This is my longshot I got for Christmas. It is my primary. It is pretty much flawless. I used a linked trigger design. That means a wire that is linked between the intergrated gun and the longshots main trigger.
Ive just got a nerf longshot but my maverick fires further than it. Also when i fire it it makes a weird springy booingin sound. Should it do this ?
This happened to me with m longshot. Yes my longshot had 10ish feet range which is horrible.
take out the AR's. More than doubles your range
You should crack the gun open and check the internals
The dualshot
that would be sweet if the bottom could fire as well
It does fire.
what kind of wire did you use? copper?
That is BEAST!!!!
Thank you, means alot!
coolz, i was kinda hoping it would be called the knuckel gun though :D o well
I'm not done with it still improving it
ahh, try a biger springs
Yes I already done that.
good, good * evl laugh
yeah I finally made a epic longshot it shoots sonic micros 60-70ft Streamlines probably in the 100s not for sure but it is my baby I love it
i gust simpoly removed the air ristricters and lubricaded the air toob and my gun shoots 110ft now its f****ing beast <br>
Oh wait I get it now... <br>That's cool.
You saw of the bipod and saw your frontgun so where it will fit under. Then you hot glue it and take a wire from whats left of the frontgun,and drill a path to the primary trigger then it should work.
You should call it the Dualshot.
I like it. Maybe.
Dualstrike? <br> <br>F
bo yo
Yeah, I guessed.
So, have you intgrated two guns or just moved some bits around?
Please comment and suscribe. This gun needs a name tell me one.

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