So I was in Walmart and I seen some Nerf guns and just across from them was some bike tools, so I got the idea to make higher powered Nerf gun that could fire a capacitor. This is a quick method and now that I've done it once I could redo it in about 10 mins start to finish.

The First part is how to make the charging bay the but starting at 2:25 is the gun in action.
Sorry there aren't shots of it hitting anything because I was shooting at the couch a few feet away so it wouldn't really prove much. With the capacitor it will shoot about 35 feet on 2.5 pumps. The nerf dart shoots the whole length of my hallway and hits pretty hard when it reaches the end. The hall is maybe 50 feet. I haven't shot it outside yet I just made it last night.
I plan on putting canister in the handle so it can hold more air pressure and at some point I will paint this like the cool steam punk or the plasma rifle instructable. Anyway on with the show.


A Nerf Maverick. The other parts (minus the barrel) came in a kit similar to this but it was cheaper. Found at Walmart .
For the barrel I used some pipe I had laying around. I would recommend you get a length of copper piping used for plumbing it works better. And a bike pump/ air compressor/ co2 cartridge with the proper adapters. Thats all you need. *you need a hot glue gun to attach the capacitor to the dart but thats later.

Also, I'm not responsible if you kill, maim, hug, rob, hack, borrow money from, or lick anyone as a result of making this gun. How this would do any of those is beyond me but stranger things have happened.

Hope you enjoy my first instructable.

-Ed Connolly

Step 1: The Charge Bay

There are no step by step pictures with instructions for this but the attached video shows how to do it.
There are a few much more complicated instructables showing how to make this but this is the easiest, least cool looking method.

This is the same video that is on the first page so if you watched that you can skip this one.

1.Take a disposable camera apart.
2. Locate the capacitor.
3. Carefully cut it off leaving equal amounts of wire on the circuit board and capacitor. * I recommend making a mark with a sharpie down the length of one wire to note which side of the capacitor connects to which wire*
4. Take 2 "crimp on butt connectors" (found at radio shack.)
5. Cut off the wider part of the connectors so you are left with the thin center portion with the metal in it.
6. Attach one connector to each cut wire on the circuit board and crimp on.
7. Slightly crimp the other end of the connector so the capacitor can fit in and be removed fairly easily while still making contact.
8. You are done. It sounds harder than it is. I've made one of these in 30 seconds before.
licking some1 made me crack
 i put it to a piece of aluminum metal and it slightly melted the contact leads of the resistor, so i would think that it would  probably burn someone if they got hit by it. i am going to put this HUGE mother fricking resistor that i got out of a computer monitor on a homemade nerf rocket. it took me a whole minute to charge it.
<p>Yeah.......Thats a CAPACITOR. if you fire resistors they won't do a thing.</p>
Cause a resistor is going to do so much on its own...
deadly!!!!!!! <br>why don't ypu put 3 in a nerf rocket? <br>mwaaahaahaahahahahhaahahahahaaah!!! (evil-ish laugh) <br>hehe
Don't you mean capacitor?
oh yeah right
Dont kill anyone.<br />
boil your head<br />
Yea, what does that mean?
hi, i saw this 'safe' instructable while looking for ways of world domination. i was wondering, what the max i could charge the capacitors to without (overly) hurting somebody, maby a playful shock. would this be any danger at all to anyone, probably not since it the travel distance is short but you never know, thanks.
No this is not dangerous, the current is not strong enough, you can fully charge it safely. It will give you a hell of a shock though!
<p>lol, metal melting with capacitors right on top of this</p>
Does this actually work, I mean shock people. If so, how bad does it shock people?
These chargers pack a powerful punch. I once accidently shocked myslefon one. It was not fun. I felt a surge of electricity go through mybody. Of course, these won't be as powerful as real shock guns used by cops
That's not even possible you would only feel it where you got shocked because unless you had wires in you tie and head connected to a capacitor
&nbsp;me to.... i thought some one stabbed me in the back then i realized i touched the leads haha
Depends on the charge level and the voltage rating for the capacitor(s), and how it's wired. If you get the ones out of a camera flash charging module, it would feel like as if you touched a &quot;shocking&quot; gag item.
yea, but lorobo lies, you cant feel it go through your body, there is not enough&nbsp; space between the wires, your skin gets burned and there will be a small hole with blood, hurts alot!!! not much but its effective on enemys who want to beat you...<br />
Blackdogg: It does tense up what ever limb it hits pretty good. That might be what he meant. And there will be 2 small holes.<br />
Yes it works, it shocks people with whatever the 'payload' of the cap is. In my case about 300v.
as long as both leads make contact. yes. and it hurt. a LOT.
<p>Do you think this mod is compatible with any nerf gun?</p>
Unbelievable. Go to some random HvZ game and whip out this one :)
What if you hooked the cap leads to sewing needles ( evil)
This is an abomination. This is a horrible invention. This is... I must build it!
couldn't you put a small capacitor into the tip of a nerf dart, load it into a modified nerf gun (remove air restrictors to increase the range), and make some form of lighweight contact on the pins. <br> <br>what i am getting at is, load the Maverick with 6 capacitor tipped darts, charge them all, and then fire them all off in quick succession. (MU HA Ha ha........)
wow rocking concept could i use this to make a ronons gun with there mods of volatge death stun irradcte which would basicly light you on fire
is that benny goodman? what tune is it?
Charlie Parker, Yardbird Suite
Great Job :D <br> <br>I love the music in your video :D
first of all, i suggest connecting the pump to some container (pvc pipe?) so the air pressure is greater. second, the sharp points on the cap may puncture the skin and then it would not be good, trust me. I sugest putting aluminum foil on the ends of the capacitor so it doesn't pierce the skin.
why not just stick it in a nerf dart then shoot someone in the bare skin!!!!<br>
that is the whole point. its a tazer
<p>or just attach/solder a metal rounded tip to each lead, provided that they aren't too close to each other that it would discharge itself.</p>
I made another version of this that is not in a nerf gun that has a larger canister so I can build more pressure but for the sake of fitting in a nerf gun I omitted that from this model. As far as the sharp points...well that's kinda the point :-p (punny huh). Anyway since the current wont go thru clothing it has to be pointy to piece your targets cloths. I made 'tips' out of coax cable leaving the inner most plastic shield and the copper wire sharpened to a point. This way you slide the coax tips over the capacitor leads and you have a 1. sharper 'dart' and 2. it keeps people from getting shot with something that was just stuck into someone else (I care about my victims :-p) .
do your darts ever pop? cause theyre just foam. you know the air pressure would blow it up?
&nbsp;ya untill a bird eats it and become radio active. great idea&nbsp;
that would hurt like S*#@<br />
this is why I wear styrofoam in my shoes XD plastic bags work too...
That won't help you.
Why not, you're not grounded, no current..
This isn't a power line :-p
No, it isnt, but its high enough voltage to hurt, and it will go from spike to spike.<br />
It doesn’t need a ground. The current flows directly from one spike to the other.
You like to be shocked with sweaty feet ? :-p
why would you want to do this
Where is that from?
Looks like Penny Arcade.

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