Step 7: Chapter 4: Modifying the Plunger O-Ring

Picture of Chapter 4: Modifying the Plunger O-Ring
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The O-ring seal on the plunger tubing makes sure the air compressed by the plunger assembly and spring does not leak out during compression. Some blasters come with an excellent O-ring seal while some come with undersized or loose O-rings. Improving this seal is an easy mod that can add a few extra feet to your shots. It is worth noting that the Raider comes with a superb stock O-ring, and does not really need modification.

Supplies needed:
• Small flat head screwdriver
• Teflon tape
• O-ring safe lubricant such as petroleum jelly or silicon based lubricant

Caution: Make sure whatever lubricant you use is safe for rubber O-rings. Lubricants like WD-40 will melt the rubber over time and destroy the O-ring. Lubricants like gun oil can penetrate the O-ring causing it to swell. This will cause the plunger to lock up inside of the plunger tubing rendering the blaster inoperable until the O-ring is replaced.

Step 1: Remove the bolt sled and plunger from the blaster (see Steps1 through 5in Chapter 4 for details)

Step 2: Remove the plunger from the plunger tube and gently pry the O-ring out of its groove with a flat head screwdriver. Be careful not to damage the O-ring if you plan on reusing it. (Pic. 1)

Step 3: This method involves wrapping a thin layer of tape around the O-ring lip in order to create a better air seal. You must take care not to use too much tape because it will create more pressure between the O-ring and the wall of the plunger resulting in greater resistance against the spring. When done correctly the plunger tubing should slide easily back into the plunger. Electrical tape is not recommended for the Raider, as it is too thick. It is also recommended to wrap the Teflon tape around the plunger only once. Make sure to wash off any factory lubrication before applying the tape because it will not stick otherwise.
When finished, it should look something like this: (Pic. 2)

TIP: You can also replace your current O-ring with a moderately thicker one for the same effect. (Pic. 3)