Picture of Nerf Mods: A Beginner's Guide
Beginners can be easily repelled from the world of Nerf gun modding by seeing a modification "write-up" that seems complicated. Many modification write-ups do seem confusing at first. However, modding a Nerf gun isn't very hard--It simply takes knowledge of how a Nerf gun works and how a mod should be executed. With this knowledge, modifying Nerf guns is quite simple.

This Instructable will introduce you to the vast world of Nerf gun modifications. It covers basic concepts of Nerf gun modifications written for complete beginners--those who are interested in Nerf guns but unsure of how or where to start.

Step 1: Why Nerf?

Picture of Why Nerf?
Since this question is probably the most common response to hearing about teenagers and adults shooting each other with modified Nerf guns, This will be the very first topic I address. Most people respond to the idea of Nerfing with comments like "Aren't you guys a little too old for Nerf guns?" or "Shouldn't you guys be playing Airsoft or Paintball?" However, I believe that Nerf is a completely different experience than Airsoft or Paintball. One notable aspect is that Nerfing is much cheaper than Airsoft or Paintball. Although Paintball and Airsoft do offer a variety of guns, Nerf offers a different kind of variety: the modification aspect of Nerfing allows for customization of weapons.  For instance, one Nerf gun may be modified to shoot one dart very far or seven darts for a buckshot effect.  Multiple guns may even be combined. For instance, a secondary weapon can be integrated into a primary weapon as a backup shot when you reload your primary.

But, in the end, it is really all a matter of preference.  If you really want to read a more in-depth article about this, here's an article from NerfHaven.com - Nerf Vs. Paintball

Tippmann A-5 image courtesy of sebaraya.com
Nerf Nitefinder EX-3 image courtesy of hasbro.com
Thirdlion2 months ago


nancym54 months ago

Not really mechanically inclined, really appreciated the step by step photos and overview. Thanks

SutterP8 months ago

what kinds of springs can i use to replace the one in my nerf zombie strike longshot?

I love Led Zeppelin!

geek27 (author)  johnstat0001 year ago

A few years ago, I listened to a Led Zeppelin album virtually every day. Weirdly, I never really liked Presence very much until just recently. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, do you have a favorite Zeppelin album?

Probably Mothership.

geek27 (author)  johnstat0001 year ago

Ah--I was thinking more of their original studio albums when I asked, but Mothership's a fine collection, too!

elliot54451 year ago

one mod I did was take two ten-shot dart tag guns, do the normal removal of the springs and such(on one I took the spring out of a firefly rev-8 and put it in. It stings!), took the end pieces off, and duct taped them together! You shoot one, and when it runs out, you flip it around and use the second gun!

Thanks! Just yesterday I was talking to my cousin about the nerf wars he goes to and hosts and he told me that they always modded their guns. Now from this, I will do the same, and it will be AWESOME!!!!!!!

heh made a nerf sly dart by making a dark tube out of a Kleenex and stuffing it with flour. It looked authentically shotgun!

To all of the people saying that (insert sport here) is better, let me just say that it is all up to personal preference. Airsoft, Nerf, and paintball each have different qualities that different people like. And to those who say "Nerf is for kids, real men use Airsoft", or that "Real men take the pain, or "Real men use real guns" why are you even here? This is a article about Nerf. If you feel like insulting something or someone, go somewhere else instead of a place for people to learn. All you are doing is proving that you are a simple minded jerk. Real men are kind, caring, positive people like the person who took time out of his life to make a guide for people new to Nerf mods.

geek27 (author)  briarhawk1791 year ago

Thanks so much, I don't feel inclined to disagree! :-)

1 i can buy a quality airsoft rifle for $15.2 i have modded many of my guns to spray and my pistols to shoot farther. and 3 in a pro airsoft war you better have a secondary that you can reach quickely or you die. summary...airsoft owns!
Airsoft is a way better sport because you don't have to go around picking up darts and the ammo is cheaper, plus it gives you more of an adrenaline rush.

ok nerf amo are only 5 bucks for thirty and 10 for 75 so no airsoft is way harder

 nerf for fun and not getting hurt

Paintball/airsoft for people who want to get hurt

Id choose nerf
Same here!
i choose paintball. lolz
okay, witht these mods you can poke people with thumbtack bullets. nerf can be just as painful but costs less!!!!!!!!!
you know you can make explosive airsoft buulets and if you know what your doing you can make a grenade launcher that actually explodes sending shrapnel in all directions. airsoft owns. you can bring your nerf guns back to kindergarden unlees your ready to be a man and take the pain of airsoft.

no u cant bro I put together real guns and I started of with nerf and airsoft geuss wat u cant do that to a airsoft and geuss wat u wanna be a real man with guns join the marines im enlisted right now so shut up

paintball?  nerf? aaahhhh i cant choose!!!!!lolz

(enters paintball match)  ooww ok screw this i choose nerf

(walks home and gets shot by nerf gun)  hhm  i miss the pain back too paintball
coolkidtn2 years ago
Sniperbeast, I agree. Nothing can beat airsoft.

ill tell u wat beats airsoft its called a 357 magnum ruger yeah a real gun better than airsoft by abou 400 mph faster so lol

spoocane1 year ago
real cool
Hi thanks that has really helped
geek27 (author)  The Nerflord 121 year ago
You're very welcome! I remember how lost I felt when I first began searching Nerf forums to learn about modding--and that's exactly why I wrote this Instructable :-)
Ravirar1 year ago
Could you just pull the air restrictor out of the barrel with some pliers, or would that break the plunger?
geek27 (author)  Ravirar1 year ago

This probably depends on the specific Nerf gun that you're attempting to modify, but here's what I think applies to most Nerf guns:

If there's a barrel post, you could probably pull that out of the barrel without taking apart your Nerf gun at all. However, in order to remove other air-limiting devices (like the air restrictor itself, which is usually found with a spring), you will most likely need to take apart the Nerf gun. The plunger is usually found a little behind the barrel, so I don't think it's likely that you'll damage the plunger by attempting to remove air-restricting plastic from the barrel using pliers. If you want the most range from your Nerf gun, though, consider taking apart the gun!
nerf lover 2 years ago
Hey do you know if i can paint my nerf with acrylic pant???
nerf lover 2 years ago
Thanx a lot :)
nerf lover 2 years ago
Hi can i ask you something ? Does darts hurts ?sorry for ask you a simple thing its just that im new of this thing of nerf
geek27 (author)  nerf lover 2 years ago

Unfortunately, I can't exactly measure how much darts "hurt"--to a great extent, it depends on the person who's getting hit! But, in my experience, I would say that Nerf darts don't hurt. Keep in mind: if you modify your Nerf guns, the darts will travel at higher speeds, and if you use stefans, then the darts may be less "soft" than stock Nerf darts (the stefans I use only have felt discs on the heads). However, as long as you're wearing clothing, you shouldn't feel much pain when you're hit.

Recommendation: if you want to play with modified Nerf guns, going outdoors will ensure that you and your friends are firing at each other over longer ranges (so the darts shouldn't hurt as much). Also, do not play with modified Nerf guns in the nude. That one might be a given.

No, loincloths shouldn't be allowed either.
peyton143 years ago
like nerf better beacuse i can mod esayer and you dont kill people if you hit them right.
I like when people use correct grammar and spelling.
Where do I get O-Rings?
geek27 (author)  rejectameric2 years ago
You can find o-rings at most hardware stores. If you're looking to replace the o-ring that came with your Nerf gun, it might be wise to bring the stock o-ring, plunger, and plunger tube with you. That way, you can compare the fit of the stock o-ring to the new o-ring (if it doesn't come in a bag).

If you have any trouble locating the o-rings at your local hardware store, be sure to ask around--I'm sure that one of the employees will be able to help you find them.

Hope it helps!
minioop2 years ago
your link no longer works
black hole2 years ago
I'm not impressed with the new site layout. The old one was simpler.
Great 'ible, though.
metalsonic3 years ago
Nerf Rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!
of the 2 choices, I choose Airsoft. They are (mostly) cheaper than paintball, ammo is plentiful (and cheap) they pwn nerf guns like nothing, and they are the most realistic of the 3. PLEASE, the most realistic part is debatable, but all speedball pb guns are stupid looking!
Dude are you kidding!? Airsoft is so much better, than nerf and paintball.

Airsoft Rules

The Red Afternoon
thanks dude if it weren't for this article i wouldn't be considered the 1st class modder i am today

Trust me I'm a doctor
nerf is safer to cause in some cases people have been severly hurt from airsoft in one case a kid and his brother were fighting over an airsoft gun and the one brother accidentily shot his brother in the eye who can now never see out of his right eye again sorry if thats depressing but its true
who cares if its safer. if those brothers were smart they would have been wearing eye protection and had the gun on safety.
james43 years ago
Hey, do i see Drac's BBB mod on the bottom left corner at the intro pic?
geek27 (author)  james43 years ago
Hmmm, I'm not familiar with that one!  What I did was a simple variation on a mod by joeyalgr.
are there any mods for recon cs-6?
airsofterz3 years ago
i dont understand. how are you supposed to get to the AR in a night finder. do i drill or something.sorry, im inexperienced and this is my first attempt
i got it nvm. i used a hacksaw and then broke it apart, and taped it together after.
geek27 (author)  airsofterz3 years ago
Well, I know that the barrel assembly on the Nitefinder (it includes the wide orange plunger tube and the barrel) used to come apart if you pulled on the parts. That is, if you pulled, the barrel would come off the plunger tube and so would the air restrictor that is located in the barrel. Nerf does this sometimes, but they might have started gluing these parts together, so your barrel would be glued to the other pieces. In that case, using a hacksaw might have been the right thing, as long as you didn't cut where it would have damaged the pieces beyond function.

But, it seems like what you have is working. However, I can't imagine that the tape will hold for very long. You may want to try a glue, like epoxy.
spring pistols for airsoft are a lot cheaper than nerf
SaltyNerfer4 years ago
Hey, i want to mod my long shot. I already removed the ars, and im going to replace the spring and o ring. Should i do the barrel, too?
geek27 (author)  SaltyNerfer4 years ago
Well, doing a barrel replacement on the Longshot really isn't an easy thing. If you wanted to do a barrel replacement for your Longshot and keep the six-shot clip mechanism, you'd probably have to make a complicated breech system, like Forsaken_angel24's mod.  But, that's certainly not an easy modification...

Another, easier option would be to create a simpler breech system that would "single" the Longshot.  In other words, if you make this type of breech, you won't be able to use clips and you'll have to put a dart in manually between shots.  There are a couple of these, like this mod.

