Nerf Longshot SSR





Introduction: Nerf Longshot SSR

ok sorry everyone for having to look at the small pics. ive finally made a better slide show with bigger pictures enjoy!!!!!:):):):):):):)

a nerf mod i did on my longshot that was done on a boring day. it could shoot farther without the barrel but i added the barrel for looks

AR removal
2 mavrick springs added
plunger padding
vulcan rails added on each side od the gun on the front
recon front barrel attachment
copper barrel extendingfrom inside longshot through recon barrel and out
muzzle added made from recon laser light

distance: 70-80f FT flat about 100 ft angled

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    what spray paints did you use, also how long is the copper tube from the retaliator barrel to the muzzle

    is there any way to make the cocking mechanism automatically go forwards after it's pulled back?

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    no but the new stampede is out and its a fully automatic/semiautomatic rifle thts clipfed

    its also electronic and therefore a completly different design

    thanx. anyway i have another question. how do you get the cocking bolt out once you put it in?

    Once you get it off, you can unscrew one of the sides (the side that the metal rod gos in to) and then unscrew the thing inside. It makes it easier to remove the bolt for future modding. I would suggest putting it back in when your sure your done modding.

    u can use the back of a hammer. wat u do is you put the back of the hammer between the bolt and the gun and then youll try to pull it out.

    sure you could..
    i dont have one of these but ill have to get one some time...
    anyways yes you could if you had a big enough spring on the Bolt
    'it would make it harder to cock'
    cause when you pull the bolt back, it has to push the dart into the barrel and it pulls back the plunger 'which loads the gun for shooting'

    you could add a spring

    longshot body, just modified to fold out rather then in

    Hey. I'm new to the moding world, but already I've come up with a devistating vulcan mod. I have my dad's engineer's mind afterall. When I'm done, I'll send it in. Anyways, I wanted to ask a question about this mod. Where did you get the copper piece? And how do you keep it from ionizing? You know, turning green like the statue of liberty.

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    I think you meant 'Oxidizing'. 'Ionizing' is the act of ions being emitted from an atom due to it being irradiated with high-frequency energy.

    You can get the copper pieces at any hardware store, usually. You're looking for one with an Inner Diameter just larger than the Nerf Dart, although not to long. It should not fall out by itself, but when you give a light puff of air, it should blow out easily. A good idea is to bring along a good dart so you can test the ID of the Barrel. You can prevent it from OXIDIZING ( ;) ) by giving it a light polish with Brass Polish.

    how far does it shoot? Doesn't the long faux barrel make it shoot less far and less accurate


    you unscrew it and use scissors or wire cutters and take out all the electronics