Picture of Nerf Maverick no-damage full barrel removal mod
makes the barrel come out all the way so if you have two you can switch 'em out no damage totally reversible (if you don't break anything)

P.S. the reason my slide is not on is because its broken

Step 1: Unscrew

Picture of unscrew
take all the screws out of the slide first then pull it apart then take the screws out of everything else then pull it apart when you pull everything apart push the yellow button on the other side and take the barrel out
SalluciK7 months ago

thanks mate, worked like a charm, now i just need to get another barrel

nbagf4 years ago
this is very confusing! can someone tell me this step in simpler words please? Too much "orange" and "black" not enough description.
JasonMyers6 years ago
Ok. I have a newer Maverick, and it's the yellow one. It has some black and orange guts, and the barrel has no spring. How do I get the two parts off without breaking it?
So. You take a hammer and one of those things that you use for small headed nails and hold the thing between your legs and whack it. :)
MAVREV135 years ago
nice mod but what all mods did you do besides the obveis also check my modded Maverick out also do you think the maverick is a good gun 1-10?????
i would have to say... 6/10
wuoldnt it be cool if you cuold remove them and put a reloaded one back in
you can
Temp.6 years ago
I am really bad at moddin nerf guns so I was wondering if you could explain how to take out the rod so that I can remove the big grey pieces. Thx
Or even put a phillips head screw driver under the top little thing and pry upward
maxmaz2 (author)  Temp.6 years ago
i put a file under the little orange piece and pried it off
Shredder5436 years ago
W00T First rate =)
?? I rate five and it gives you 3.09... ???!!!!
gdogtx6 years ago
yeah that worked for me, though it was a pocket knife. be really careful, you can cut yourself very easily. if you can get enough leverage, the rod should come out of one of the pieces and you can pull it through
portalguard6 years ago
Hey there, I tried doing a mod like this recently. I took all the airflow regs out and i couldn't get my maverick to fire a dart very far. So can i ask how well does your fire darts?
maxmaz2 (author)  portalguard6 years ago
u cant actually take the entire piece out just part of it
maxmaz2 (author)  portalguard6 years ago
i am not sure of ranges right now but i noticed a significant difference, for better