Picture of Nerf Longshot Basic Mod +extras
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Hello viewers, readers, and time killers. This is my first mod for Instructables. It is a very simple nerf longshot mod with some extra goodies added to make it more...awesome.
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Step 1: Removing AR's

First thing to do is remove the AR's. To get to the inerds, just pry open the orange bolt. I used two flat head screwdrivers and POP, just dont force the thing off. Im not gonna go into detail on how to remove the AR's considering that there are more than enough sites with how to remove them.  

Step 2: Pistol Integration w/barrel addition

Picture of Pistol Integration w/barrel addition
Picture 18.jpg

Again, much of what I did can be found online. Integrate the pistol component onto the location of the the bipod.

The Barrel component was added for the awesome factor. Simply cut about 6.25" from the muzzle (6" at minimum) and use the "front sight" from the pistol/barrel extension.

Step 3: Mag Mod Banana Style

Picture of Mag Mod Banana Style
Another simple mag mod. I was unable to find any "banana" clip style mods...so i did my own. I was going for the M16/AR15 style bend in the clip. With the bend, only 12 darts will fit, but the feed is actually great. The inside walls where the feed ramp glides have to be shaved ever so slightly to accept the angle for a smooth feed.

The reinforcements I've seen online were with small strips of wood. I used the other feed ramp and cut it down into usable peices to add support. Also, I went ahead and split the mags completely inhalf in order to hot glue the inside as well as the outside for added support. Just make sure to hot glue the inside on the right spots or else the feed ramp wont glide so smooth.  I used alot of electrical tape for the springs.

nice idea
PRtheking4 years ago
Basically you do the same as what you do for the longshot, but you might want to sand the part infront of the mag holder :)
tynow4 years ago
mine didnt have any ars at all, any ideas????
fullauto223 (author)  tynow4 years ago
strange, usually manufatured nerf guns are made with ar's due to their safety and usage for the overall life of the toy. did you get yours from somebody?
check out following website for pics of ar's:


good luck DUDE! keep me up to date, if you need anymore help or any kind of help, dont hesitate to ask. :)
i got it for christmas/birthday when it first came out so i think they made different versions after that, might i be right?
fullauto223 (author)  tynow4 years ago
yeah, the first version came with an extra pistol while the second version had only one gun. did you check out the two websites?
actually i think the first version is the longshot and the second version is the longstrike.
does it work for recon cs-6
if so awsome
the clip mod will work for a recon, but the springs and everything are a little different. I'd look on the Nerf Haven forums for recon mods.
zacrichards4 years ago
I really wish you actually would have gone into detail instead of giving that crappy excuse of "it's all over the internet". If that's the case, you shouldn't have made the instructable in the first place. Sorry to be harsh, but that was pretty lame of you to do. Sorry again.
dude, lay off and just shut your trap. fullauto's instructable was very informative about the different mods he's done to his longshot. Part of modding is interpreting it how you see it.

If you can't say anything constructive or nice DONT SAY ANYTHING AT ALL!
I agree completely
taowyman4 years ago
thast cool:p
lil larry4 years ago
dude that clip is tight!!! I made a Recon into a M16 styled nerf gun and I just made this and it looks awesome!!!!!!!

Hitman2274 years ago
With the front and clip the thing looks like a kalashnikov(ak47)! Nice job!
The shotgun modification to the M16 is commonly called the Masterkey (which is technically incorrect, but it's the internet, so meh.), I love what you did with yours. I can't believe I didn't think about making a banana clip for my Longshot. Actually, I would just take the M4/M16 mags from my airsoft rifle (I'm assuming that we both have the same type) and they fit pretty well into the Longshot's magwell. And the barrel mod just looks wicked.

fullauto223 (author)  Landon Sullivan4 years ago
thanks dude! glad you approve. i thought it was pretty sick to do. the arisoft mod took about an hour. i was just kinda bored. My airsoft M16 is an HFC brand. Im, currently looking for a gear box kit for it, considering it has plenty of room and cut-outs on the internals for battery wires. I havent found one yet, but I would like for this beast to be at least semi-auto if not fullauto. For my barrel mod, I actually added some of the front gun extension to it. It looks pretty cool and i didnt want to just throw away that much plastic.
how can you make a banana clip for the recon?
fullauto223 (author)  the punisher994 years ago
im not familiar w/the recon mag well, but since all magazine fed nerf guns use the same type of mags, my mag mod should work for the recon (in theory anyway). check out this vid for help and use my measurments to add the angle to the clip. if you need any further help, dont hesitate to ask dude. have a good one.

billybenj4 years ago
thats not much of an instructable if you just tell people to find the things you did on other sites >.>
i really have to agree with this...
eman4144 years ago
your gun is friggen sweet man !