Step 4: Chapter 3: Air Restrictor Removal (Part 1)

The air restrictor slows down the flow of air from the plunger to the dart. This device serves to reduce the blaster's power and prevent the plunger from slamming into the plunger tubing at full speed, drastically reducing the noise generated during firing.
Note: Some of the plunger tubing pictured below has been cut out of the plunger for demonstration purposes.

Supplies Needed:
• Hammer
• Nail or small screwdriver or punch
• Pliers (optional)

Step 1: Remove the reinforcement plate by unscrewing it. (Pic. 1)

Step 2: Remove the mainspring. (Pic. 2)

Step 3: Remove the trigger catch. (Pic. 3)

Step 4: Now you can pull off the plunger and remove the bolt sled assembly. (Pic. 4-5)

Step 5: Remove the retention pin using your nail, small screwdriver, or punch. Separate the bolt sled and breech and put the bolt sled and retention pin aside. (Pic. 6-7)
The inside of your breech should look like this: (Pic. 8-9)

Tip: In the Longstrike, everything inside the plunger tube can be removed, but be careful not to drill into the walls of the tube. If you shake the plunger tube, you should hear some parts rattling around.

In the next section, I've listed 2 different methods for air restrictor removal. Please review the supplies required for each, and pick one that's most convenient for you. If done correctly, both of these methods will work. However, drilling is the easiest and most convenient method.

Note: The breech removal process is the same for each method and must be completed prior to starting on the next part.