Step 11: Spring Guns - Spring Replacement

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Recall from Step 4 that in spring guns, it is the spring that causes the plunger to shoot forward. The plunger is the part of the gun that compresses the air to shoot the dart. So, if the stock spring is replaced with a stronger spring, the plunger will be able to compress the air faster, because there is more force behind the plunger. Although the spring replacement is an effective modification, it does have one drawback: using a stronger spring could cause the barrel to detach from wherever it was glued. However, if you use a strong barrel setup, using a stronger spring should be harmless. Keep in mind though, you do not want to pick a spring that is too strong; there must be limits if you want to keep your barrel from detaching.

Replacing the spring on a gun is very simple. You first must choose your spring. If it is necessary, you must cut down your spring to a length very close to that of the stock spring. A spring should be cut either with bolt cutters, or a Dremel with a cut-off wheel attachment. Other tools might break if used to cut a spring. Once your spring is cut, it is ready to be put in your gun. You can remove the plunger head (usually by unscrewing it) then take out the old spring. You can then put the new spring in its place. Other approaches to spring replacements include adding an extra spring and even stretching the stock spring. However, stretching your spring can cause it to break later, so it is not recommended by experienced Nerfers.
meman1114 years ago
how would i make a strong barrel setup for the nite finder?
two words, hot, and glue.
I tried merging a maverick spring with the nitefinder one instead of buying a new spring. When you pull back to cock the gun it does not catch, so you cannot use it.
just saying this incase anyone else thinks of trying it, if you can get it to work please tell me
A bit late, but, there is a little latch spring at the top. it is holding a little rectangle, put a stronger spring there and it should be good, if it is an issue of the spring being too strong.
Ananand6 years ago
Would you happen to know where to find such springs?
I found mine at Home Depo. It came in a pack with 2 long springs and 2 small ones.
Try a hardeware store.
apod13 Ananand6 years ago
you might be able to find one from an airsoft gun supplier
origamic124 years ago
When you add a spring, do you have to reinforce the plunger head and cocking latch? if you do, how would you?
geek27 (author)  origamic124 years ago
It probably would lengthen your gun's life if you did reinforce these parts. The cocking latch, or catch mechanism, does not need to be reinforced itself. However, with a stronger spring, the catch mechanism often does not "catch," or it may slip. You can add a stronger spring to it to help it catch. The stock catch mechanism springs are typically small, so the springs of click pens are commonly used to replace this part. You can just disassemble a pen and place that spring in the place of the old one.

As for the plunger head, I haven't actually seen a mod that directs how to reinforce it. However, I actually have had a plunger head come out of the rod when I was using a gun with a stronger spring! I imagine that you could smear epoxy where the plunger head contacts the plunger rod, then screw the head onto the rod. However, this would mean that you would not be able to take the plunger head off, if you needed to for whatever reason.
basher3454 years ago
Would a Maverick Spring work with a CS-6 Recon???
geek27 (author)  basher3454 years ago
I haven't owned a Recon, and I haven't looked at mods for it, so I'm not able to answer your question. Sorry!

Of course, there's always the NerfHaven Modifications Directory! I can't guarantee you will find your answer by looking a Recon mods, but it may just help.
kameronk925 years ago
A much easier way to give the spring more force is to cut electrical tape down the length and wrap it around where the spring meets the cocker until it is as high or higher than the spring. This will cause the spring to be compressed more and increase the speed and range of the darts
phish8145 years ago
I have a Maverick and the spring is exactly the same size as the shock springs for my Traxxas T-Maxx.  If you google "T-maxx shock springs" you can get springs in a wide variety of rates.  Just for reference, the stock springs for the truck are a bit heavier than the stock spring in the gun.