Nerf retaliator mods

Step 1: Paint

Bye your paint kaky, brown, and green, krilon fuson paint for plastic.

Step 2: Paint Your Gun

Spray kaky on your nerf gun as a ferst coat

Step 3: Details (part 1)

Spray green spots on kaky base coat wen dri

Step 4: Details (part 2)

Now spray brown and maby more green

Step 5: FINISHED!!!

Finished, now do your mag.
<p>ur welcom</p>
thanks this will really help my wars<br>
Dude that looks boss! I did some mods to on mine!<br>
what age group are you in
Thanks and ya I did remove the internals I was removing the air restricter then I got the idea to paint it
Did you remove the internals while painting? If not the gun may not function very well, but in any case, cool paint jobs!
<p>sory for the blery photos</p>
<p>That looks very nice!</p>

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