You could also just leave it like it is, with the stock breech setup.  Whatever you decide to do, good luck!
Thanks for the help.
ace14234 years ago
Boneshaker4 years ago
I just used your guide to modify a Nerf Sharp Shot, fires 50' with stock darts instead of the out of box 25'. 1st of many Nerf mods to come, thanks for posting.
i got my nitefinder to shoot 100', but due to the spring power, the entire thing blew into pieces :( My hand really hurt from the shock after shooting it.
geek27 (author)  Boneshaker4 years ago
do you have to use the stefans or can you just use normal stock darts will the fit in some mods????
geek27 (author)  mjames-books4 years ago
That's a good question. Honestly, if you're modding a gun to have barrels made for stefans, you will be able to fit stock darts in the barrels. However, stock darts work better with some mods and some blasters than others. For example, if you mod a Nitefinder to use a fairly short barrel (like Gengar003's mod, which calls for a 4" barrel), it will be able to shoot both stock darts and stefans.  However, since you're able to rear-load stefans, you can get better range with them.  I'm guessing that stefans would go about 40-50 feet flat on the modded Nitefinder and stock darts would go 25-35 feet.

But, if you have something that calls for a longer barrel, chances are that it won't shoot stock darts very well at all.  The barrel is long so that the stefan will fly a far distance and have a stable flight.  If you front-load a stock dart, the gun will probably fire it and cause the stock dart to spin out of control.  Longer barrels are generally used for more powerful guns, and if the dart doesn't have a long barrel to travel down (stock darts don't because they're loaded in the front of the barrel), the dart will spin out of control.  So, if you are modding a Nitefinder or similar weaker gun, stock darts will probably work just fine.
What kinds of O-rings do you usually use for these different methods for a Nite Finder? Like what size? The ones on HomeDepot.com seem to be categorized by some sort of number system.
Probably varies by which Nerf blaster's plunger you have.
jumpingcat4 years ago
can you help me please ... i just modded my raider and the priming handle gets stuck HELP
do you have a good way to mod a Deploy CS-6?
geek27 (author)  SteampunkManiac4 years ago
Sorry, but I don't know any good ones off the top of my head. There is always NerfHaven though (but that'll require a bit of searching around)!
meman1114 years ago
how would i make a strong barrel setup for the nite finder?
two words, hot, and glue.
~Z~ 64bitgenius4 years ago
3 words, Hot, Glue, and Fails.

Epoxy+Goop+CA Glue(Super glue)

Revan_Taros4 years ago
i found a use for the air restrictors. take a dart of your choice (i recommend the purple/yellow buzz-bee darts) and take the tip off and set it aside. take an airsoft BB (of your weight) and place it in the hole of the dart. take the AR and push it down onto the side of the dart that has the BB in it. i tested this on a couple of my guns. it works quite well in them, but i have not tested it in a stock gun. for use in front loading guns (scout, nitefinder, hornet etc.) you can leave the prongs on. for use in CS guns, simply break or cut the prongs off. i might make a you tube video of this. let me know how this works.
I have also found a use for them, in the nitefinder. Take a dart, any stock dart, and cut the tip off.
Then, take the air restrictor and glue it to the dart, i used Tacky Glue, but im sure others would work, just not hot glue cuz it melts the darts.
TSC4 years ago
Were do you get Stefans?? Cause I can't find them!
geek27 (author)  TSC4 years ago
Stefans are homemade darts. You make them from foam backer rod and weights.

My stefans are CaptainSlug's stefnas.  This method of stefan making is the less-popular method of making darts, but I find that I produce better stefans following CaptainSlug's method.

There are also a number of instructables on making stefans.  Just search "stefans."
TSC geek274 years ago
I know that there homemade darts! I mean were do you get the stuff to make the darts??
u make stefans yourself, lots of tutorials on i. GL
geek27 (author)  TSC4 years ago
You can get foam backer rod (it may also be called "caulk backing" or anything else involving caulking) at a hardware store in the caulking aisle or area. If you are using weights (fishing weights or BBs are used), you could probably get fishing weights and even BBs from a sports store. If you want to make Slug stefans, you honestly have to buy online. You can't find the felt discs and washers you need for the stefans in the quantity you want at hardware stores. You have to buy these through McMaster.

Enter the item's part number into the McMaster "find" bar.  They are as follows:

Felt Discs - 8771K22
Washers - 91083A009
Foam Backer Rod (If you can't find any at hardware stores) - 93295K43

Mind you, that foam backer rod comes in lengths of 250 feet.  That's why it's so expensive ($35).
TSC geek274 years ago
OK thanks!
epitcher14 years ago
im moding my longshot got any good ideas
geek27 (author)  epitcher14 years ago
Well, modding a longshot isn't very easy... if you wanted to go with the best mod in terms of performance, I'm sure that ForsakenAngel24's brass breech mod is one of the best.  However, that one is quite complicated.  If you want to search other mods, I will do my standard direct-you-to-the-Nerfhaven-mods-directory move.  And here it is!
ok thanks um do you have a good way to mod the spectre rev-5
Squirreleo5 years ago
How exactly would you create a breech, preferably brass, that shoots streamlines? (kinda new to this, steps and materials if possible)
geek27 (author)  Squirreleo5 years ago
Now, I'm not quite sure what kind of breech you want. If you are referring to a breech in a Longshot or other mag-fed Nerf blaster, this writeup will be useful.  On the other hand, if you are referring to a brass breech all within a 1/2" PVC barrel, this will definitely help.  However, if you do make a brass breech, you should probably use stefans with it.  streamlines are decent, but they don't fit very well in certain sizes of brass, and you will see lower ranges.
I think he is talking about a longshot angel breech but still able to shoot stefans and crappy stock darts
I tried merging a maverick spring with the nitefinder one instead of buying a new spring. When you pull back to cock the gun it does not catch, so you cannot use it.
just saying this incase anyone else thinks of trying it, if you can get it to work please tell me
A bit late, but, there is a little latch spring at the top. it is holding a little rectangle, put a stronger spring there and it should be good, if it is an issue of the spring being too strong.
krusher294 years ago
I cant get onto nerfhave at all it asks for a password no matter how i try and get on. help?
geek27 (author)  krusher294 years ago
Have you been validated? When you sign up, your account needs to be "validated" by one of the administrators. It may take many months before your account is validated, since the administration team is pretty busy. So, once you sign up, you can't immediately sign in and start posting. You have to wait to be validated.

On the other hand, if you have been validated, I'm not sure what the problem is. Maybe you need to enable cookies on your web browser to log in?
When I click on any of the links or search on google it asks for a password so I cnat get on because I don't have one
~Z~ krusher294 years ago
Actually, it's just down. About a week ago, Nerfhaven got hacked.
krusher29 ~Z~4 years ago
ok thanks for the help
~Z~ krusher294 years ago
It's back up now.
afireball4 years ago
What mods for deploy cs-6
Almost all of the nerf CS blasters use the reverse plunger system. As such, any mods for the Recon, Raider, Alpha Trooper, etc are almost all applicable to the Deploy.
One big thing about the deploy is to be very careful when disassembling. The Large spring that pops out the stock, is always tensioned, so it can literally blow apart just by taking the screws out.

AR removal is the simplest, followed by plugging air leaks, and buffing up the O-Ring. Another possible one is Spring replacement, but you'd need to find just the right kind of spring.
geek27 (author)  afireball4 years ago
I have not been keeping up with the Nerf community, so I don't know of any Deploy CS-6 mods. I checked the NerfHaven Mods Directory, but the only modification I found was a flashlight replacement mod.  I wish that I could give you a "performance" modification (to increase range, rate of fire, etc.) for the Deploy CS-6, but I have not seen any.  I would recommend searching NerfHaven using Google.  If you type in "site:nerfhaven.com" then the subject that you want, Google will display all of the results from nerfhaven.com.  Here is an example search that I did.

Good luck, I hope this helps!
Zeffary204 years ago
i see how to mod springs and pressurized guns, but how can I mod my Buzz Bee Double Shot?
asdfps21234 years ago
there is no difference between PVC and CPVC. my standard stock darts would not fit in 1/2" PVC.
I tried to find the over pressure valve on the Nerf Airtech 2000 but could not find it. It appears that after you pump it the overpressure valve is a small two small plastic circles screwed together. I unscrewed these before and thats where the air must be held. If I were to hot glue the screws in place and seal all the places where air can leak out of it would that allow it to hold in more air?
geek27 (author)  flashanimator4 years ago
It should probably look like a hole in the plunger head--here's a fairly simple write up with a picture of that hole.  You can always find other AT2K mods at the NerfHaven mods directory too!
ok thank you, I thought it was that 6 screws totals two plastic circle thing, couldn't find it before guess i needed to unscrew the black handle. Thank you for the help.
Ananand6 years ago
Would you happen to know where to find such springs?
I found mine at Home Depo. It came in a pack with 2 long springs and 2 small ones.
geek27 (author)  Ananand5 years ago
Yeah, they can usually be found at your local hardware store. In hardware stores that have a n "industrial" section, springs can usually be found there.
Try a hardeware store.
apod13 Ananand6 years ago
you might be able to find one from an airsoft gun supplier
Nyanman4 years ago
here's another good reason:
no-trace play area.
meaning you can play anywhere, and all you have to do is pick up nerf darts. no paint to scrub off things, no tiny airsoft bbs to try to find, just bright orange darts.
origamic124 years ago
I recently bought some cpvc and couplers for my modified big bad bow, and its been ok, getting ranges around 50-60 ft with a 4 inch barrel. However, for a modded and cpvc'd bbb those arent great ranges, and when i tried to use a longer barrel (8 inches), the dart never left the barrel. The seal is nearly airtight, so the seal is not the problem. I think the cpvc i bought is a bit to tight on my darts, which is the reason im not getting great ranges. My stock darts fit the barrel rather tightly, and sometimes i need to twist a dart in. how can i widen the ID if the cpvc so the darts will fit better?
~Z~ origamic124 years ago
Is your cpvc labeled as 'Flowguard Gold"? If so, that may be the problem as the ID is narrower.
geek27 (author)  origamic124 years ago
Widening the ID of your CPVC probably won't be easy, if it is possible. If you do manage to widen it somehow, it'll the inside of the barrel will probably be a little uneven in places, and you will have very bad range, accuracy, or both. In other words, I'm not sure how to widen the ID of your CPVC, but you probably shouldn't do that anyways.

I would recommend trying a different brand of CPVC or different foam to make your stefans. If you are sure that the seal isn't contributing to the low-ish performance of your blaster, then the only thing you can do really is just to try different barrelling or foam!
origamic124 years ago
When you add a spring, do you have to reinforce the plunger head and cocking latch? if you do, how would you?
geek27 (author)  origamic124 years ago
It probably would lengthen your gun's life if you did reinforce these parts. The cocking latch, or catch mechanism, does not need to be reinforced itself. However, with a stronger spring, the catch mechanism often does not "catch," or it may slip. You can add a stronger spring to it to help it catch. The stock catch mechanism springs are typically small, so the springs of click pens are commonly used to replace this part. You can just disassemble a pen and place that spring in the place of the old one.

