Step 9: Chapter 6: Easy Stock Removal

A common complaint regarding the Longstrike is the inability to remove the stock without disassembling the blaster. With this mod, you’ll be able to insert and remove the stock much more easily, as you can simply pull it directly out without the hassling of taking your blaster apart every time.

Supplies Needed:
• #1 Phillips Head Screwdriver
• Utility knife or other sharp knife
• Permanent marker (optional)

Step 1: Take apart the blaster as detailed in Chapter 1.

Step 2: Remove the two stock locks (use pictures 6-7 in Chapter 1). You can mark them with your marker where you’d like to cut them or not, but your goal is to make the teeth that hold the lock in place look like this: /\ , instead of this: |\ . (Pic. 1)

Step 3: Cutting as indicated should yield results like this. (Pic. 2)

Step 4: Reinstall the locks into your blaster and you’ll now be able to pull the stock directly out without taking the blaster apart.
<p>petroleum based lubricants destroy air seals over time, eroding O-rings. your best bet is foodsafe silicon oil. its a popular airsoft lubricant</p>
<p>to make it shoot faster and farther</p>
<p>can you make a mod with the new doomlands vagabond?</p>
<p>what range does it get with all of the changes?</p>
swwwwweeeeeeeettttttttt mmmaaaaannnnn
How do u reassemble completly including the half priming lock
<p>I did not remove the air restrictor.</p><p>BTW, the gun fires up to nearly 70 ft, thrice the original distance.</p>
<p>My longstrike is modded with OMW unleashed stage one kit. I also used plumbing tape to secure the o ring. However, my gun makes an AWFULLY loud noise when fired.</p>
i have done only the ar removal and whenever i fire the dart spirals out of control and drops after about 10 feet, can anyone help
<p>Is a little hope on the side of the breach near the front of the plunger tube. Do you see it?. . . . . Is it plugged/sealed? If not, make sure it is. This might improve your results. </p><p>S.O.D.</p>
After i remove air-restrictor my gun produce a loud noise when i fire. is that normal? any idea how to make the gun back to how the sound used to be?
Originally the air restrictor caused a slight resistance to the air as it traveled through the plunger tube therefor creating a little bit cushion for the plunger as it hit the plunger tube. <br>Now that the air restrictor is removed air can travel freely through the plunger tube, the sound that you hear is due the the fact the plunger no longer has the air cushion and is hitting the plunger tube with full force. <br> <br>Unfortunately there isn't a way to make it sound like it used to. Just be sure not to dry fire your gun (fire it without a bullet) as much as possible. S.O.D. out
in exchange for a slight preformance drop you can add craft foam to the back of the plunger to reduce noise and stress on the plastic
OMG. Thanks. I did the air restricter mod b4 seeing this instructable. Imma open it back up and do the oring mod and spring tension mod
The gun works now but this is what happened to one of my bullets. <br> <br>
<p>Try cutting up drinking straws an putting them inside the darts. that should help.</p><p>S.O.D.</p>
This is what is referred to as your gun is &quot;eating&quot; your darts. <br>when you load a clip in make sure that there is not already a dart loaded in the breach. <br> <br>S.O.D.
You can 3D print whatever you like in Nerf but what fun is that. And if you post the gun with its 3D parts Habro will come at you big time! Its been trie.
This is like the first legit nerf gun mod I've seen! Most of them are fake or require honey, flower, and a chicken suit (don't try it, trust me it doesn't work).<br> <br> Did you see this mod? bro I got my nerf gun to do 3000fps because of it!<br> <br> <div class="media_embed"> <iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/nEQKecMUawc" width="560"></iframe><br> <br> <br> <br> <br> Cheers, I thought it was funny lol!</div>
Why has no one 3d printed nerf guns or nerf gun mods???
I also noticed that the barrel was bigger than the dart, so I got on of the detachable barrels from a different gun and put it on. Works much better! Wish Nerf made their guns better (or is it china making them...I'll investigate -_-)
Can't pull handle back. Why is this happening?
Make sure that your bolt sled is seated correctly on both halves of the blaster. <br>S.O.D.
Would you recommend removing the trigger lock? Also, there was bits of plastic on my cocking bolt when I pried it out. Is this normal?
NO I would not suggest removing the trigger lock. The trigger lock prevents you from discharging the blaster while the bolt sled is in the back position. In modded blasters discharging the blaster while the bolt sled is in the back position can result in the breach splintering where the two halves join. <br>As for the cocking bolt. If you could upload an image of you problem it would be easier for me to help you. <br>S.O.D
i did it recon almost done also moded vulcan but when i tested my longshot it did not work! have to hold priming handle done for 2 min to get it to stay back dart goes about 20 feet and spins out of control after about 6 feet so i guess i messed up what did i do wrong ? <br>
I am sorry :-( I cannot help you figure out what is wrong without actually having your gun in my hands. <br>Good luck
done!!!!! gonna test tomarow good night all and gonna camo recon tommarow
my screws wont come out any ides? <br>i hate having to do the captcha thing
Try using a drill to unscrew it. Use a #1 Philips-head bit and just drill out the the ones that the bit won't reach.
i fill try again with new bit tried it with bigger one thanks gonna camo my recon to night mybe just got the stuff needed black nail polish for moving parts and camo duck tape got to go bye may post gun also sawed off buzzbee double shot same range less leverage to load though but lighter shaved off rear sight have no use since their is no front site coment wont post benn sitten here 4 a hour
i got it yeah go me
Yeah, it sure is a bummer you can't make a sealed breech. I am going to do these mods pretty soon. Excellent guide, by the way. I always hated trying to fit all those little locking pieces back in place, but now I see that they are pretty much useless. <br> <br>How much range and power boost did you get from this mod?
A stock longstrike gets somewhere between 40--50 feet per second (fps). <br> <br>My Longstrike with all the mods, including the sealed breach, gets between 80--90 fps. Awesome! right. So the mod boosted the range by 40 feet or doubled the range, whichever way you want to look at it.

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