Step 3: Common Modifications List

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Here is a list of the most common mods done to Nerf guns. Modifications vary depending on what type of gun you are modifying. There are two main types of Nerf guns: Spring Guns and Pump Guns. There is a simple way to classify whether a gun is a Spring Gun or a Pump Gun: how you prime the gun. A Spring Gun is primed by a cocking mechanism. A Pump Gun is primed by being pumped a certain number of times.

--- Spring Guns ---
  • Air Restrictor / Air Limiter Removal
  • Spring Replacement
  • Seal Improvement
  • Barrel Replacement

--- Pump Guns ---
  • Air Restrictor / Air Limiter Removal
  • Over-Pressure Release Valve Plug
  • Barrel Replacement
Where do I get O-Rings?
geek27 (author)  rejectameric2 years ago
You can find o-rings at most hardware stores. If you're looking to replace the o-ring that came with your Nerf gun, it might be wise to bring the stock o-ring, plunger, and plunger tube with you. That way, you can compare the fit of the stock o-ring to the new o-ring (if it doesn't come in a bag).

If you have any trouble locating the o-rings at your local hardware store, be sure to ask around--I'm sure that one of the employees will be able to help you find them.

Hope it helps!
afireball4 years ago
What mods for deploy cs-6
geek27 (author)  afireball4 years ago
I have not been keeping up with the Nerf community, so I don't know of any Deploy CS-6 mods. I checked the NerfHaven Mods Directory, but the only modification I found was a flashlight replacement mod.  I wish that I could give you a "performance" modification (to increase range, rate of fire, etc.) for the Deploy CS-6, but I have not seen any.  I would recommend searching NerfHaven using Google.  If you type in "site:nerfhaven.com" then the subject that you want, Google will display all of the results from nerfhaven.com.  Here is an example search that I did.

Good luck, I hope this helps!
matt17fan5 years ago
what about the new 35 shot ones? Where do they fall in?
dear matt17fan regarding your Question of "the new 35 shot ones" they are spring compressed and to modify it you would treat as the Nerf Recon even though they are raiders themselves and I suggest that you cut off the end of the barel and attach the extended barel on to it.
The Raider falls under a spring gun.
smithy1234 years ago
a nite finder can fit 2 o-rings cant it and how long is the cpvc 1/2" is is 3" or 4"  tell me plz and wat springs can i put is a nite finder as well thanx
geek27 (author)  smithy1234 years ago
- Yes, a Nitefinder can fit two o-rings on its plunger head.
- The CPVC barrel length you want for a Nitefinder is 4"
- As for springs, you really have to go to a hardware store and find a good-sized one. I don't know the specific part number for a spring that works well on a Nitefinder.
ubcrazy25 years ago
how big is the cpvc
geek27 (author)  ubcrazy25 years ago
Nerf mods usually use 1/2" CPVC for barreling, if that is what you are referring to.
ubcrazy2 geek275 years ago
i mean how long is it for my reference
geek27 (author)  ubcrazy25 years ago
I believe I cut it 4" long. However, I'm not entirely positive.
ubcrazy2 geek275 years ago
k thanks
~Z~5 years ago
 Where can i get the o rings? i just threw one away.... 
seabee8906 years ago
OMG!!!! I have seen about 15 of the belt fed nerf guns at my local goodwill in this year alone.WHY DIDN"T I FIND THIS SITE SOONER!!!! WAAAAAA LOL! Excellent info thanks.
geek27 (author)  seabee8906 years ago
When you say "belt fed Nerf gun," are you referring to the Nerf Vulcan (picture below)? Not to spoil your day or anything, but I'd like to point out that the Vulcan isn't exactly the greatest gun to modify. By that, I mean that you can perform air restrictor removal mods to it, but you can't really do a barrel replacement on it. If you want to read more into the Vulcan mod, here's a link. There are multiple pages with mod updates on some pages, so I suggest you check out each page of the forum topic. - link
Nerf Vulcan.jpg
i just pick up the sniper rifle and the recon cs-6 so i can modify them but i need to know how
there is one vulcan mod that ive heard of. Basically, what you do is remove some resistors and amp up the elecrtic current to make it fire between 200 and 300 RPM!
geek27 (author)  ScubaSteve6 years ago
Yeah, that is pretty cool. However, I wouldn't really suggest buying a Vulcan if you plan to use it in a Nerf war. The thing is, even though its firepower is amazing, it isn't very practical in context of an actual war. Similarly, the Nerf Titan can be modded to shoot darts an amazingly long distance (upwards of 150 feet if you plug the pump, remove the air limiters, and do barrel mods) but isn't very practical. You have to pump the gun around 20 times to prime it, which pretty much throws its rate of fire down the drain. The Vulcan, also, does not have very great range even after heavy modifications and fires way too many darts... in a war, you would lose most or all of them. But yes, I have seen mods like those, and they are quite impressive.
H3xx geek275 years ago
Yes but it does have a single fire mode that is fairly accurate. my lil bro has one and i get him to drive a remote control car around while I use it for target practice.
laxdude6 years ago
haha my friends nitefinder shoots pretty well even w/o mods
assasin326 years ago
i really get dissapointed when all these nerf guns have the worst range ever i mean they r brand new out of the box and they just plop out of the barrel the thing is that i want to pimp out my nerf guns but i am not exactly a genuis about mods
geek27 (author)  assasin326 years ago
I'd just suggest reading around a bit. When I first started Nerf, it involved a lot of reading and research. I had no prior knowledge of any tools or hardware, but reading around can really give you a lot more knowledge on the subject.
citason6 years ago
y didnt u just put in both springs
geek27 (author)  citason6 years ago
Well, when you are modding guns, there is a certain limit to spring power that you should put in your gun. Too much power, and your plunger head will go flying off the rest of the plunger. Additionally, most guns are awkward to cock with two springs in them - the springs "groan" when you cock the gun. I suggest buying a spring from your hardware store. When you buy a spring, LOOK FOR THE SPRING THAT HAS THE CLOSEST DIAMETER TO THE STOCK ONE. You can worry about spring length later. You can cut a spring down to size using a Dremel with a cut-off wheel attachment.
OmarZRG6 years ago
Wow, Hasbro actually puts limiters in their guns? No wonder their range is so disappointing...