Introduction: Nerf Maverick Barrel Mod

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This mod allows the barrel of your nerf maverick to come out farther.

Step 1: Disassembly

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Take out the screws on the slide first. then pull it off. Then take all the screws out and pull your Maverick apart. You should see this.

Step 2: Barrel Removal

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Push the button on the other side that moves the barrel out for reloading and pull the barrel out.

Step 3: Shaving

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File the ridge on this gray piece down to nothing. Then file the blue ridge right under where the air goes into the barrel to nothing.

Step 4: Your Done

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All you have to do is screw everything back together now and your done. Happy Nerfing.


arshswag (author)2013-06-17

Great amazing mod

CanadianCraig (author)2013-03-17

I have the rod and the spring attached, And everything looks perfect but when I pull the trigger there is a loud bang but no bullet gets shot. Im somewhat confused

jjone538 (author)2013-02-08

Can u PLZ help me!!
I put my Maverick back together and the grey loading thing wont catch on and load properly. PLZ Tell me how to fix! @maxmaz2

ace12345m (author)2012-09-28

it's called the fall out mod not the barrel mod

firelord88 (author)2011-01-18

ok so this wrecked my gun some how, lol at first i thought maybe i had messed something up internally but i opened the thing up, as well as an unmodded one and they are both identical, i have no idea whats going on, but it sound like its skipping when i pull everything back, and i pull the trigger, it shoots forward but the gun doesn't fire the bullet i don know whats going on

pbmillar12 (author)firelord882011-02-21

I had that same problem. If you dismantle the gun again, near the top you should find a long and skinny little spring that has a loop at one end. Put the half of the cocking handle with the pin on it through the long hole and hook the loop onto the pin. When you reassemble it, it should work.

GASSYPOOTS (author)pbmillar122012-04-04

i have to put the other halve on to do it :(

ncc 1701 (author)firelord882011-10-31

there is a catch that goes around the spring and clicks in to place with the pump so that when you pull the trigger it closes the pump, there is a small bit of plastic on the catch that sometimes gets ground smooth. i'm not sure how to fix it but that might be your problem. hope that helped

jaberwaukee (author)firelord882011-05-31

replace the spring

Mr_Moosey (author)2011-10-26

I have extra pieces. there is a tiiiny spring, and a little plastic piece with a hole and four prongs on one side, and what looks like a clip on the other side. please help!

Ghostmaker (author)2011-10-16

What you're referring to as the "barrel" is the cylinder of the gun. The barrel is the orange piece the dart emerges from when fired.

xXSHORTYXx (author)2011-07-30

Did every thing but once I put it together I can pull back the top so I can't shoot ??? Help??

janderson50 (author)xXSHORTYXx2011-08-04

The slider has a thin rod in it. If you look inside near the top, there's a spring with a loop in it. Make sure the rod goes through that loop. Might help you.

mfrench2 (author)janderson502011-08-17

that is what i did wrong the first time and then the barrel didnt rotate

zuko123 (author)2011-08-04


yodaboyben (author)2011-07-19

hey i did this mod before but not with this tutorial, but it works perfectly fine! :)

ivolpe (author)2011-06-21

hey i have a question about this, my maverick is broken because of me tring this mod and now when i reload it makes a loud poping sound and dosen't fire. how do i fix it?

korgoth25 (author)ivolpe2011-07-10

your back barrel might nnot be alligned. thers a similar mod but its to the revolving casing only same steps except instead of shaving the actual gun (the blue pic in step 3) u shave the barrel there

EngineerJakit (author)2011-07-05

Who knew a small change to the frame would have such a neat effect?