As for the plunger head, I haven't actually seen a mod that directs how to reinforce it. However, I actually have had a plunger head come out of the rod when I was using a gun with a stronger spring! I imagine that you could smear epoxy where the plunger head contacts the plunger rod, then screw the head onto the rod. However, this would mean that you would not be able to take the plunger head off, if you needed to for whatever reason.
matt17fan5 years ago
what about the new 35 shot ones? Where do they fall in?
dear matt17fan regarding your Question of "the new 35 shot ones" they are spring compressed and to modify it you would treat as the Nerf Recon even though they are raiders themselves and I suggest that you cut off the end of the barel and attach the extended barel on to it.
The Raider falls under a spring gun.
msheppard4 years ago
As noted in a lot of other Nerf mods: These pieces are glued together by the factory in newer guns. Getting them apart requires a hacksaw or a bit of luck cracking the plastic in just the right place.

Personally: I cracked it in the wrong place but after the rest of the mod was able to use Plumbers Goop to glue it back together and ended up with a far more powerful gun.
Pizzapie5004 years ago
Hmm... I never seen a Dremel 1001 XPR. Also I am happy b/c I have everything to mod Nerf Guns (except for the plumber's goop). I barely use my Dremel 4000 b/c it seems to be too powerful and melts the plastic (when sanding, cutting, drilling, etc.
geek27 (author)  Pizzapie5004 years ago
You may want to put your Dremel on a lower speed setting to avoid melting your plastic. When I use my Dremel, I actually melt the plastic quite often even on low speed. But, you can always sand off melted bits of plastic. Although you can usually do what a Dremel can do with a creative combination of tools, Dremels are still very, very useful.
I always put my Dremel on the lowest setting (which is 5000 rpm) but it still melts. Also where'd you get your PETG? Can you get it anywhere else than OMC (btw that link doesn't work)? Also where'd you get your 1/2" felt + #8-32 washer? I saw it at McMaster and I might get it there but I want to know if anywhere else is cheaper.
geek27 (author)  Pizzapie5004 years ago
I haven't been keeping up with NerfHaven for a while, but this looks like the most recent PETG thread. However, you'll probably have to contact OMC about it. 

HOWEVER, I believe that you can purchase PETG from THIS WEBSITE, because I know I would certainly prefer to purchase a product from a website than an online vendor.  Although the products are not labelled "PETG," I believe that this is actually the material that OMC buys.  He just resells it because not many people want to purchase PETG in wholesale, which may be the only option if you are purchasing from Visipak.  Here's the particular product, but you end up buying a TON of PETG for around $110.  Yeah, actually, I would buy from OMC.  But, if you need that much PETG, I guess that website would be good.

I do not know anywhere other than McMaster that sells the same size of felt in the same amount.  Most felt discs you can find at the hardware store come in packs of 5-15, since you only need them to apply to cabinet doors and such.  If you want to make many darts, you need to order from McMaster.  However, I do believe that I may have seen the same size washers in large amounts (but still about 100) at hardware stores.  Besides, McMaster has good prices on products and shipping, so I recommend that you buy from them.

Hope it helps!
I went to the link about OMC's PETG and it said to go to another thread, so I went there but I got a board message error thing.
geek27 (author)  Pizzapie5004 years ago
I'm really not sure where to go then... perhaps you could try to contact OMC, but you might need a NerfHaven account to do that.
It's a good thing that I have a NerfHaven account then!
EPICORE4 years ago
Is there a way 2 get the reloader thing off of the nerf longshot after I put it on?
geek27 (author)  EPICORE4 years ago
Sorry to respond to your question late! Guitarmonk15 suggested below that you were referring to the longshot's orange bolt. If so, yes, you can pry it off by using the back of a hammer--the part used for pulling out nails.

Although, since you posted that a little less than a month ago, you may have already found your answer.
geek27 (author)  EPICORE4 years ago
I'm not too sure what you're talking about... could you explain what this "reloader thing" is?
I think he is referring to the bolt used for cocking it, the one you can pry up with the back of a hammer.
5chidori5 years ago
It's rear-loading not back-loading.
geek27 (author)  5chidori5 years ago
Yeah, I suppose that most people do use rear loading rather than back loading.  Both terms have been thrown around, and I happened to select the term back loading, which was probably a poor choice of words.  I may edit it when I get the time, although I would have to find every spot where I used back load.  Thanks!
In real guns, the proper term is "breech-loading"
geek27 (author)  D1rty Di3sel5 years ago
Dear Mr. Crapper,

Technically, you are correct... although that could become confusing in Nerf terminology.  Some guns utilize couplers, while others contain actual breeches, which involve barrels moving within barrel sheaths.
Lol I laughed when you wrote "Dear Mr. Crapper"
lmao, so did I...I think I woke up my son.
you mean like the m203?
geek27 (author)  Revan_Taros4 years ago
I seriously don't know. I'm not all that familiar with actual weapons/firearms/things that launch grenades, so I can't really tell you. But, from what I've read (and that's very little) it looks like grenades are loaded into the back of the thing.
they are actually
Saturn V geek275 years ago
Who cares about which you use as long as people know what you're talking about?
geekzoid14 years ago
Great, informative instructable!! I was just wondering, does modding a nerf gun would make it not last as long?
geek27 (author)  geekzoid14 years ago
This response may seem obvious, but it depends on the modification that you make to your blaster. In the last step of this instructable, I brought up a NiteFinder mod that I started with, Gengar003's coupler mod. My coupler modded-NiteFinder actually ended up breaking within a couple of weeks. I didn't do a very good job modding it, and I didn't make the mod as sturdy as it could have been. Sometimes, barrel setups that certain modifications call for aren't very durable, so the barrel will end up detaching after repeated use. You have to look for a mod that seems as sturdy as possible. If the mod you apply to your gun is durable, it may never break! You especially want to pay attention to GLUE when you mod. You need LOTS of it in the right places if you want your parts to work well. The coupler setup in my NiteFinder that I mentioned earlier had a small area where the barrel setup was epoxied onto the chamber, and I didn't "glob" much hot glue over the barrel setup (as Gengar003 suggested), so I ended up with my barrel detaching from the chamber.

I hope I answered your question, just pay close attention to the durability of the mod you are planning on doing.
smithy1234 years ago
a nite finder can fit 2 o-rings cant it and how long is the cpvc 1/2" is is 3" or 4"  tell me plz and wat springs can i put is a nite finder as well thanx
geek27 (author)  smithy1234 years ago
- Yes, a Nitefinder can fit two o-rings on its plunger head.
- The CPVC barrel length you want for a Nitefinder is 4"
- As for springs, you really have to go to a hardware store and find a good-sized one. I don't know the specific part number for a spring that works well on a Nitefinder.
ACE #49. buy it at Ace hardware stores
You can find the springs at ACE hardware a #49 is the one you want. One that is somewhat popular is from home depot. Its made by everlong and is a 24lb spring. you will need to cut it down about 1/2" -1" or it will be very difficult to prime your gun. It will eventually destroy the gun tho. Another popular spring comes from MCmaster-carr. I forget the spring size off hand but you can find this info on Nerfhaven.com. Also some people will use part of an AR15's buffer spring. Cut a 4" section off and toss it in. You will also need a stronger spring for your catch plate or it will not be able to hold the tension from the heavy spring.

Here's one of my creations.
Revan_Taros4 years ago
tippman A5: a failed attempt at an MP5K. A clip would fit ammo perfectly
dude4444 years ago
this was a well presented Instructable on modding nerf guns. Also I am planning on modding my Nerf recon cs-6 and wondering if you had any suggestions. P.S. 5 out of 5.
geek27 (author)  dude4444 years ago
Sorry, I've never owned a Recon, so I don't really have any recommendations for modding it

I don't like to do this, but I'll have to direct you here.
Hitman2274 years ago
Hey, know the gun in the bottom right hand corner, what size pipe is that over top of the 1/2"?
geek27 (author)  Hitman2274 years ago
That is actually a 1.5" PVC coupler that the seven 1/2" barrels are glued into.  Then, there's a stub of 1.5" PVC pipe glued to the chamber. It's a slip coupler, meaning that it doesn't have threads, so it doesn't screw on to anything.  So, with my barrel setup, you can push the shotgun "coupler attachment" right onto the stub and fire it.  It was based on BendyStraw's neat mod, which actually uses threaded fittings.  If you use threaded fittings, you have to go to the trouble of screwing the attachment on, which might reduce your rate of fire.
Cool thanks. Thinking of making a shotgun like it.
I used to be a nerfer, but now I'm into airsoft. It makes me question a few things on the "why nerf" step. One of them is price. Ou can buy a stinger p9 pistol with 500 bbs, and a holster for $20. You could buy a maverick for $10, buy a bunch more darts (you can't tell me you can run on the 6 dart they give you. That being said, you'll need a case of 100 sooner or later, so why not sooner). So that's around $40. Also, there are only 2 (a few more from off brands, but still) AEG's from nerf. Everything else you have to either pump or cock each time to shoot, which gets anoyying. Finally, nerf has diverse weaponry? PLEASE!!! There are THOUSANDS of kinds of airsoft guns. And you can deck them out with customizations too. If you really want to shell out some cash, you can put a real frickin' heartbeat sensor on an airsoft gun. Finally finally, a few simple words. No pain, no game (my own little version of the saying).
well when i used to buy guns i fired into this short "hallway" that had walls and a door, but then my cats chewed on the darts, so i agree no you cant run on the darts they give you, but in the right conditions they will last a while.

ps: i got a tommy 20 and someone switched a dart from a dart tag and tommy 20, and i bought it. lol
yeah, I agree. Paintball is like 200-350 fps and airsoft goes up to like 499fps.(sniper rifles) With paintball it leaves a bruse but a close range airsoft can draw blood. Also alot of airsoft guns are full auto and in paintball most are semi auto.
geek27 (author)  guitarmonk154 years ago
Understand, I didn't really write the article for detail. I just addressed some minor concerns in the shortest way I could write it, directing those who want to read more to the NerfHaven article. Although the example you used is really quite favorable to price of some Nerf guns (20 dollars! That seriously IS a great deal!), I'm quite sure that most quality airsoft guns sell for much above that price. And, you do make a gun point with the gun variety of airsoft. Really, airsoft does offer a much greater range of weapons than Nerf. And, yes, airsoft guns can be modified too. However, the modification aspect of airsoft is quite different from the modification aspect of Nerf. Although I am not entirely familiar with airsoft modification, I'm sure that this modification is limited to power upgrades, like replacement barrels, springs (on spring guns), et cetera. However, Nerf has a more "creative" side to modifications (I'm NOT trying to say that airsoft is not creative). Giving your gun seven barrels, for instance (it's not actually very practical, see my picture), is one example. And even though airsoft has shotguns that do the very same thing with greater efficiency, this "creative" and flexible modification aspect of Nerf makes it appealing to many Nerfers. And, you are right, airsoft is a significantly fast-paced when compared to Nerf. However, this slower-paced aspect of Nerfing makes it appealing to Nerfers, as does modification. It changes the mechanics of the game, in some positive ways and some negative ways. Really, choosing Nerf, airsoft, or paintball is just a matter of preference. I respect your opinion, and I hope you respect mine. And, seriously, how does pain make your "game?" I'm not trying to refute your very last argument, but I just want you to think about this one. I know that there are many people who prefer Nerf for its "painlessness," and some people tend to regard this reason as "sissy," and I completely understand that. But really, do you need "pain" to have a game. Do you need to be that "tough," "cool" person who won't settle for the "sissy" sport? Unless you're some sort of masochist, desiring pain for the appearance of "cool" is really just an immature expression of your testosterone.

