For you Nerf Fans out there, this one's for you.

I recently acquired a Longshot, and decided that it wasn't powerful enough for my liking. It was fairly old, so the spring was a little weak, and i decided to remove the air restrictor. Wasn't my brightest idea ever. 

I tinkered around until it simply was too powerful to shoot anything and that left me scratching my head until I set my eyes on my Buzz Bee Berserker. I originally got that to use the bazooka portion to shoot regular darts about 120'. My friend modified his and turned it into a death-by-foam nightmare maker. 20 darts for normal shooting, and a killer sniper for those who were first to flee. 

So i figured why not swap internals? 

Take the bad from the Longshot and free the bazooka from the bulky Berserker. Combine the best of the best and you get a sweet sniper rifle in a sleek shell waiting for it's first victim!

I have taken the first of many to come test shots, and the results have been extremely promising. With 6 or 7 pumps and buzzbee darts, I can consistently hit 120' when fired from my shoulder. (I'm 6'4 so this is probably a little higher than your shoulder.) The farthest shot I have gotten was 7 pumps, Nerf tagger dart, which went over 200' fired from my shoulder. The wind might have carried it a little, but it WENT! Anything over 8 pumps and the darts are simply going to fast and fishtail all over the place.

When compared to my AR removed Recon, it's a night and day difference.

Please note that I am not responsible for any injuries you may inflict or incur while making or using this gun. Don't be stupid, and take appropriate safety measures at all times. You have been warned.

Step 1: Things to Know

In order to complete this project you should know how to do the following things.

1- safely operate a dremel with the proper protective equipment like glasses, gloves and hearing protection if it's too loud for you.

2- mix epoxy. I've had lots of practice between rocketry and mixing up epoxy paints for boat bottoms. Improperly mixed epoxy in the wrong places will turn this nerf gun into a bomb sitting next to your face. It is better to go through more epoxy and get it mixed well than to have a failure.

NOTE!!! pvc and most plastics do not explode nicely. They will shatter and fragment into slivers that can easily punch through soft tissue. They are more prone to failure after lots of use or being operated in extremely cold environments. look up some facts about pvc before doing this project if you have no experience with pressurized pvc or plastic. Look into water rocketry for some good safety tips.

3- use a saw. It seems like a no brainer, but it takes practice to get it right.

4- a drill. Like with a saw it seems like it should be easy, but it is important to carefully use a drill and line up your holes when drilling. 

That's sooooo epic I'm gonna do that
its possible to burn out the motor of a dremel literaly! when that happens u see a small fire and smell smoke D: then it no work
Oh... and I must echo the sentiment of some of the others that have commented here... I'd *LOVE* to see a video of what this bad boy can do! Please consider making and sharing a video if it is within your means. I know it would make those of us that have thoroughly read thru each of your steps and viewed all of your images, (in hopes of one day attempting what you've accomplished) VERY happy to see. Plus, it would only provide _more_ incentive to tackle this beast of a Nerf mod. This thing looks like it shoots hard and is capable of reaching great distances. We'd be grateful for a video demonstration... never the less, the work you've put into this write-up is admirable. Thanks again!
Wow! An impressive, (if a bit daunting) Nerf-mod instructable... and I've read ALOT of 'em here recently. Having just entered the fun and rewarding world of Nerf modding, seeing innovative and well thought out builds such as this is truly inspiring! I've only just completed my 2nd modded Maverick, which turned out far better than the 1st, having learned from some of my mistakes. I revisited this *great* site to once again peruse the myriad instructables here on Nerf modding, in hopes of figuring out which gun I should purchase for modification next. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this one yet, but it's certainly got me leaning towards the Longshot, (if I can find it... I believe it's been discontinued) if only to perform a more basic mod and familiarize myself with the internals, as I have with the Maverick. Thanks for writing up and sharing this excellent "how-to" with the rest of the community... it is much appreciated. Nothing irks me more when I find a unique mod, (perhaps by a certain engineering student) that although impressive, is only shared seemingly to show-off and only very vaguely explained. Argh! This site is for *sharing* how-to information... if ya just want to brag, head over to a forum and flaunt your works there... but I digress. I must applaud you for NOT doing that and actually giving a detailed step-by-step tutorial on your beauty of a mod. Thanks again... perhaps in the near future I'll be chiming in to ask questions when I inevitably get stuck attempting this one. Great work, Sir! You are an asset to the community and to this site. Keep up the good work. Cheers!
Hey they probably needed that wood! :) Theater departments always have trouble with materials budgets.
It was in a scrap heap for use with a class i was taking and there was a ton of it lying around. I doubt anyone missed it.
Oh cool. We do throw a good bit out actually.
you should make a handle for the breech and a locking mechanism, other than that awesome, i just dont think i can buy the beserker in New Zealand
The Buzz Bee Big Blast should have the same, or very similar internals if you can get your hands on one of those<br>
thanks a million :{|)
FYI clip&ne;magazine
I like to see a video of this thing FIRE! :)
My thoughts exactly.
Post a video demonstration please!!!
Those air restrictors are such a pain. I have always removed them from my nerf guns.
I would love to see before and after videos of your results...
wow i love nerf me and my collage always play at our mettings though this would hurt in a airsoft gun more

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