This mod is not created by me but one of my friends who I talked with a lot over this project as we both wanted to make a NERF pulse rifle from Aliens. He completed his before mine which when I am finished I will also post.
Note: there is no instructions at this time to make this blaster, you may infer on what mods were done but a step by step instruction is not ready at this time and possibly will never be ready.

He made this using:
nerf LongShot Rail,
nerf Recon,
Nerf LSFG (Longshot front gun),
nerf raider stock
and other materials.
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really awesome!
great job ! :) props to your friend.
may i ask where he got the laxan from ? im trying to track it down. but tis quite difficult here in australia
harpuia (author)  curious youth3 years ago
he is in the USA so i have no idea how to help.
Maybe if you can get the comopony name off him i could contact them.
harpuia (author)  curious youth3 years ago
I think he used lexon ploycarb sheets
ok thanks for the help :)

I don't know if you Aussie's have Home Depot or Lowe's in your neck, but Lexan/Polycarbonate and Acrylic are both regular stock here in the States for both outlets. They're usually in the window section.

Macbuilder1 year ago
How much money did you uses on this project?
What colors did you use build?
abadfart2 years ago
i need to build one of these for starfest next time i get to go
MAVREV133 years ago
i give up....how anoying was making this epic gun????
Attmos MAVREV133 years ago
annoying? looks like tons of fun to me? this is what i mean when i say "pride in your work".
harpuia (author)  MAVREV133 years ago
i think just by looking at the construction pics you can guess.
was it worth it? and does it face any minor probloms with stability????
Attmos3 years ago
really nice work. i hope yours turns out just as good.
DJ Radio4 years ago
You should take the liberty to make yours more powerful than the stock nerf guns.
harpuia (author)  DJ Radio4 years ago
This isn't a stock gun, the internals are modded so it fires farther than normanly, if you meant a homemade gun like out of pvc, it wouldn't make any sense to build it from that.
I am going to build this and most likely will make a instructable so other people can make it easier than reading this not trying to be rude but I will make instructable
Oh, *PLEASE* do! I'd be the bell-of-the-ball toting around this bad boy!
can u tell me when/if u make the instructable?
gcochrane3 years ago
Hey man I like this....I am looking to do a Proton wand or as close as I can get from Ghostbusters. The weapon attached to the back pack. So I took a look at this and it seems right up my alley. I am wondering what you would recommend gun wise, or part wise to make the proto wand
harpuia (author)  gcochrane3 years ago
well from looking at the wand, i would say a nerf gun wouldn't help very much with it, what comes to mind could be use of pvc piping and some ploy carb plus a lot of switches and stuff.
I at least wanted it functional oh well...Tanks for the help
Headhunters4 years ago
jumpingcat4 years ago
that is AWESOME
Capt. Kidd4 years ago
your friend is uber pro.
Wow that is a nice mod that your friend did
sirodim904 years ago
Where did you get the plastic part that goes on the bottom?
like he probaly got the plastic from amazon
his friend made it out of plastic
Aliens is the best movie ever. Just sayin'.
harpuia (author)  Brill-iant5714 years ago
I agree, i am working on my own nerf pulse rifle and most likely a nerf smartgun to follow it up, i recently completed a lego form of the drop ship from the movie with working landing gears, bay, opening missile pods, wings, rotating cannon and opening cockpit. It is pretty cool.
hey does your friend have the dimensions for the plastic cutouts? please ask i want to make this thank you
harpuia (author)  taowyman4 years ago
give me an email and i can send you the full resolution picture of the blue print for the clip shroud piece.
oh my mom doesnt want me to give you my email at all so could you EDIT the instructable with that on it please cause im going to make one thank you
if your friend goes out in public with that he needs a orange tip for that
how did you people get the plastic to stay together
harpuia (author)  taowyman4 years ago
Like said above, "I did not make this, my friend made it and i posted it up for him" he probably used epoxy, super glue or some kind of plastic glue.
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