Nerf Mod: Destiny Vanguard Custom Shotgun "Snaggletooth"





Introduction: Nerf Mod: Destiny Vanguard Custom Shotgun "Snaggletooth"

Heya all. I'm bringing you my first custom prop, this is also my first nerf mod. Now the "Snaggletooth" isn't actually a shotgun in Destiny, it's because I designed the Snaggletooth. it's modelled off of a Nerf Roughcut 2X4, but i'm giving it a custom BHartigan Props makeover. It was a design i drew out on 19/02/15.

Anyway, this is my first Nerf mod and custom shotgun. Hope you all enjoy the updates to this project.

19/02/15: My Shotgun is designed and i'm ready to make this into a proper gun. It is a Vanguard themed Nerf Roughcut.

20/02/15: So I made a trip to ASDA today for a Nerf Roughcut, i got it for £18.99 and had bought primer and paint a month earlier.

22/02/15: I've done quite a bit today. I've marked out where my Vanguard design will go, after I saw the perfect fit, i cleaned off the Roughcut so it was a clean plastic shotgun, I unscrewed the gun, kept the system in one side and took the other side out to prime. once the 30 minute touch dry time had been reached, I bought the gun back inside and switched over the gun sides, refitting the system to the gun size, I also removed the eight barrel sections and took those out to prime. Both sides were eventually fully primed and dried, ready for the silver detailing.

23/02/15: I wrapped the rest of the gun up in paper except the handle and sprayed the handle with gloss black spray paint, when the touch dry time had been reached, i brought them upstairs and grabbed the barrels, i then went and sprayed the first half of the barrel, all the parts are upstairs waiting to dry. Silver detailing will be tomorrow with any luck.

24/02/15: The gun was wrapped up yesterday night except the middle piece, which was going to be painted silver. This morning, I took them out and sprayed the other half of the barrel and the centre pieces, they're currently drying now.

24/02/15: I sprayed the front of the barrel and test fitted the entire gun to make sure it's still operational, it's still working and still pumps. I stenciled out a Vanguard logo and attatched it to either side of the body shells, now i have to get some orange paint.

27/02/15: I have painted on the orange vanguard logo and recoated it about 3 times. That's it, the Snaggletooth is finished, but i think we're just getting started on my custom nerf guns.



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    hey man! Not sure if you remember me but I'm back! Nice shotty btw, and destiny is awesome.

    This looks really cool, I wish I had half the talent of people like you.

    Thank you Lunadude.

    You do have the talent that we do, all it is is time and patience. There's always a humble beginning to the hobby, but isn't that how everything starts? I've been in this hobby for 4 years and you pick up tips and tricks for it. I can tell you now that you DO have the talent that we do, I can tell you that you can make awesome things, and I can most definitely tell you that you CAN do it. Plan a prop, design it and do your research on what you need for it and i guarantee that with a little love thrown into the mix, you can make the most awesome props!

    now get out there and make your wishes come true!