Nerf M41A Pulse Rifle (based Off the The Movie Aliens)

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Introduction: Nerf M41A Pulse Rifle (based Off the The Movie Aliens)

This mod is not created by me but one of my friends who I talked with a lot over this project as we both wanted to make a NERF pulse rifle from Aliens. He completed his before mine which when I am finished I will also post.
Note: there is no instructions at this time to make this blaster, you may infer on what mods were done but a step by step instruction is not ready at this time and possibly will never be ready.

He made this using:
nerf LongShot Rail,
nerf Recon,
Nerf LSFG (Longshot front gun),
nerf raider stock
and other materials.



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    great job ! :) props to your friend.
    may i ask where he got the laxan from ? im trying to track it down. but tis quite difficult here in australia

    he is in the USA so i have no idea how to help.

    Maybe if you can get the comopony name off him i could contact them.

    I think he used lexon ploycarb sheets

    I don't know if you Aussie's have Home Depot or Lowe's in your neck, but Lexan/Polycarbonate and Acrylic are both regular stock here in the States for both outlets. They're usually in the window section.

    How much money did you uses on this project?

    you can get clear nerf guns on

    What colors did you use build?