Nerf Longshot Reloading Mod





Introduction: Nerf Longshot Reloading Mod

I was having nerf battle with my friends and I was using the Longshot. So when I have to reload it sucks when you have to take the clip out and then get another one from the butt stock. So I decided to make an easy way to reload it. This instructable will teach you how to reload the Longshot in 2 seconds or less! PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!

Tools: Scissors
Duct Tape ( You can use any type of tape, I just like Duct tape because it looks cool)

****NOTE: You do not have to do any unscrewing or any sort of that****

Step 1: The Setup

Alright first we will start with the how we will do the procedure

Step 2: Procedure

Now we will start with the order of operations to make it.

Step 3: Finished Product

Here is the finished product of what you should have made. ENJOY!!!!!!!



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    lol. you noob. what you do is remove all the internals from one clip, then cut the first ammo clip below the ridge [the one with no internals], cut the second one below the ridges that hold in darts then superglue them together. next stretch the lift thing for the darts to the top. one clip holds 14 darts. no need for reloading. xD

    What about 2 of the clips you made taped together like in the instructable ? It would give you even more ammo!

    No need to call him a n00b, he just likes to reload faster saying that i dont need to reload. and in my reality, im pretty darn sure that not reloading is faster than reloading. i dont know about where you come from tho.,..

    You could do this with those modded clips...

    but then it takes longer to put all the bullets into the clip

    Yeah but that's before you actuallly play. Time spent there reloading the larger clip would likewise be spent reloading multiple small clips. Logic please?

    you have a good point, but like if u mess up, you sorta like messed up a clip

    Ehh, nerf guns in general are very rough work so it doesn't need to be exact. Just sand down the edges so there's nothing rough and eyeball it. It'll be all good. I have like 3 of these clips.

    i should try that on my gun