Step 10: Air Restrictor / Air Limiter Removal

Picture of Air Restrictor / Air Limiter Removal
AR Removal 2.JPG
AR Removal 1.JPG
AR Removal 2.JPG
Nerf limits the ranges of their guns by using air restrictors and air limiters in their guns. Removing the air restrictors and air limiters in a gun will increase the gun's range. There is not much to the removal of an air restrictor. Air restrictors can simply be thrown away once they are identified. Air restrictors almost always have the same exact shape: a small piece with three prongs found with a spring. This air restrictor assembly always includes a small spring, which should be discarded with the restrictor itself.

In spring guns: Spring guns almost always have air restrictors and air limiters. Picture 1 shows the air restrictor and air restrictor spring in a Nitefinder. The first air-limiting piece to be removed is the barrel post. The barrel post is the long rod that the stock Nerf dart slips over when it is placed in a Nerf gun. It is shown in Picture 2. The excess plastic left after that (Picture 3) can then be removed, in this case, with a drill. Before the drillng, the air had to flow through the small gaps in the two plastic pieces. Removing these air limiters allows air to flow to the dart quickly and gives the dart more range.

In pump guns: Pump guns almost always have some sort of air limiters, but they do not often have actual air restrictors. Keep in mind, air restrictors are the pieces (often with three prongs) that are located with a spring. Picture 4 demonstrates the removal of air limiters in a pump Nerf gun, specifically, the Nerf Titan ASV-1. Notice the air-limiting material structured like a grate. These air limiting "grates" reduce the Titan's range because air is forced to flow around the air limiters. The author of the picture used a Dremel with a cutting bit to remove the air limiting "grates."

Picture 3 courtesy of NerfHaven user Gengar003
Picture 4 courtesy of NerfHaven user hereticorp

I love Led Zeppelin!

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A few years ago, I listened to a Led Zeppelin album virtually every day. Weirdly, I never really liked Presence very much until just recently. I wonder why that is?

Anyway, do you have a favorite Zeppelin album?

Probably Mothership.

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Ah--I was thinking more of their original studio albums when I asked, but Mothership's a fine collection, too!

airsofterz3 years ago
i dont understand. how are you supposed to get to the AR in a night finder. do i drill or something.sorry, im inexperienced and this is my first attempt
Revan_Taros4 years ago
i found a use for the air restrictors. take a dart of your choice (i recommend the purple/yellow buzz-bee darts) and take the tip off and set it aside. take an airsoft BB (of your weight) and place it in the hole of the dart. take the AR and push it down onto the side of the dart that has the BB in it. i tested this on a couple of my guns. it works quite well in them, but i have not tested it in a stock gun. for use in front loading guns (scout, nitefinder, hornet etc.) you can leave the prongs on. for use in CS guns, simply break or cut the prongs off. i might make a you tube video of this. let me know how this works.
I have also found a use for them, in the nitefinder. Take a dart, any stock dart, and cut the tip off.
Then, take the air restrictor and glue it to the dart, i used Tacky Glue, but im sure others would work, just not hot glue cuz it melts the darts.
Deathco5 years ago
Hey Geek27. I really want to mod my Maverick (air restrictor removal, the mod where the barrel comes out farther) , But im afraid i'll screw it up. Is any damage reversible? Is there really anything to be afraid of?
Fyrus_5 years ago
Hi , I took out the air restrictor on my nerf Firefly , but the only thing that happend is it just reduced its range , then i added the air restrictors again and it increased its range. I need help, Please reply , somebody .

P.S. : The little pad that had the plastic cross rod was hard to get take out , and yes i did cut the cross with a wire cutter and placed the pad back again.

Bye, please reply: Fyrus_

The restrictors could be concentating the air flow for you, so if you could find a way to take them out but still have the air flow in a non-scattered way you should be fine.
geek27 (author)  Fyrus_5 years ago
Funny, because I was about to suggest that you place the pads back in the gun.

The pads make the turret seal together.  So, I'm not quite sure what problem that your gun is having.  This may sound unimportant, but If you removed the cross parts of the pad, how did the air restrictors fit back?
I don't seem to have a spring in mine. Yes I know that you said they all have them but mine doesn't. Any ideas?
I thought mine didn't have a spring either, until I drilled out the center rod, then I found it, in an inner chamber that I didn't realize was there.
geek27 (author)  Evidenceremoved5 years ago
If your air restrictor doesn't have a spring, that's fine!  When you remove the air restrictors, you remove the spring anyways, if it doesn't come with a spring, you don't need to worry about it.  It was probably a flaw in manufacturing, perhaps.
zack attack5 years ago
what do i use to remove the titan AR?
geek27 (author)  zack attack5 years ago
As you see in the fourth picture, you want to cut out the air restricting "grates" that are located on the end of the titan's barrel and on the small piece that the barrel screws onto.  You should probably use a Dremel to cut out the grate.  If you don't have a Dremel/other rotary tool, you could use a hacksaw and sandpaper.  Using a hacksaw, you can cut the end of the barrel off so you saw off the end with the grate piece.  You may want to sand it down to make it smooth.  Then, you can saw off the end of the small piece where the barrel screws on.  Even after you saw the end of it off, you will still be able to screw the barrel onto the end of it.  Good luck!
oh th8nx