I'm not looking to refute your ideas or anything, I just want to give you the other side of the argument. It really is true that there is preference in choosing your sport. But perhaps we can at least agree that shooting each other, be it with Nerf guns, airsoft guns, or paintball markers, is SERIOUSLY FUN.

If you are a troll, you're a good one. This is the most I have ever written outside of school, I'm pretty sure...
First off, thank you, you are probably the first person that has ever responded to me with more than "uhhhhh, no, uhhh, shut up" or "omg, u r soo rong dud gete a lif man serusly" (those spelling mistakes were on purpose). As a matter of fact, that is literally probably one of the best comment responses on Instructables. I forgot to mention that your 'Ible itself is also very VERY informative, cohesive, and just plain cool. Finally, you have made some great points about modification. Once again, I thank you for adding constructive comments and Instructables to this website (I don't work for Instructables.com though, although it may sound like it). 5/5
geek27 (author)  guitarmonk154 years ago
Well, I'm glad that my comment meant something!  I know many who would stick to the idea of "this sport is still superior to this one" even after reading my explanation.  As you said, it is all just preference.  "To each, his own" - that's certainly true!
I forgot to say something ---- "to each, his own" - unknown
basher3454 years ago
Would a Maverick Spring work with a CS-6 Recon???
geek27 (author)  basher3454 years ago
I haven't owned a Recon, and I haven't looked at mods for it, so I'm not able to answer your question. Sorry!

Of course, there's always the NerfHaven Modifications Directory! I can't guarantee you will find your answer by looking a Recon mods, but it may just help.
ubcrazy25 years ago
how big is the cpvc
geek27 (author)  ubcrazy25 years ago
Nerf mods usually use 1/2" CPVC for barreling, if that is what you are referring to.
ubcrazy2 geek275 years ago
i mean how long is it for my reference
geek27 (author)  ubcrazy25 years ago
I believe I cut it 4" long. However, I'm not entirely positive.
thats what she said...
i just had to.
geek27 (author)  BluePhenox4 years ago
I... well... hmmmm...

No comment.
ubcrazy2 geek275 years ago
k thanks
Drewdudewer4 years ago
I actually have to manully load my Longshot. I lost the clips :-((
killer776 years ago
i modded one of those nerf n strike rocket launchers to fire stefans with a 20' barrel that fired around 190 ft on full with the restrictor removed.
no offense but; you're one lying son of a gun, not only would the dart not even leave the barrel but it would definitely not hit 190', and even if it was a mistype and you meant 20" barrel, it still wouldnt hit 190ft, at least not unless you angled it upwards 
the most i have ever gotten is 100ft on a nerf mod
For a nerf Titan, it is not uncommon to shoot over 190 feet because it displaces so much air.  Also, he put a 20 inch barel on it which would allow the dart to have more time to accelerate.
i did the same to mine it hits bout 120ft at a slight angle but i dont have stefens
smithy1234 years ago
nice stuff
JamesTB135 years ago
I find this, kind of.....weird. I mean, if you have a Nerf gun that feeds from a magazine (like my Longshot), then loading a dart, and then having to cram it farther back in the barrel? Seems like a bit of a waste of time, if not a simple waste of having a magazine-fed rifle. But other than that, you have made yourself one hell of a good Nerf mod guide.
geek27 (author)  JamesTB135 years ago
Well, the barrel replacement is mainly for range. In most cases, if a Nerf gun's rate of fire is reduced by a barrel replacement, the greatly-increased range compensates for the rate of fire that is lost. With guns that use breech mechanisms (Nerf guns that are magazine-fed use breech mechanisms), a more-complicated brass breech can be used to replace the stock breech. This maintains the magazine-fed feature of the gun while increasing the range (by replacing the barrel). Of course, some people do single their Longshots rather than fabricate a brass breech assembly. While dramatically reducing the rate of fire, this is the easier alternative to a brass breech if one wishes to do a barrel replacement on a magazine-fed blaster. It pretty much just increases the range of the gun, with the loss of the balster's rate of fire.
Fractal Art5 years ago
Nice guide - I wouldn't call myself a beginner but this is a good read anyway. Also, can you tell me where to find the mod for the BigBad Bow on the bottom left of the picture? Thanks.
geek27 (author)  Fractal Art5 years ago
I haven't exactly found a writeup that has the EXACT way I coupler'd mine, but essentially I followed this mod.

Rather than glue a barrel in, as shown in the writeup, I glued a barrel stub in (1/2" CPVC) and glued a 1/2" CPVC coupler on the end of that barrel stub).  Also, if you didn't notice it, Forsaken_angel24 posted a comment down the page a bit showing a better approach to gluing the barrel/barrel stub in place, so I recommend that you try that.  If you use this method, your BBB will really be able to take a beating, since it will have so much hot glue securing your barrel setup in place!
Thanks, it just looked a little different than most CPVC Barrel mods so I wanted to know exactly what was done to it. Could you tell me what the ranges are when you shoot micros from it?
Hi i just got the Magstrike AS10 and this thing is leathal. Any1 have any ideas or done any mods to it?
geek27 (author)  deadmanwalkin5 years ago
Although I can't think of any particular way you should mod your Magstrike, you could probably look up some Magstrike mods here. You may know about it already, but it's always good to check the NerfHaven mods directory!
megakacktus5 years ago
This guide was amazing! VERY comprehensive.
Lolbert5 years ago
Airsoft has much more diverse weaponry, but nerf is still a blast!
patrick p f5 years ago
thre reason "why nerf?" in my opinion is because you can get away with shooting your siblings
Totaly agree.
actualy modded nerf guns can get deadly if u singled a titan or a buzzbee big blast with a 2-3ft barrel and a plugged pump, a slingshot weighted stefan shot at some1 can break skin =) and modded nerf guns with stefans hurt so most wars ban all other darts accept for slug darts which are padded stefans =)
YES! make a dart gun out of a water gun and it'll HURT!
Deathco5 years ago
Hey Geek27. I really want to mod my Maverick (air restrictor removal, the mod where the barrel comes out farther) , But im afraid i'll screw it up. Is any damage reversible? Is there really anything to be afraid of?
geek27 (author)  Deathco5 years ago
I'm not quite sure which mod you are referring to... Are you going to cut the whole front part off so you can insert longer barrels into the turret? Obviously, if you cut any pieces, it will be irreversible. Other than that, all of the pieces fit together, so disassembling it will only mean that you have to reassemble it, granted you don't cut anything.
Deathco Deathco5 years ago
Ummmm......................... Yeah my Maverick was killed by an AR mod
mattbomb5 years ago
and probably the number one most common epoxy. hot glue will be your second friend easily
Fyrus_5 years ago
Hi , I took out the air restrictor on my nerf Firefly , but the only thing that happend is it just reduced its range , then i added the air restrictors again and it increased its range. I need help, Please reply , somebody .

P.S. : The little pad that had the plastic cross rod was hard to get take out , and yes i did cut the cross with a wire cutter and placed the pad back again.

Bye, please reply: Fyrus_

The restrictors could be concentating the air flow for you, so if you could find a way to take them out but still have the air flow in a non-scattered way you should be fine.
geek27 (author)  Fyrus_5 years ago
Funny, because I was about to suggest that you place the pads back in the gun.

The pads make the turret seal together.  So, I'm not quite sure what problem that your gun is having.  This may sound unimportant, but If you removed the cross parts of the pad, how did the air restrictors fit back?
billybenj5 years ago
god, all u kids think 'how bad it hurts' is what makes it cool or fun, just cuz nerf dont hurt dont mean it aint fun
Vertox5 years ago
I'm new to nerf modding but i was wondering if it was possible to make temporary nerf mods like a barrel mod that doesn't need to be glued but in stead can be straped on or attached in some other way so it can be used with other guns when one is not in use?
uits called a coupler mod basicly take a cpvc or pvc coupler and glue it to where the air comes out for pvc u can nest things like 9/16brass,PETG or whatever ur darts fit =
kameronk925 years ago
Any suggestions for new streamline darts? I have the raider cs-35
geek27 (author)  kameronk925 years ago
If you do a barrel replacement on your guns, you can use rear-load streamline darts just as you can rear-load stefans. However, I've heard that streamline darts tend to spin out due to the holes in the front of the darts. If you are using a raider, you may be able to modify it to accept stefans. However, this may involve a barrel mod on the raider, which may be difficult due to the breech system. Search the NerfHaven mods directory, there may be some writeups that help!
kameronk925 years ago
A much easier way to give the spring more force is to cut electrical tape down the length and wrap it around where the spring meets the cocker until it is as high or higher than the spring. This will cause the spring to be compressed more and increase the speed and range of the darts
Salmon1945 years ago
Excellent guide dude. I'm on the forums as Salmon, and this should be stickied, or maybe even put on the front page of NH.
alex46465 years ago
lol heres description for maverick on nerfs site: The MAVERICK blaster features a six-dart rotating barrel with easy flip loading so you don't have to waste any time while blasting enemy targets! Rapid launching action increases your battle speed and accuracy! Other features include pullback mechanism and auto-advancing barrel. Blaster comes with six darts and instructions. The MAVERICK is a part of the N-STRIKE team, so you can snap it onto the UNITY POWER SYSTEM (sold separately) and ratchet the NERF action up another notch!  PRODUCT COLORS MAY VARY  Get the right refills! *Play safe. Always know your play environment.  If the conditions are severe, please exercise caution CAUTION: Do not look directly at the sun.  This is not a protective device. CAUTION -- Do NOT at aim at eyes or face.  To Avoid Injury: Use only darts designed for this product. Do not modify darts or dart blasters.
trikster2095 years ago
nerf is fun airsoft is kinda better but paintball is tops
I tried airsofting in a public place and some old hag called the swat team
Thats ridiculous!
when you see 8 kids with full camo/ghilly suits/bullet proof vests wit 2 desert eagles, a EBR, MP5 with double mags and laser(mine), Glock 18(mine), M14 with a 3X9 scope, SAW with the huge box mag and ACOG( i envy that kid), M4 with M203 and flashlight, G36K silenced, and a SCAR H with under barrel shotgun!!!!!!!!
 brings me back to my mw2 days...

