Picture of Nerf Maverick Power Mod
I've looked around on the internet, and i have noticed that the only mod's avalible for the maverick are the barrel mod & stuff that deals with "air restrictors." I decided to change that.
By doing this mod, you will increase the power & distance of each shot. The only down-side is that you have pull the slide back hard & sharp.

Step 1: Un-Screw

Picture of Un-Screw
Just go ahead & un-screw the gun (nothing internal, though). Don't forget the screw under the slide, i always do
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DustySeven72 years ago
you need to add padding to the inside of the plunger to cushion it when firing. if not the life of the gun will be shortened greatly

I added a bit of cardboard into it, it's working so far

NikhilC5 months ago

I just put pennies I didn't cut th spring and It shoots much farther

All I did was stretched the spring so it was 2 times as long and I stuck 5 pennies in there to.
You should never really stretch the spring. it will greatly shorten the life of it.
its not shooting as far and as powerful as it was before i did this. thanks for letting me know
Try going to Orange Mod works. Or even cheaper, if you can find the spring gauge and get a stronger one at the hardware store, you should be golden. Nothing stronger than a 5KG spring. AND add some felt. like a layer or two to cushion the stronger force.
its not shooting as far and as powerful as it was before i did this. thanks for letting me know
Neander2 years ago
There was a buddy of mine who modded his Maverick like this and bragged so much about how far and fast it would shoot. So naturally, CHALLENGE EXCEPTED! I told him that if he could shoot me with it then i would give him 20 bucks. (What he did not know is that I spent a week dodging darts at a campground I worked at. I not only dodged all the shots I even caught the last one! But this is a good mod for beginners looking to wet their modding appetite!
jrobinett2 years ago
Be careful you can break it from the power happened to me
shazooo2u3 years ago
amazing. effing amazing. my brother wore out the air part to the point where 90% of the time the dart didnt have enough power behind it to leave the gun using brand new darts. to test i went to the doorway of my 32ft hallway and landed all six shots in the back of my brothers head at the other end. I take $0.04 over a new 10 dollar gun anyday. i have some new ideas for my crossover knex guns..
peyton143 years ago
Ps put a dime in too!
peyton143 years ago
Thank GOD! My Mavrick was SOOOOO sucky! then i opend i up and the freakin' spirng was twisted!so i thought "What the heck" i tried it and voila power and silencer! thanks
PVCbeast3 years ago
This worked, took maybe 2 minutes, and costs $0.05 in pennies. Great job!
dont do effed up my maverick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I did it fine...
he probably cut too much off, safer way to do this is to get a new spring.
you effed up your maverick by doing it wrong
modded3 years ago
I'm not dissing, but the simple mods often found on the web are effective if you use 1 or 2 of them. For example I used the penny and air restrictor mod, that powers it up, and shaved off those pegs on the magazine. These all add up to a powerful, nice to use maverick. I am now spraying it chaos black (From Games Workshop) And will paint those indented lines red. I'm also getting a £15 red dot sight from the states.
GaryCifers3 years ago
So this is basically a penny mod then...?
 this is a seriously underrated mod... couldn't quite find a more powerful spring that was the correct size for my nite finder, so i used the same approach. easy, cheap, and not invasive to your nerf blaster (it can be returned to stock at any time). great mod!
I forget the Mod I got this from:
but The #49 compression spring is a Hillman Fastener product. most often found at ACE hardware.
It is "PERFECT" in my daughters Nightfinder. She is doing Vampires -vs-Humans at Ohio state this week.
This is SPECTACULAR! We're doing Humans Vs. Zombies here at USF and I'll be donning the Maverick and Raider CS-35 Clear Series!
Outstanding! Dude!!
my daughter will be using her new modded
Nightfinder for Honor duels.
should be quite an edge, with such a lil' pistol.
Mr Steve
wbeckett4 years ago
the penny mod is gr8
jezalinko114 years ago
firstly I would like to know how much more powerful this
Mod Makes the Nerf gun because this other mod that I found on YouTube makes it about 30% more powerful I will post the link if anyone wants me to.
the link:
I saw it on instructables as well this is a vedio
zombierocker (author)  jezalinko114 years ago
Buddy, it's not even the same kind of mod. His is about air restricters, mine ain't.
I know
yes please
me & MAH friend just tried it. we used pennies and it worked pretty much fine. we used way too many, and the thing broke...
Four pennies work fine.
Pennies will work... but not many other coins will,
I agree. I did this mod with pennies and it worked fine.
knuckel5 years ago
if you loose the trigger spring a mechanical pencel spring works fine
or a pen, equally well
Furloy4 years ago
this is the "penny" mod. i glued 3 pennies together and put them back there.

also, why dont you take the air resrictors out? it helps alot
begeto4 years ago
wickedo my neto
This also works with airsoft.
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