Some pictures of one of my longshots with integration.
You need a tutorial dude,
I wanna do a Longshot and Maverick integration, any ideas?<br>
heres mine just the front
I'm no noob, trust me I know what an integration is. this Is kind of Integration but not a full one. heres my longshot.
nice lancer
did u do something to the internals to make the range better?
that's cool! like a bayonet type thing. what did you do to the barrel?
what all mods did u do to both guns also here is mine
awsome freacking paintjob
and your gun NEEDS paint or its not <strong><em>THAT</em></strong> cool
Yes, really
....No, paint is completely optional, probably a waste if you don't consider the whole project a waste, Nerf guns after all. Also, paint corrodes plastic, it weakens it.
I just bought a longshot from a friend and i had a pimp idea; glue the bolt sled to the jam door so it opens everytime you cock the gun. I did it and it is super cool I was also guna do this mod as well as all the standard stuff i do (AR removal, o-ring replacement, spring stuff, pad the plunger, and reinforce the stock) upon opening it up it was a little intimidating the plunger tube is HUGE i usually look at recons and nancy stuff that freaked me for a second best nerf for modding tho
thats awsome man i'm just now starting to mod i just dont want to mess up my guns. {do you guys think nerf guns are only for kids?}
Nerf is for everyone, accept children. Children aren't even responsibal enough to use these properely anyway.
&nbsp;no and don't let any one tell you other wise they are like the best thing every invented
heres my ible on ls mods, has this itegration and some other stuff to! check it out!<br /> <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/longshot-modification/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/longshot-modification/</a>
&nbsp;That looks sick<br /> Why don't you paint it to cover up the hot glue
how did u fuse the front gun with the main gun on the lngshot plz post a reply or instructable on how to.
Yeah, just go to Nerfhaven.com. They got all kinds of mods.
cant post an ible cause its already done. didnt takes pics of mod srry. =( you can search for it online though<br/>
i did this and superglued it on. i love this mod!
That must have took a while. I wish I was as good as you.
what do each of these things do, like whats the point of the copper wire?
the copper wire pulls the front gun trigger when you pull the main trigger
That is some hardcore modding. Nice, though it probably limits the effective range a little (not much).
Actually, no it doesn't. I drilled out the air restrictors of both guns and the ranges are great for the main gun and OK for the front gun.

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