VIVA BAD COMPANY TWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*sigh* good times...
geek27 (author)  mr. cool 3846 years ago
Wow... that sucks. Ironically, misunderstandings even occur with Nerf blasters sometimes. It's hard to imagine anyone who can't differentiate real weapons and Nerf guns.
"oh my god, he has a YELLOW AND ORANGE, gun! i think thats army colours! help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" lolz they are probably old people who had left their glasses in their underpants draw.
heheheheheheh. hohohohohohoho. huh. hihihihihiheee! ackhaharaooYah!
funny yeah?
look bludragon plz have a look at the dates the comments where posted. its january. that was in september. It doesn't matter to me, I'm still a live active account, but other ppl will get pXssed at u for replying to old posts.
laugh out loud out loud out loud?
I think that guy's from the future! his gun is like nothing I've ever seen! how does the plastic not melt from the death rays that it must shoot?
Just like in Get Smart when there on the plane.
S.W.A.T team? a little overboard.
not really we all had top of the line metal guns that war full auto if the guns were real and the police came they would get screwed over
did you use orange gun tips, thats to mark that the gun is fake...or wasn't it?.... O.o
i did but the ornge ttip is like an eighth of an inch and we play in the deserts of New Mexico so it kind of blended in
ha. A video of that would be pretty funny. my friends dads friend once had cap guns when he was 9 and was playing with his friend here in australia, and police helicopters and armoured swat vans came and arrested them.
 We have SWAT in Aus? Hmm...confused...
 no its called the special force or sumthing, Its the australian equivalent of SWAT.
Righty. Yay! lol.
actually I don't think they ever use our australian SWAT, cos theirs no big issues, they just get paid a lot to sit around on their asses eating donuts. can you remember the last crazy gunman/terrorist/phsycho with a gun problem we had in aus? I can't.
ha i can just see a 9 year old spending a night in the can. lol. airsoft guns are a ell of a more intimidating tho i mean a machine gun with an m203 or a repeater rifel?
lol 9 year old....  
wherd u get the guns from?
 im 13 i got em from airsoftmegastore.com and our local big 5
airsoft cuz nerf my "friends" allways cheat and so i said lets play airsoft aftr i got this 450fps assault rifle xm-8 or something of bad co.2 off ps3 my names sparta1177 if u wnt 2 add me and i chose airsoft cuz welts dont lie :)
ben3605 years ago
 Ha! "It is important to be careful but not to be extremely careful." Yeah, that pretty much nails it.
An Villain5 years ago
JB weld.
geek27 (author)  An Villain5 years ago
Sometimes, Nerf mods require JB weld.  However, most of the time, epoxy is used in its place.  Since Nerf guns contain little to no metal parts that need to be adhered together, JB weld isn't all that useful...
JB weld is an epoxy

geek27 (author)  Apple_4_life5 years ago
Thanks, I wasn't so sure if it served as an epoxy or not... I have actually used JB weld in place of epoxy for some projects, and they seem to work fine.  However, If I have a different epoxy, I try to use that.  I can't quite say why, but I tend to use JB weld on metal parts and other epoxy on plastic parts, despite the fact that JB weld can be used for both.  Thanks though, I was wondering how well JB weld works in place of epoxy!


dylan0345 years ago
 Ok i see it this way take your nerf guns and all bring my tippman 
a-5.Lets see who is the man.

Fyrus_5 years ago
How do you make a Breech?
 You don't literally "back-load" it that just means you push it to the back of the barrel.
 i have a Buzz-bee double shot i got it for $ 11.01 best stock dart gun i have ever used i reccomend tryin it
geek27 (author)  albylovesscience5 years ago
Oh yeah, the Double Shot is really fun!  However, the shells can become a bit of a hassle in a Nerf war...

There are, however, a couple of mods that get rid of the shells completely.
Shredder5435 years ago
I got the new Deploy CS-6 =D
geek27 (author)  Shredder5435 years ago
Nice!  How does it perform?  I've haven't heard much about it, as I haven't checked the NerfHaven forums in quite a while...
geek27 (author) 5 years ago

I have changed one of the links in the last step of this guide.  Since Forsaken_Angel24 no longer hosts the modifications directory, it has been passed on the NerfHaven member Blue.  The link now directs you to Blue's modifications directory.  Thanks for the comments, and happy modding!

MAVREV135 years ago
will u make any more vids on nerf
geek27 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
If you mean any Nerf-related instructables, I'm honestly not sure.  I've got a bunch of school projects lately, so I haven't got much time for modding.  However, I'll see about some mods once I find time to.  I do have some projects in mind for the future, so I'll see about it soon.
MAVREV13 geek275 years ago
ok because u do know some good mods oh also what assult rifle does this make u think of just wondering because i modded it im trying to make this look like an AR15 assult rifle do u have any sudjestions on makeing it more like one.
geek27 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
Replicating real firearms using Nerf guns isn't exactly the easiest thing to do, so I'd say that you did a pretty good job.  You may want to consider crafting the stock out of a more robust material, like wood.  Of course, I really don't have much expertise in the area of wood carving, so I can't quite help you there!

As long as a Nerf gun works and you like it, it's fine!  There's really no right way or wrong way to mod your Nerf gun.  As far as cosmetics goes, that whole aspect really doesn't even matter - if you find your gun attractive, then it's fine!
MAVREV13 geek275 years ago
thanks dude also where else can i buy a a buzzbee pump gun because the place i got mine closed perminently
geek27 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
If you are referring to the Buzz Bee Big Blast, you could probably find it online.  If you don't find it at any other local stores, your best bet is to go online.  However, the gun itself tends to cost more, and shipping can become a bit pricey.  There aren't many results, but Google Shopping came up with some options for the Big Blast - Link!
MAVREV13 geek275 years ago
thanks oh also i modded a maverick check it out if u want also be carfull with the bb's trigger my own snaped on th 13th use so renforce it or carve one out of wood/metal to help so urs dont brake like mine did.
I don't seem to have a spring in mine. Yes I know that you said they all have them but mine doesn't. Any ideas?
I thought mine didn't have a spring either, until I drilled out the center rod, then I found it, in an inner chamber that I didn't realize was there.
geek27 (author)  Evidenceremoved5 years ago
If your air restrictor doesn't have a spring, that's fine!  When you remove the air restrictors, you remove the spring anyways, if it doesn't come with a spring, you don't need to worry about it.  It was probably a flaw in manufacturing, perhaps.
MAVREV136 years ago
I modded my big blast and it smokes out of the PVC barrel. I want to say for some help where you cut the barrel will change how it shoots. I'm not trying to be mean I just want to help you geek27 thanks also for the tips they helped me out for a nite finder mod.
geek27 (author)  MAVREV136 years ago
Well, the performance of your Big Blast does, after all, depend on how you modified it. Your help is much appreciated, but I do not quite understand the modification you are describing. If you are describing the length of the PVC barrel, yes it will change your results. A shorter barrel will be less accurate, whereas a longer barrel will be more accurate and likely get more range. However, a barrel must not be too long, otherwise the gun might lose some range. As you can see in the picture on the introduction, I actually modified my Big Blast so it has a seven-barrel "shotgun" attachment.
MAVREV13 geek275 years ago
nice mods my internet was down for a long time short story viruses attacked my pc so sorry for takeing forever also nice mod, i love the gun i modded because i had no idea what i was doing at all i used a millitary knife and axe messy but the gun 'smokes' from the barrel and i know it is not smoke but it is cool.
geek27 (author)  MAVREV135 years ago
A smoking Big Blast... that's cool!  Some of my homemades have appeared to have "smoked" out of the barrel as well, although I don't exactly know what it is...

Maybe it's vaporized moisture, but that's just a guess...
MAVREV13 geek275 years ago
is is vaporized moisturebut smoke sounds cooler also i have a ? 4 ui was taking apart my big blast when i forgot i puped it up  times and i pulled the triger and it smoked and there as no dart in it
Nerfgenius5 years ago

What size is that PVC, and what type of glue did you use ? Also, what are the ranges?

geek27 (author)  Nerfgenius5 years ago
That would be 1/2" CPVC.  All of the glue is hot glue, but the barrel (as well as the coupler) are holding up quite well.  I based it on this mod if you are interested in trying it out.  However, rather than singling it, I cut the CPVC down so a stub was sticking out of the orange piece that holds the barrel.  I then glued on a CPVC coupler.  It really is quite simple, yet very reinforced (with all that hot glue!).

If you are interested in doing that mod, be sure to read the fifth post of the link I provided.  It has an important bit of advice that will make your BBB a lot stronger.

As for ranges, I would approximate that it hits around 80-90 feet.  It's just a rough estimate, but it's a range to expect from a BBB.

Good luck!
you could buy a bunch of barrel tubing and expanding foam to make custom darts.
geek27 (author)  spenfisher125 years ago
I'm not sure if that would work so well... assuming you mean the expanding spray-foam.  You see, the spray foam, when dry, will not only stick to the inside of the barrel tubing but it will be very firm.  That stuff isn't exactly soft foam.  When it dries, it's solid stuff.

Would you care to elaborate on your idea?  I'm not sure I understand what you mean!
some foams are softer than others and ofcors you would have to make small 1 dart molds
wehe-tehe5 years ago
you can buy 5/8 in. fbr and make stefans out of that and you can use those in 1/2in. pvc
geek27 (author)  wehe-tehe5 years ago
When I was writing this, I was thinking about discussing the concept of mega stefans.  However, I felt that mega darts may be a bit uncommon, so I decided not to mention them completely.  I figured that reading the barrel replacement section would be a bit too confusing if I brought up the concept of mega stefans.  So, I did away with it completely to make this a bit easier to read. 
What's a mega stefan dart?
geek27 (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
Mega stefans really aren't all that common.  They're essentially larger versions of stefan darts.  They do not fit into any of the above listed barrels except the 1/2" PVC barrel.  The 1/2" PVC barrel is the second one to the right.

Normal stefans are made with 1/2" foam backer rod.
Mega stefans are made with 5/8" foam backer rod.

In addition, mega stefans often use heavier weights.