Capt. Kidd (author)2011-06-20

it's called a cylinder. the barrel is the orange thing sticking out the front of your maverick. ya'know, the one the bullet travels through?

sub893 (author)2011-06-11

I tried it out and it works well but I used a coping saw instead of a file.

pyro man (author)2008-12-09

all it does is go out farther?!!?!!? wow

sole (author)pyro man2011-06-04

Not just that, it also allows the barrel to spin freely for a safe game of russian roulette.

maxmaz2 (author)pyro man2009-04-06

hey its nothing big but its pretty cool

mg0930mg (author)pyro man2009-02-16

I think it is better.

maxmaz2 (author)pyro man2008-12-12

after the fact i took the barrel out fully

hdn_5 (author)2010-03-04

How did you take out the I dont know stick things inside each chamber of the barrel? Does it improve preformance?

indestructibleguy (author)hdn_52010-08-19

it improves performance, but not much more than 10 feet. works great though! check this out, it's a removable turret:

I know it improves performance, but how do you do it?

smash10101 (author)pbmillar122011-05-04

open up the gun like in the guide, then open up the cylinder thinggy, you have to pull out the metal rod which can be kind of hard. Then cut the sticks with a wire cutter or clippers or scissors or w/e and remove the plastic things on the tiny springs

tranoxx (author)2011-03-12

does the gun still work regularily?

maxmaz2 (author)tranoxx2011-05-04

Yep, 100%

pbmillar12 (author)2011-02-21

I used a steak knife to do mine... it worked to amazing effects

heavydeath (author)2010-02-07

 wats the size of the tip of the barrel as i want to make a silencer anser quick

pbmillar12 (author)heavydeath2011-02-21


cleage001 (author)2010-11-06

some call this the russian roulette mod

Air_Assassin (author)cleage0012011-01-05


revtiedye (author)2009-12-23

I'm sorry to be so anal about this, but I was quite confused until I realized you what you were calling a barrel, is what I've always called the magazine.  I'm pretty sure the barrel is the long tube where the compression builds up behind the bullet. 

muffin man (author)revtiedye2009-12-30

no that's called a piston or compression chamber. and a revolver wouldn't have a magazine, its a cylinder.

revtiedye (author)muffin man2010-01-12

Ok, forget the word "Magazine."  Obviously I'm not a gun expert.  My point is that this instructible says it's modifying the "Barrel."  I drew a picture of a classic cowboy style six-shooter, and asked 10 people to point to the barrel of the gun.  All 10 pointed to the long tube at the front that the bullet comes out of.  Only one of them pointed to the cylinder, but then he said, "Normally I would have pointed to this (points to the barrel just like everybody else) but I thought it was a trick question."  Check out this diagram, or any other on the internet:
I am asking whether, for clarity's sake, the author of this instructible should have used the word "Cylinder" everywhere he or she wrote "Barrel."

salazam (author)revtiedye2010-10-28

I agree. This is a cylinder mod, not a barrel mod. I too wish the author would change the description. When I read "allows barrel to come out more, I was thinking silencer...

pezorama (author)revtiedye2010-02-24

 I think it's still considered a "barrel" because the Maverick's "Cylinder" actually IS the Barrel. ^__^  I do get what you mean though

stevensjared4 (author)2010-07-26

I have the yellow maverick and I can't find the "blue" ridge on it where is it?

if your loking lol if not it's in the same spot only yellow

Deathco (author)2010-07-03

Wheres the "blue" ridge if you have the yellow Maverick?

Pizzapie500 (author)Deathco2010-07-13

Well, if you think just a little harder, you'll notice that the gun in this instructable is blue, so the ridge would be blue. So if you have a yellow Maverick the ridge will be yellow. You'd also notice that all Mavericks are the same so it'll be in the same spot.

craig3 (author)Deathco2010-07-11

in the same place, behind where the barrel sits in the little gap between the two orange holes

i 8 waffles (author)2010-06-29

nice mod i did it an work great but took to long to file down

SirBrittanicvs (author)2009-07-06

It may not seem like much of a mod, but this allows the barrel to spin freely. Russian Roulette anyone?

 love doing that with mine, Im gona try this mod today

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