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Introduction: Nerf Magstrike Mod.

Magstrikes are one of the best Nerf guns on the market. So, Lets make it better shall we?

What you need.
1. Needle nose pliers and Wire cutters.
2. A  Magstrike.(No Brainer)
3. Craft foam.

Lets start.

Step 1: So Unscrew Your Gun.

Not hard,but you will run in to a problem where the orange cap is near the pump.
You will need to use a small flathead screwdriver to pry it off. Be careful.

Step 2: Taking Out the Trigger Saftey.

This prevents you from pulling the trigger when the mag is out.
After uncrewing the plate take it off. there should be a thing with a wheel on the end take it out and screw the plate back on.

Step 3: Modding the Bladder.

Now this can be time counsuming.
First, take the bladder out.
Second, there should be a whiye plasitc cylinder take it out.
Third, there is a bunch of barriers cut them out with pliers.
Fourth, fill the rough edges around the bladder with foam this is not optional.

Step 4: Time for the Air Relase.

Air relase do what you think they do. I minimzed mine.

Step 5: Mag Mod Time.

Take you pliers and poke out the air restrictor posts.

Step 6: Congratulations You Offically Modded Your Gun.

Screw it back to gather anda have fun.



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I want one of these...

Yes you do they're great guns

another simple but great "mod" is to put two or thee layer of electrical tape all the way up the right side of the magazine over the little rectangular indentions. this will let you shoot like a semiautomatic and conserve ammo without the mag dropping back down. i hear that it is nearly impossible to get only one shot off at a time from the newer magstrikes. but hey, DOUBLETAP! =D

magstrike pwns!


good instructabule, a video demonstration would be nice though

Yeah it would very nice but I don't have a video recorder my parents have one and I don't want mess it up with Nerf.

can i buy it

Sorry it broke man.