Do they go further or something?
geek27 (author)  Pizzapie5005 years ago
Honestly, I don't think that they go farther than normal stefans.  In fact, they probably have less range than normal stefans.  This may vary depending on the gun and barrel you are using but is, for the most part, true.  Because of this, mega stefans are rarely used.  I figured that their rarity would be too insignificant to mention in the instructable, only making it a bit too confusing.
~Z~5 years ago
 Where can i get the o rings? i just threw one away.... 
geek27 (author)  ~Z~5 years ago
You can buy them at hardware stores.  Not all hardware stores have them, but I've been to some that have extensive collections of o-rings.  The important part is finding a good-sized o-ring.  You ought to bring your plunger and maybe even your plunger tube into the hardware store to test the fit and seal of the o-ring.  It needs to have a good fit for a good seal, but it also needs to be able to move freely when lubricated.
sburns775 years ago
 I feel ridiculous asking this, as I probably should be getting this. But could you explain the purpose/utility of the flip-around barrel.
geek27 (author)  sburns775 years ago
The flip-around barrel allows easier and quicker loading.  With a normal barrel, you have to fire a shot, remove the barrel, load another dart, put it back in, and fire it again.  However, if both sides of the flip-around barrel are loaded, you can fire a shot, remove the barrel, flip it around, put it back in, then fire it again.  It is a bit faster, although not by that much.  That little bit of quickness, however, can really save you in a Nerf war.  Additionally, it can make loading easier, as you can load one side of the flip-around barrel even when the entire barrel setup is in the coupler. if only the coupler side of the flip-around barrel is loaded (the barrel that is to be fired) then the other side can be loaded by putting a dart facing backwards in the forward-facing end of the barrel.  It's a bit hard to explain, so I can try to make a visual if this doesn't quite make sense.
sburns77 geek275 years ago
 Thank you very much, loved the instructable! Thanks!
heavydeath5 years ago
 ok im pretty stupid i tried to melt the glue on the outside of my barrel in my nitefinder ex3 i melted the whole barrel so everything in pic 1 wat do i need to do to make a new barrel and all

geek27 (author)  heavydeath5 years ago
You ought to replace the barrel completely.  Although you may have already seen this due to my constant insistence on this particular mod, it really is an effective barrel replacement - Link!
 good mod but i melted the orange part u dremeled any other suggestions

geek27 (author)  heavydeath5 years ago
In this case, you'll have to glue the barrel directly into the plunger tube.  You can probably wrap electrical tape until it fits VERY snugly in the plunger tube.  However, you will have to glue it down, or it will pop out after a few shots.  Since it will be taking a beating from the plunger hitting it, you will probably need to glue it down somehow.  As Gengar003 did in the previously mentioned mod, you should glop hot glue all over the insides.  That's likely the best approach, but I cannot guarantee that it will work - good luck!
nathe05 years ago
One solution could be to wrap a layer of duct tape (or similar) around the existing pressure chamber. This would at least provide some additional support. 
geek27 (author)  nathe05 years ago
The user "mettaurlover" mentioned something similar earlier.  Although it will add some support, I wouldn't exactly suggest relying in that.  With duct tape, you can't exactly wrap tape around every part of the chamber.  Any uncovered parts would still be prone to rupturing if you over-pump.  So, if you use duct tape, be careful!
nathe0 geek275 years ago
I admit, it would be tricky. Even another 5-10psi (or just added safety at regular pressure) would be good though.

My flat-mate (a pilot) recommends the patch tape they use on aircraft, its a tougher, stickier version of duct tape than you get at the hardware store.
Often called "100 mile an hour tape" as its used to make temporary repairs to the outside of aircraft. 

good things abt airsoft:more realistic and powerful

bad things abt. airsoft:gets you gunned down in the streets with it (in my country)
real nice instructable btw

geek27 (author)  maveric__fil5 years ago
Airsoft, after all, is a different sport than Nerf.  I'd say that Airsoft is more for the simulationist.  Those who are enthusiastic about warfare and firearms should go with Airsoft.  Nerf is pretty much just for sport, not exactly for simulation.  The low velocity of Nerf darts make it a completely different game than airsoft, for instance, the aspect of dodging.

Airsoft definitely has its upsides and downsides, as you stated.  Nerf certainly does too!  It all depends on personal preference, you could say - I'm quite interested in both!  I'm not exactly an expert on Nerf, and I'm no expert on Airsoft either, but I like both.
Rippingtax5 years ago
I dont know abount any of you, but instead of spending $$$ and time on making foam darts shoot an extra 50 feet, why dont you buy an airsoft gun? The only reason I undertand nerf modding is if your mom doesn't let you get airsoft guns. I got this AMAZING airsoft gun from www.Shortyusa.com, its called the ECHO 1 Vector arms MOD 47 RIS. Its an AK-47 and Every time I hold it,  I feel happy. :D

Anyway, I tried removing the air restrictors a couple years ago before I had an airsoft gun on my MAVERICK, but it didnt work. Any ideas?
geek27 (author)  Rippingtax5 years ago
If you were interested, I recently got an HFC Beretta M9 with selective fire (full-auto and semi-auto) and made in full metal.  It's gas blowback (green gas, not CO2) and has a mag capacity of 25 BBs.  I also purchased an extra mag. I'm really happy with it!  It's certainly not the best blowback pistol on the market, but it certainly suits my needs!
Thanks, I'll check it out. Although I prefer C02 bacause it comes in easy to store cartriges. Im sure ill find the gun somewhere.

By the way I now have digital camo 100$ sniper. It's spring and shoots accurately up to 230 feet. It's a great backup for when your AEG runs out of charge,or out of ammo.
geek27 (author)  Rippingtax5 years ago
Yeah, I like the whole idea of CO2 more than green gas too!  it just seems much easier to use.  However, some of the CO2 M9 models had extended mags for the CO2 storage.  The magazine literally extended an inch or two out of the mag well.  I figured I would go for the most realistic, so I chose the green gas one with more normal-looking mags.  The only thing it is lacking is authentic markings... I really wish it had those!

On the other hand, is it easy carrying around two rifles?  Do you carry around your AEG and your new rifle in the field?  It just seems a bit cumbersome to carry around two guns, even if they are on slings.

What I usually do is I grab my AK-47, and leave the sniper at a secluded place, loaded (not very smart of me, but I usually hide it somewhere).
Then, since all the people who I play with arent very aggresive, Ill run back and get the sniper when my AK runs dead. But I always carry my crappy $12.99 spring pistols, which are full metal and are accurate up to 100 feet using .20's

Sorry for turning this forum into an airsoft forum more than a nerf one.

The chosen one has spoken

geek27 (author)  Rippingtax5 years ago
Well, Nerf really is different than Airsoft.  The low velocities and slow loading make it a different game entirely.  I've been pretty interested in Airsoft recently, not for wars, but rather for collecting and plinking.  I'm really interested in getting a gas blowback Airsoft pistol for the realism and relative cheapness.

As for the air restrictor removal, it could possibly be your connection between your barrel and plunger tube.  If it doesn't seal completely, a minor leak could cause your gun to not function at all.  Some glue could probably fix the seal.
tinfoilgami5 years ago
this was so helpful!
zack attack5 years ago
what do i use to remove the titan AR?
geek27 (author)  zack attack5 years ago
As you see in the fourth picture, you want to cut out the air restricting "grates" that are located on the end of the titan's barrel and on the small piece that the barrel screws onto.  You should probably use a Dremel to cut out the grate.  If you don't have a Dremel/other rotary tool, you could use a hacksaw and sandpaper.  Using a hacksaw, you can cut the end of the barrel off so you saw off the end with the grate piece.  You may want to sand it down to make it smooth.  Then, you can saw off the end of the small piece where the barrel screws on.  Even after you saw the end of it off, you will still be able to screw the barrel onto the end of it.  Good luck!
oh th8nx
seabee8906 years ago
OMG!!!! I have seen about 15 of the belt fed nerf guns at my local goodwill in this year alone.WHY DIDN"T I FIND THIS SITE SOONER!!!! WAAAAAA LOL! Excellent info thanks.
geek27 (author)  seabee8906 years ago
When you say "belt fed Nerf gun," are you referring to the Nerf Vulcan (picture below)? Not to spoil your day or anything, but I'd like to point out that the Vulcan isn't exactly the greatest gun to modify. By that, I mean that you can perform air restrictor removal mods to it, but you can't really do a barrel replacement on it. If you want to read more into the Vulcan mod, here's a link. There are multiple pages with mod updates on some pages, so I suggest you check out each page of the forum topic. - link
Nerf Vulcan.jpg
there is one vulcan mod that ive heard of. Basically, what you do is remove some resistors and amp up the elecrtic current to make it fire between 200 and 300 RPM!
geek27 (author)  ScubaSteve6 years ago
Yeah, that is pretty cool. However, I wouldn't really suggest buying a Vulcan if you plan to use it in a Nerf war. The thing is, even though its firepower is amazing, it isn't very practical in context of an actual war. Similarly, the Nerf Titan can be modded to shoot darts an amazingly long distance (upwards of 150 feet if you plug the pump, remove the air limiters, and do barrel mods) but isn't very practical. You have to pump the gun around 20 times to prime it, which pretty much throws its rate of fire down the drain. The Vulcan, also, does not have very great range even after heavy modifications and fires way too many darts... in a war, you would lose most or all of them. But yes, I have seen mods like those, and they are quite impressive.
GeekBeam geek275 years ago
why not slow the firing rate down while extending the range it wouldn't use as much darts while being accurate it would work as a turret gun in a nerf war which would be nice
geek27 (author)  GeekBeam5 years ago
Well, the range really can't even be improved that much.  Slowing down the firing rate likely wouldn't allow the range to become greater either.  It would just slow down the guns rate of fire.  If one wishes to save darts while firing the gun, the solution is, well, to fire it less.  Also, most people don't station themselves in Nerf wars.  Turrets can be used, but Nerf wars tend to be more open and don't really involve a single stationary position.
H3xx geek275 years ago
Yes but it does have a single fire mode that is fairly accurate. my lil bro has one and i get him to drive a remote control car around while I use it for target practice.
i just pick up the sniper rifle and the recon cs-6 so i can modify them but i need to know how
phish8145 years ago
I have a Maverick and the spring is exactly the same size as the shock springs for my Traxxas T-Maxx.  If you google "T-maxx shock springs" you can get springs in a wide variety of rates.  Just for reference, the stock springs for the truck are a bit heavier than the stock spring in the gun.
My solution to the pressure tank problem: wrap along the length in a continious strip of duct tape, like you were coiling a piece of wire around a tube. do this with the same strip so you have a two-layer thick coating. This makes the tank nearly indestructible, so it's more likely that the ends will blow off or the trigger valve will break before the tank does. also stops the slight tank expansion you normally get, keeping it at a higher pressure without increasing the number of pumps you need.
daltonjcw5 years ago
 in the nerf maverick rev 6 and the dart tag gun furryfire, how do you remove the chamber air restrictors and the barrel posts?  please pm me 

