Magstrikes are one of the best Nerf guns on the market. So, Lets make it better shall we?

What you need.
1. Needle nose pliers and Wire cutters.
2. A  Magstrike.(No Brainer)
3. Craft foam.

Lets start.

Step 1: So Unscrew Your Gun.

Not hard,but you will run in to a problem where the orange cap is near the pump.
You will need to use a small flathead screwdriver to pry it off. Be careful.
I want one of these...
Yes you do they're great guns<br>
another simple but great &quot;mod&quot; is to put two or thee layer of electrical tape all the way up the right side of the magazine over the little rectangular indentions. this will let you shoot like a semiautomatic and conserve ammo without the mag dropping back down. i hear that it is nearly impossible to get only one shot off at a time from the newer magstrikes. but hey, DOUBLETAP! =D
magstrike pwns!<br>
good instructabule, a video demonstration would be nice though
Yeah it would very nice but I don't have a video recorder my parents have one and I don't want mess it up with Nerf.
can i buy it<br>
Sorry it broke man.<br>

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