Step 4: Removing the air restrictor

Picture of Removing the air restrictor
(deep breath) Thanks for the picture, Captianslug.com. Remove the bolt and plunger chamber from the gun and pull them apart. Take an electric drill and clear through the bolt, removing everything so it's a tube. Unscrew the back of the plunger chamber and remove the plunger. See the black thing at the bottom? Turn the plunger chamber upside-down and tap the bottom so the other thing falls out. drill out everything in the thing (another air-restrictor) so it looks like a funnel-shaped thing. Put the black connector thing back in the plunger chamber and reconnect the bolt and the plunger chamber, greasing the intersection as much as possible. (breathe out)
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why is your longshot so color full?
It's photoshop'd...
7 times (including everything)
u like to say 'thing' dont u.... jk