Zansion5 years ago
Great instructable! its hard to find an honest nerf instructable.
geek27 (author)  Zansion5 years ago
Ah, thanks!  Upon noticing that instructables didn't have a great community of nerfers, and taking my own troubles of starting nerf into heart, I figured that publishing an inxtructable to guide beginners would be a good idea.  It took a while, but I like the way it turned out!
G-force7775 years ago
Very nice. i am a member at nerfhaven.com, and have many mids, some of you may know of them, the most infamous of which is chubbs, the green aligator vulcan.
Zem6 years ago
What kind of tips do you put on your Stefans?
geek27 (author)  Zem6 years ago
I use felt/washer dart head setups that NerfHaven user CaptainSlug thought up. It's a very nifty method, and I feel that it is quite advantageous over more popular hot glue dome setups. Here's a link to what I used - link
in my personnel experiance i found that thestefans with three bbs in them are more powerful than the washer stephans
rohang geek275 years ago
Yeah, that type of Stefan works great. They fall apart after a lot of use, but they fly pretty straight, are easy to make, and are fast. Cheap, too.
geek27 (author)  rohang5 years ago
rohang geek275 years ago
Well said.
Zem geek276 years ago
Ah, thanks!
this is probably one of the best guides i have ever seen i would have loved this when i started modding
~Aeronous~5 years ago
he is sayin you cant do close range battles with airsoft? bullsh#t. but its true that nerf still is fun. like i could never do airsoft with my dad or my sister cos my dad can barely stand getting punched in the arm, and my sister would start crying.
killer776 years ago
plus its a bit hard to go to your local park and shoot each other with paintball guns without getting in some form of trouble
true dat... why dont you go and play in your backyard then?
how many pumps can i give a mag strike without a safety release valve?
macman5556 years ago
Very good and well written, Kudos!
this is so helpful. I tried to build a net gun and made my own ideas for a grappling hook gun but my mom wouldn't let me. Maybe if all I'm shooting are soft little nerf bullets or stefans she'll let me finally make something cool.'
I just got a air tech 3000 from goodwill for a 1.99 i am planning on replacing the barrel and removing the air restrictor any thing else that would help?
geek27 (author)  imthatguy11255 years ago
Nope, you pretty much got everything covered. A barrel mod is a good idea considering the power of the AT3K. You really can't get very good ranges if you don't do a barrel replacement. So, I think you pretty much got it covered.
oh11345 years ago
Thanks... I'm from nerfhaven also, and it's good that there is finally an article on here that isn't a pen duct taped to a gun with rubber bands.
i took the air restricters out of a maverick, and now when i fire it the dart doens even come out of the barrel. Can somebody please help me? is the maverick different from other nerf guns because i have modded other ones and it worked grean but the maverick it didnt.
geek27 (author)  Aklash, The hunchback5 years ago
What did you do to your maverick? Did you remove the six three-pronged pieces and restrictor springs (both pictured in the main pic. of step 10)? What about the six round orange pieces with the barrel pegs on them? Did you cut the middle out of those? Or did you remove it completely?
Michel77885 years ago
couldnt you reinforce the pressure chamber or replace it with something metal? i doubt anyone would have the muscle power to rupture a metal one, and i'd think the glue (or the entire valve?) will rupture first by then
geek27 (author)  Michel77885 years ago
Well, the thing is, it would be difficult to make one out of metal. In the example of replacing the actual pressure chamber, it would be pretty hard to do. The hard part would be making a trigger pin that seals correctly. You would have to drill holes in the pressure chamber the correct size for the pin to slide through, then you would have to use O-rings and glue them down with a certain degree of precision. In the end, it would probably leak. As for simple reinforcement, you could probably cover most of the chamber with metal, but as for the small portion of the chamber that is uncovered, that would probably rupture if you pushed your gun to its limits.
wow man
weasel9995 years ago
u can make darts from baker rod i
k9turrent6 years ago
Very nice intro to the NIC. I think this should be used as a tool to teach newbs or a place to redirect them to learn when they have questions
geek27 (author)  k9turrent6 years ago
Thanks a ton, k9! I was actually planning on getting a PAS and trying out your RSCB barrel mod. I really love it, great innovation!
mod5866 years ago
sorry geek27 im a little confused i need to make have my gun barrel be stronger so i can take a AR 15 spring in my longshot what is the best way to reinforce my barrel?
geek27 (author)  mod5866 years ago
Well, I'm not sure how to reinforce the longshot particularly, but I can try to give some decent advice...

Well, if you are using the stock barrel setup, you probably don't even have to reinforce the barrel! Stock barrel setups are always strong. If you perform a barrel replacement, the replacement barrel setup will likely be less strong, because you are gluing the new barrel down. I don't think you really have to do any reinforcement, but I do suggest doing some research. The longshot has a piece callled the "bolt sled" that breaks on many people, especially with a spring replacement. I you would like, I could always take a picture of that piece.
Speedmite6 years ago
Gosh, I have a nightfinder, and it just got worse and worse, then I learned about the one air flow valve, and it works amazing. Just I would glue a foam ring at the bottom of the spring chamber cause it is quite noisy and Im afraid of the barrel breaking. And why do they put in so many screws?
geek27 (author)  Speedmite6 years ago
I'm not sure why Nerf puts so many screws in their guns. I think they just want their guns to be as sturdy as possible. The thing is, if they use less screws, the shell isn't held together as well.
Yeah i noticed that too, the little barrel attachment for the Longshot has like 20 screws, and i don't really want to take them off because im afraid that ill strip the screws or something like that.
It wouldnt be the screws that strip, it would be the plastic.
Well what i meant was when you used a screw driver and it doesn't turn the screw but instead turns and scrapes off the little edges that you put the screw head in. This makes it so that using the screw is impossible to just screw out.
Then you either don't have the right one, you arnt pressing down hard enough, or a combo of the two. I used a flat screwdriver on Phillips and it didn't strip.
Zem Speedmite6 years ago
You can strip the heads if you don't have the right sized screwdriver, I did that to my Nitefinder >.<
That would be annoying.
maxxxem6 years ago
how come i allways get this message when i go to the haven?? "Board Message Sorry, an error occurred. If you are unsure on how to use a feature, or don't know why you got this error message, try looking through the help files for more information. The error returned was: Sorry, you are not permitted to use this board" Any great job! When i barrel modded my BBB i pounded brass down the original orange barrel so i can still shoot the arrows!
Maybe your a banned member?
idk i guess i am
Because the Admin there has to look over every account, and validate it, that's when you can post.
Speedmite6 years ago
I lost a little spring for the cocking mechanism on my night finder. But no worry, sacrifice a pen, cut the spring in half, and a perfect replacement!

mod5866 years ago
In step 11 you talked about strong barrel setup is strong barrel setup step 12 or is that something different
geek27 (author)  mod5866 years ago
Yeah, Step 12 has similar pictures to Step 11, but Step 12 is something completely different from Step 11. In Step 11, I mentioned a strong barrel steup because I discussed using stronger springs. If you use a strong spring, you need a strong barrel setup (for barrel replacements), otherwise your barrel may come off from where it was glued, rendering your gun useless.
Whats the name of the nerf gun on the top left corner of the intro picture?
Its the old longshot.
geek27 (author)  Foehammer3586 years ago
That would be the Nerf Longshot CS-6. This one has a blue color scheme, but Nerf released some new-edition Longshots which have a yellowish color scheme.
mod5866 years ago
im just starting modding and i was wonder what are the best ways to mode my nerf night finder what springs should i use ans is brass or heafty platstic tubing better?
geek27 (author)  mod5866 years ago
Well, again, I wouldn't suggest doing anything too ambitious to your nitefinder for your first mod. A barrel replacement would be a good idea, but you probably shouldn't do a spring replacement. I've seen multiple guns break if they have not been reinforced when a spring replacement is done. If you really want to get a spring, I would suggest looking around your hardware store. Look for a spring that is about the same size in diameter as the stock one. If it is too long, you can cut it down to length with a dremel. For barrels, you can use any material. If you use brass, you won't be able to "coupler" your gun (see step 9 for coupler demonstration). Couplers are really nice, because they can significantly reduce loading time for your gun. A first mod I suggest is this: link
mod586 geek276 years ago
I have seen videos where they say there are alot of air restrictors in a nerf night finder i was wondering if you have any links or if you could make one that would help me to take out all of the air restrictors
altrobot6 years ago
Im, not completely sold on Nerf, and I seem to prefer Airsoft than Nerf and I prefer Nerf over paint ball. I like Airsoft since guns are more realistic, as if they got a real gun then converted it to Airsoft, rather than make a airsoft look like a real one. Also Airsoft Seems more realistic. I prefer Nerf over Paintball because Nerf is sooo much more fun!
geek27 (author)  altrobot6 years ago
Yeah, I've always loved the realism of Airsoft as well... it is the closest possible simulation of real gunfighting and that makes it so much fun! I'm tempted to spend around 100 bucks on a Well MB02 VSR-10 just for plinking - the realism of an airsoft rifle (plus the coolness factor) just makes me want to buy one just to OPERATE it. I think my mouth is watering.
Airsoft is fun! I jumped in when one of my friends handed me a spring gun and told me to try it one day. I think I've spent about $400 on my arsenal by now in 2 years... Only thing I don't have is a gas rifle or any AEG's.
Mine is......
Airsoft pellets hurt But i like airsoft as well
dareliqe6 years ago
Hey stop! i give this guy credit for this. Great job!!
laxdude6 years ago
haha my friends nitefinder shoots pretty well even w/o mods
assasin326 years ago
i really get dissapointed when all these nerf guns have the worst range ever i mean they r brand new out of the box and they just plop out of the barrel the thing is that i want to pimp out my nerf guns but i am not exactly a genuis about mods
geek27 (author)  assasin326 years ago
I'd just suggest reading around a bit. When I first started Nerf, it involved a lot of reading and research. I had no prior knowledge of any tools or hardware, but reading around can really give you a lot more knowledge on the subject.
PastTheVoid6 years ago
Great, that cancels my plans for next weekend... JK. But really, that sucks.
pokeguy136 years ago
wouldnt streamline darts Work?
ninjusk6 years ago
citason6 years ago
y didnt u just put in both springs
Because itll probably break the priming handle on the gun If putting 3 pennies into a nerf maverick can break it, Figures a second spring will do the job as well
geek27 (author)  citason6 years ago
Well, when you are modding guns, there is a certain limit to spring power that you should put in your gun. Too much power, and your plunger head will go flying off the rest of the plunger. Additionally, most guns are awkward to cock with two springs in them - the springs "groan" when you cock the gun. I suggest buying a spring from your hardware store. When you buy a spring, LOOK FOR THE SPRING THAT HAS THE CLOSEST DIAMETER TO THE STOCK ONE. You can worry about spring length later. You can cut a spring down to size using a Dremel with a cut-off wheel attachment.
xj5616 years ago
The nerf stream line darts have rubber heads but are flush with the rest of the dart.
Deus6 years ago
http://www.manapotions.com/Chaingun.html here's a link to what i think is the best nerfgun ever, lol. This is the mod for a 500rpm vulcan
An Villain6 years ago
put rubber bands on the cocking handle to make it shoot farther.
it does work way better after that, but finding some way to make the mod prettier would be nice-rubber bands are really ugly in my opinion ( at least on my nightfinder, which I painted flat black)
geek27 (author)  purplemonkeydishwasher6 years ago
Putting rubber bands on your gun does work quite well, but essentially, it's the same exact thing as a spring replacement, just externally. Like using a stronger spring, rubber bands increase the power behind the plunger when the gun is fired. If you're looking for a way to make it cleaner, you can do a spring replacement on your NF and it will look a lot cleaner.
i do not really care for looks. (also you can use clipped and tied moon shoes bands which are black.
srilyk6 years ago
This is probably slightly beyond the scope of this particular instructable, but when using hot glue, if you want a stronger bond, drill holes in the two surfaces you're mating and get enough hot glue to get into the holes.. I haven't done any scientific tests, but I'd guess at least 3x the holding power. I'm sure it would be helpful if there were any high-stress modded parts on the nerf gun. Great instructable!
geek27 (author)  srilyk6 years ago
Yes, you are definitely right. The more uneven a surface is, the better that glue will adhere to it. Before using Epoxy, Plumber's Goop, or hot glue, many Nerfers use sandpaper to roughen up the surfaces that will be glued. Lower grit (more coarse) sandpaper would probably work best.
roboman016 years ago
Nice Instructable! Also, are you going to be at Armageddon X on Saturday?
geek27 (author)  roboman016 years ago
Pshh, I wish. I'm not very... involved with NerfHaven - I don't even have an account. Even though I do live in California (Northern California, not Southern) I'm not going to be there. If you're going though, I hope it's fun. I'll just read the thread on Sunday and look at the pictures ;)
I don't like to complain, but if I don't it's going to keep itching at me. Airsoft vs nerf.

