Nerf Maverick Barrel Mod

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Introduction: Nerf Maverick Barrel Mod

This mod allows the barrel of your nerf maverick to come out farther.

Step 1: Disassembly

Take out the screws on the slide first. then pull it off. Then take all the screws out and pull your Maverick apart. You should see this.

Step 2: Barrel Removal

Push the button on the other side that moves the barrel out for reloading and pull the barrel out.

Step 3: Shaving

File the ridge on this gray piece down to nothing. Then file the blue ridge right under where the air goes into the barrel to nothing.

Step 4: Your Done

All you have to do is screw everything back together now and your done. Happy Nerfing.



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    Great amazing mod

    I have the rod and the spring attached, And everything looks perfect but when I pull the trigger there is a loud bang but no bullet gets shot. Im somewhat confused

    Can u PLZ help me!!
    I put my Maverick back together and the grey loading thing wont catch on and load properly. PLZ Tell me how to fix! @maxmaz2

    it's called the fall out mod not the barrel mod

    ok so this wrecked my gun some how, lol at first i thought maybe i had messed something up internally but i opened the thing up, as well as an unmodded one and they are both identical, i have no idea whats going on, but it sound like its skipping when i pull everything back, and i pull the trigger, it shoots forward but the gun doesn't fire the bullet i don know whats going on

    I had that same problem. If you dismantle the gun again, near the top you should find a long and skinny little spring that has a loop at one end. Put the half of the cocking handle with the pin on it through the long hole and hook the loop onto the pin. When you reassemble it, it should work.

    i have to put the other halve on to do it :(

    there is a catch that goes around the spring and clicks in to place with the pump so that when you pull the trigger it closes the pump, there is a small bit of plastic on the catch that sometimes gets ground smooth. i'm not sure how to fix it but that might be your problem. hope that helped

    I have extra pieces. there is a tiiiny spring, and a little plastic piece with a hole and four prongs on one side, and what looks like a clip on the other side. please help!