I’ve modified many Nerf Mavericks to increase distance, but this time I didn’t worry about power. This gun won’t fire at all. I’ve put together a retrofitted space gun for my nephew Xander's birthday!

To create his space gun I removed most of the Nerf innards. There are tons of videos on the web that will help you tear down and modify the Maverick. Holes were drilled for the LEDs while the gun was still together. Apart again, they pop into the left half then get sealed with hot glue. Trim all excess glue away from the LEDs when cool so the gun will shut.

Step 1: Parts and Tools

Some tips when making your own.

Be clean with your soldering. If you do not know what tinning or flux are, please take a second to learn correct soldering. Why does this matter? This will (probably) be a kid's toy. Don't expect them to play gently with it.  ;)

Radio Shack has everything you need, assuming you have wiring and other essentials. 
- 3v green, yellow and blue diodes (LEDs)
- 2.4v reds (use a small resistor with the red LEDs to extend their life)
- Rocker switch
- 3v micro-vibration motor

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