jolt

This Instructable will show you how to make a Nerf Jolt out of K'NEX.

Step 1: Partz

You will need 8 white connectors, 2 red rods, 2 yellow rods, 4 blue rods, 4 green rods, 1 orange connector, 1 white rod, 5 orange bendy rods, 3 rubber bands, 2 green connectors, 2 yellow , 2 small blue caps, 8 small blue separators, 5 grey separators, 2 black caps, 10 large purple caps, and 2 blue connectors. You also need purple bendy rods (not shown yet) for ammo.

Step 2: Barrel

Build this piece, then add yellow rods.

Step 3: Stack

Stack the two blue pieces facing different directions.

Step 4: Oranges

Add the orange rods, then add two blue rods between them.

Step 5: Separators

Add the separators and caps to the blue rods as shown. Next, slide down the orange rods.

Step 6: Yellows

Add the yellow connectors as shown. Make sure that the direction they are going up has the center connection on the top.

Step 7: Blue Rod

Add a blue rod to the lower end of the yellows.

Step 8: Connect

Add the orange rod to the top connection. Next, attach the yellows to the yellow rods on the barrel. Next, connect the orange rod to the barrel as shown.

Step 9: Check

At this point, your gun should look like this.

Step 10: Trigger

Make two of these pieces and stack them.

Step 11: Attach Trigger

Insert the trigger, and add a blue rod through it. Add caps and separators to both sides.

Step 12: Plunger

Make this piece.

Step 13: Rubber Bands

Attach rubber bands to the trigger as shown.

Step 14: Plunger Band

Insert the plunger through the hole in the back. Next, add a rubber band.

Step 15: Loading and Firing

To prime, pull back the plunger AMD press up the trigger. Then load the ammo, and pull the trigger.

Step 16: Done!!!

You now have a Nerf Jolt! Enjoy!!!



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Oh my! This actually shoots! That's ridiculously awesome.

It looks alright, but does the trigger actually stop the FP (firing pin) from flying forward? Or, do you just pullback and let go?

The trigger actually DOES stop the plunger. :P. This gun also has good range: 30-40 feet!

Um....what you call the "plunger" is actually called the FP (A.K.A Firing Pin). 30 to 40 ft?!? That is pretty good. =D

I just use the Nerf name for it since its a Nerf gun build. Btw thanks!