itch* itch* itch*

I believe that there are FAR more different models and types of airsoft guns, not mentioning airsoft accesories than the variety of NERF products. (or related companys)

Itch satisfied*

Other than that, great job.
I agree Airsoft is much funner outside,however if u live in a city/Development you probably don't have a place to play airsoft also, it is much harder to mod an airsoft gun
to be honest, i have never even heard of a modded airsoft gun-- they are great as is but im sure if you did modd it it would be incredibly hard and would probibly break the gun
thats my point the only "mod" ive ever seen to a sirsfot it repainting and tbh that not really a mod
If you're willing to pay $500 and up for a decent airsoft gun (and even more for equipment like a mask, gloves ect.) then fine, go and play airsoft. I hope to start playing airsoft when I get to 18 myself. but the whole idea of playing nerf with modified guns is that you can create a weapon that suits you without paying Hundreds of dollars on parts/tools, or on knex. you don't even have to modify a gun, I made myself an awesome nerf sniper rifle from scratch (I might post an Instructable on it sometime...).
geek27 (author)  teapotking6 years ago
Yeah, homemades are really fun. I made crispyjones' net gun, but now I mostly use a 1/2" PVC barrel for firing stock Nerf darts at mind bogglingly high velocities... loads of fun!
$500 is a lot to pay for a "decent" airsoft gun. You can get a pretty good one for $200-$300 tops. And you don't really need a mask, I play in street clothes and sunglasses.
Okay, Maybe not 500, but I'm just saying either way airsoft is still more expensive than Nerfing. Don't take this as an insult either, I'd be an airsoft player myself if there wasn't a law that said I can't do it under 18 =( But my nerf sniper rifle I made costed about $60 in total for the parts, and has I ridiculously long range (I haven't measured it yet but I'd think somewhere in the region of 100 yards with my special darts). Until I'm 18, It's nerf for me.
In fact because mine runs on the CO2 canisters from a soda stream drinks maker, 4 Tanks of the stuff costs more than the gun itself!
geek27 (author)  waffleking1016 years ago
Not being very familiar with either airsoft or paintball, I don't doubt that there are more airsoft guns and accessories than Nerf guns. Of course, it is all preference anyways. Nerf has its ups and downs and so does airsoft. It's just which ups and downs you like better and I respect everyone's personal preference. You don't need any anti-itch cream, feel free to speak your mind.
personally I think all the games have their place Nerf - inside airsoft - backyard paintball - at a field or in the woods
edro6 years ago
Great instructable! Very good photos with great explanations. I didn't have to read anything but the photo comments to understand.
DJ Radio6 years ago
You never did do the whole "Nerf vs knex" argument. Anyways, this seems like a good beginners guide. Im gonna reference this If I ever do take up nerfing.
geek27 (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
Yeah, you make a great point. On instructables, I hear some people getting into arguments on whether Nerf or K'nex is better. Of course, neither one is better than the other, it's just personal preference. Although I wasn't very good at it, I was into K'nex guns not too long ago, but I (like most sissies) wasn't very into getting shot with pieces of plastic.
DJ Radio geek276 years ago
Yeah, The 2 reasons I prefer knex are 1- you can make your own original guns, and you dont have to start with a gun, then mod it. 2- building knex guns only requires hands (and some pliers if you are making a tube) But yeah, its personal preference.
but it also takes a lot more time right? modding Nerf: - 1 hour max - just need gun and a few materials - easy to repeat making Knex: - need all the parts - tons of time to perfect the design - make bullets? (i have never made a Knex gun so i dont know) - gotta get double the parts and double the time to make two, one for you and two for whoever your playing with
Yea, you may need parts for knex, but you need a nerf gun and a ton of tools for nerf. Sometimes it may take time to perfect it. Most knex guns just shoot a rod. Some knex guns shoot oodammo, which is basically 2 knex parts. The only ammo that takes time to make is cannon ammo. It doesnt take double the time to make 2, since you know how to make the same gun at this point. But yeah, it does need double parts.
knex all the wayyyyyyyyy
Don't post things to make arguments. If you like knex better than stay off this damn page.
lol I was just kidding I don't like either
That's because that argument has no room here. It does not need to be started.
I really dont care if he did it anyways, but he did nerf vs. airsoft and stuff. Some of the KI regulars also do nerf, and they spark up nerf vs knex in the KI chat (at least when I was there).
mg0930mg6 years ago
Awesome. I love this i'ble.
i'ble i like it
Dr.Paj6 years ago
Don't forget to add a sweet paint job like the one I did a few years back.
Redgerr Dr.Paj6 years ago
not gona lie, that looks so sick lol
geek27 (author)  Dr.Paj6 years ago
Yeah, painting guns is great, I think I'll add an instructable later on how to paint your Nerf guns. Of course, I'm not a very experienced painter, as the only paints I've used are Krylon Fusion paints. However, Krylon Fusion does the trick for me, so I'm happy. I might look into drybrush paints later, though.
your brilliant
WOW! I still remember playing with these when I was a kid.. Amazing times. Great info. Maybe I'll buy one for my newborn :-)
OmarZRG6 years ago
Wow, Hasbro actually puts limiters in their guns? No wonder their range is so disappointing...
geek27 (author)  OmarZRG6 years ago
Yeah, it's to avoid getting lawsuits from angry parents of kids who shot each others' eyes out with their Nerf guns. I know what you mean though. The first time I shot a stock Nitefinder, I watched the dart practically plop to the ground and thought that something was wrong with it. Nothing was actually wrong with it.
best modding instructable i have seen so far good job
chaoszerom6 years ago
Very good instructable. It is very informative, and it is a good intro to the world of nerfing. What could be added is a) How to make stefans/ types of stefans b) The different types of stock darts (Streamlines can be rear loaded) c) I can't remember And to conclude my minuscule rant: NERF OR DEATH!
geek27 (author)  chaoszerom6 years ago
Thanks for the suggestions! The main reason I didn't want to cover what you mentioned is because I wanted to keep my guide short. Not like it is short or anything, but adding the steps of how to make stefans would make the guide a bit too... beefy. I'm thinking of making a separate instructable for that, as there are many things I have to address about stefans, like the different types. Mentioning the different types of stock darts is also a great idea, but I thought that the guide might be a bit too confusing if I mentioned a ton of different dart types in one step. Personally, I'm a person who learns well by reading tiny bits of information at once, so I figured that I should be a bit vague on some portions of my guide and then point beginners in the direction of NerfHaven to learn more.
One aspect of Nerf that I feel you left out is dodging. It really is a skill that is unseen in Airsoft and Paintball. For those, once you have someone in your sights they are basically hit, but for Nerf it really is a skill to be able to predict someone's dodging abilities. It also adds something to the game that neither of the previous two have. You may find yourself running from the opponent you completely missed after he dodged your dart. Fun stuff... NERF OR NOTHIN'!
geek27 (author)  LegoBrickMaster76 years ago
Yeah, I totally agree with you there. The fact that Nerf involves slower projectile velocities really gives it a great energy. Rushing and dodging are what really make Nerf shine when compared to Airsoft or Paintball.
geek27 (author) 6 years ago
Featured? WOW! I love you guys!!!! Thanks so much for all the support and suggestions, I'll probably get around to adding some new stuff now and then (though probably in different instructables). For those curious, I do not actually have an account on NerfHaven, but I may contemplate registering soon. I'm planning on adding some contributions and write-ups off my own, and I'll try to address some problems in the writing. ITZ NERF OR NUTHIN!!!
Juklop6 years ago
Great Instructable! Coupler'd BBB ftw.
coolcam6 years ago
Nice Job on making ur First Guide I love it and I Learnt so much from it Too for I have never moded a nerf gun before. Keep up the good work from Cameron
Redneck26 years ago
On the second picture on step ten you can cut out the center to allow even more airflow.
jakezcop6 years ago
this... is... AWSOME!
vanpaun6 years ago
I made a collaborative guide like this about nerf a while ago, but it got removed because I wasn't showing how to do something in specific. Yours is 10X better, and featured so I wouldn't worry. Good work!
shveet6 years ago
this is probably (my opinion) the best "Beginners Guide to nerf modding that there is. i have moded nerf guns in the past but it can be a pain at times. and thanks for sum details about the pump guns (i only modded springs) PS: attaching the nerf recon barrel to the longshot isnt really a mod...(my opinon)
ItsTheHobbs6 years ago
I have a really sweet modded and painted nitefinder... Too bad I lost it...
Ah man, I love nerf guns. I got a Maverick last winter and attempted to mod it but I just ended up painting it all cyberpunk. This instructable makes me wanna get another one.
jeff-o6 years ago
Ah, the Big Blast! I modified one of these to shoot foam darts through cardboard. Great fun!