Introduction: Nerf Longshot Mod

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In this mod I will cover the removal of the air restrictor and fixing the air tight seals.

Please be aware that mods can break the gun and make it unusable so only proceed with modifying the gun if you are prepared for your gun to stop working.
I have modded almost all of my guns (10+ guns) and none are broken so it's ok if you know what your doing.

Step 1: Opening the Gun

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First of all need to leaver off the cocking mechanism then we can proceed and unscrew all of the screws on the gun.

Once you have done that pull the top shell off the gun.

Step 2: Remove the Bolt Sled Assembly

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First of all remove the jam door then pull the bolt sled assembly out of place.

Step 3: Removing the Air Restrictor

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To remove the air stricter we need to unscrew the two Silver screws on the back of the bolt slend assembly after take out the spring and looked down the tube you will see an obstruction you need to get a long screwdriver and bash out the obstruction so you can see straight through the tube.

(My second picture may look a little different to what your gun will look like)

Step 4: Fixing the Seals

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There are two seals on this gun we are going to fix one of them is a small hole on one of the tubes the other is fixing the O-ring problem because it is too small. To fix these we just use some tape.

Step 5: Putting the Gun Back Together

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Put the bolt sled assembly back where it was when you opened it then put the top half of the gun on and screw it back together.
Finally put the cocking mechanism back in place (you may need a hammer to do this).

Step 6: Finished

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All done!

Just remember that nerf guns can be dangerous especially if they are modded. Do not aim at the Face or eyes make sure you are wearing protection goggles to reduce risk of injury.




genetic inception made it! (author)2015-01-12

Thanks for posting. Without this I would not have the courage to make those mods to my son's 3 year old, unused longshot.

I removed the restricter, used soldering iron to melt plastic to plug the air release hole, and stubbed the nose to make it complete. I removed one side cocking knob.

I stubbed the nose because the long barrel was also restricted flight.

My son loves his new stub-nose c36 assault rifle, and it shoots just as far as his zombie double-strike revolver. Here it is.

JackDC2000 (author)2014-08-09

Awesome job! I recommend adding a bigger and reinforcing the boltsled. Nice paint job by the way! I like it.

nerfrocketeer (author)2014-01-30


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