Nerf Longstrike Mod





Introduction: Nerf Longstrike Mod

I have seen only 1 Longstrike mod on the web and it was difficult to understand so i am going to make one.

Step 1: Opening It Up

You only have to focus on the main blaster unit not the extension or stock remove the bolt with a hammer claw and unscrew the screws.

Step 2: Modding

Now, for the mod you see the big spring take it out and just stretch it out not to much but not to little.

Step 3: Put It Back Together

Now make sure everything is in place and put the other side back on.Then screw everything back together and put the stock and bolt back on.

Step 4: Range

My Longstrike now shoots about  25 `. It may sound louder now



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    Do not stretch your spring, it will lose its tension after a while and be less powerful than a stock spring. If you need more power just buy a larger spring.

    If I am correct, after a period of use, the spring's function will quickly change to worse than stock performance. I do not recommend this mod.

    Um... I want to take off the bolt but I'm afraid my gun (Or bolt) will break! Please help me!

    Just use a large flathead screw driver. put it under one of the orange knobs and gently lever it up. It'll eventually pop off with no dramas.

    i just tried that it almost broke my gun any other useful ideas

    put coins behind the spring to put more tension.

    oh, that gives more overall power.

    The hammer thing works. But remember to be gentle!

    Worked great thank you! Had some difficulty when pieces of the gun started coming out but we got it back together!