10 easy steps to modding your blaster!!
<p>Great mod! i didn't use a pipe cutter i just used my dremel i can shoot much farther now :)</p>
<p>This mod works perfectly! Just make sure your seal around the cut in the tube is airtight once you seal it up again. I used Gorilla glue and it works perfectly fine! Thanks for the MOD!!!!!!</p>
<p>What did you use to make sure the barrel went/stayed together lined up perfectly while the glue cured?</p>
<p>I always use a pipe cutter. The kind that you have to spin around, I bought mine at harbor freight for about 6.00 USD Dollars. It keeps the cuts clean and straight. After the two halves are apart you should notice a factory &quot;seam line&quot; that runs along the sides. Use that to ensure both ends match back together correctly. I also use LocTite brand glue &quot;Professional LIQUID&quot; It has a 5-10 second cure time so you less chance of a moving around while holding it together. -Hope this helps.. </p>
<p>This instructable is now 6 month old .. but could you tell me the benefit, i can wait for .. with this mod ? ( is it a 1m or a 5m benefit?) </p>
Nice! Getting a Mag on SR.
My name is Magnus! :D