Picture of Nerf Longshot Reloading Mod
I was having nerf battle with my friends and I was using the Longshot. So when I have to reload it sucks when you have to take the clip out and then get another one from the butt stock. So I decided to make an easy way to reload it. This instructable will teach you how to reload the Longshot in 2 seconds or less! PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!

Tools: Scissors
Duct Tape ( You can use any type of tape, I just like Duct tape because it looks cool)

****NOTE: You do not have to do any unscrewing or any sort of that****
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Step 1: The Setup

Picture of The Setup
Alright first we will start with the how we will do the procedure

Step 2: Procedure

Now we will start with the order of operations to make it.

Step 3: Finished Product

Here is the finished product of what you should have made. ENJOY!!!!!!!
P7090745.AVI(320x240) 4 MB
Nice idea, but could use some fine-tuning
the_mad_man3 years ago
this is called going "jungle style"
Not dual clips?
16kuokhc12 years ago
Just go buy a flip clip attachment (although it kinda is a waste of money!) It gives you 2 clips and an attachment (the clips are more expensive)
ZchryRbbt4 years ago
lol. you noob. what you do is remove all the internals from one clip, then cut the first ammo clip below the ridge [the one with no internals], cut the second one below the ridges that hold in darts then superglue them together. next stretch the lift thing for the darts to the top. one clip holds 14 darts. no need for reloading. xD
No need to call him a n00b, he just likes to reload faster saying that i dont need to reload. and in my reality, im pretty darn sure that not reloading is faster than reloading. i dont know about where you come from tho.,..
You could do this with those modded clips...
but then it takes longer to put all the bullets into the clip
Yeah but that's before you actuallly play. Time spent there reloading the larger clip would likewise be spent reloading multiple small clips. Logic please?
you have a good point, but like if u mess up, you sorta like messed up a clip
Ehh, nerf guns in general are very rough work so it doesn't need to be exact. Just sand down the edges so there's nothing rough and eyeball it. It'll be all good. I have like 3 of these clips.
i should try that on my gun
haha. i have 3 of those clips. i use them in my longshot. i get about 80+ feet :D
you can just use the stampede clip which holds 18 darts or you can use the raider drum barrel
yeah but this was before the stampede, and that raider drum is just bulky, ugly, heavy and if ur mag catch is broken, it'll fall right out. you could opt for stampede mags, but i personally think they're too long for say a longshot or recon.
are you sure the lift spring can stretch that far?
it cant but that can be easily remidied. so its like a Z shape right? you tape [i used electric] one Z onto the otehr one. theres vids on youtube that show you. so then its like a long lightning bolt shape. and just put it in like normal. there is only one drawback. if you keep it loaded with anything more thatn 11-12, altjhough it will fit, if you keep it there for like say 2 hours, the pressure of the extendede spring will squish your darts and then you will get little ovally ends witch is not good. i think. depends on what you like.
what if i used soldering wire/fluid to solder them together?
Ok. It depends on how well you do it. It's just easier to do it with tape so do that if at all possible. Anything works. Umm, scotch, frog tape, masking, duct, electric, painters, packaging, pretty sparkly stickers. Everything works. If you absolutely can't, then I guess soldering it would work if you got enough of it connected. But still, I'd still tape or glue over it to hold it together better. Good luck with your clip man. It's not too hard but when your taping/glueing it back up, make sure it's aligned properly. Or else it'll piss you off like know what I mean. . Loll. xD
lol thanx bro!
oh. the clip im describing is also kinda long. i have some pictures you can see though if the links work!/photo.php?pid=1171702&id=1537007517&fbid=1478089602348
Its ok, but I cold come up with something faster and more realistic.
what did u come up with?
like what?
jumpingcat3 years ago
u can just make a "super clip" take out internals cut them sand down put in bam 14 darts without reloding
Devin2813 years ago
Uhh You know Nerf made a product that connects two of these?
yeah, but it's so much easier and cheeper to tape them together.
TheMaker8883 years ago
one of the most simplest mods but most practical..
i did this with my airsoft shotgun awhile ago :P
but i also made a few other mods to it that increase fps and range..
'internal workings' haha ill have to make a tut some time.
lil larry4 years ago
the flip clip sucks dude. better to do this
ninjusk5 years ago
Cool but nerf just came out with the nerf flip clip. Google it
Flimsy though...

taowyman4 years ago
sweet idea
superjoe125 years ago
 dude. this is cool. BUT: u could also go to walmart or target and buy a thing called the flip clip PLUS: it comes with darts and 2 extra clips and its better
but the clip flip came out in 2009 and this instructable was posted in '08
PLUS: the clip flip sometimes falls off when running, and duct tape is much more durable. because it fixes everything
Yea the connector piece is a piece of crap. Its better to be able to not half to flip it.
a4great5 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
V1nz0rd a4great4 years ago
i can reload in two with my clip joining mod
airsoft10175 years ago
nerf came out with a clip that holds them together so cheap just as i thopught of it! Try clear tape too
nice mod, but you can actually just buy something like this in some shops and you can remove the clips without leaving any sticky stuff from the tape on them.
smallman985 years ago
yea u dont even have to use ducct tAPE AND ,make it look bad
sweet nerf "jungle fury" mag. (:[])
scrutmonkey5 years ago
it's okay, the better mod would be the Captain Slug 12 shot clip integration. incorporates the 2 clips into a larger clip to hold 12 shots. nice thoughts on the quick clip though.
bobby45055 years ago
just like a lot of mp5's
emuostrich5 years ago
C'mon people! If you're serious enough to have an actual Nerf war with friends, you're serious enough to do this: thanks to NH's "Resident Mad Scientist" Captain Slug. Also, if you're serious enough to think about Nerfing, you're serious enough to join my website at NOW. And by NOW, I mean NOW or you won't get the valuable incentive.
nice, ive wanted to do that for mine.
point blank5 years ago
Its a good idea but I don't really need it because with some practice, I have learned to reload my longshot in 3 secs!
mmmpancakes6 years ago
The easy way to do it is to just tape it with something like scotch tape, it is cheap and still stable.
berky936 years ago
it would be more effective to attach them side by side facing the same direction (with a spacer in between to allow for enough room to load the clips) because its really easy for darts to fall out of these clips, especially upside-down.
the mummy6 years ago
my friends dad did this in Vietnam with M-16 clips
Yeah I knew some veterans that actually did this in Vietnam too.
Dang how did I not think of this!!!!!1!!1!!!!!!1111
hankypanky6 years ago
good idea but idont think u needed to make an instructable on it cause its kinda (very) simple...owell for this bad coment ill give u a five star 4 no reason whatsoever...
Skinner1836 years ago
that was 4-5 sec's not 2
Bridel5686 years ago
why not connect them so instead of 6 bullets per clip its just like one big 12 bullet clip
That would be a little complicated though.
actually, people at NH have already done that. i would but i only have 3 clips and don't want to ruin them.
well yea but it kinda makes sense to do this instead of taking it out and fliping it around
Yes, but this way, in an indoor war, whenever you find ammo on the ground, you can just put it into the bottom clip.
People have done that.
just think this would be awesome to do with the super clip (a clip that holds 12 darts instead of 6)
I think I might do that because I have one super clip and two more clips attached like this. : ))))))))))))
ShadowFlame6 years ago
Why not just make it a banana clip????
dsman1952766 years ago
not a bad idea. kinda like a speed loader( writes down to make for nitefinder)