Step 2: Chapter 1: Opening the Blaster

It is important to be familiar with your blaster’s internal structure in order to carry out any performance-related mods. Be sure to remember that there is often a variety of screw sizes in your blaster, so keep track of which screws go where. Make sure no small springs shoot out when the blaster is opened. The blaster should be unloaded with the mainspring relaxed. Try to avoid opening the blaster when it is in the cocked position, as it can shoot out the back of the blaster and cause injury.

Supplies Needed:
• #1 Phillips Head Screwdriver
• Small Flat Head Screwdriver

Step 1: Set Blaster on a clear workspace with the screws facing you. (Pic. 1)

Step 2: Remove screws. Be sure to make note of each screw's placement, because sizes differ. It is helpful to place the screws on the table in their original positions relevant to an outline of the blaster. Refer to the above picture for visible screw locations. The picture below demonstrates the different size screws and where in the blaster they go. (Pic. 2)

Step 3: Utilizing your screwdrivers (or a small enough hammer if you have one), pry one end of the priming handle off and remove the priming handle. (Pic. 3-4)

Step 4: At this point, the blaster should easily separate into two halves. If it appears to be sticking, double check to make sure that all the screws have been removed. If the issue continues, use a flat head screwdriver and gently pry around the seam until the blaster separates. (Pic. 5)
Set the top half aside, and you should have something that looks like this: (Pic. 6-7)