Step 5: Understanding Spring Guns (Part 2)

Picture of Understanding Spring Guns (Part 2)
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Spring Gun Theory 11.JPG
Picture 1 is an exploded view of the barrel. The parts next to the actual barrel itself connect the barrel to the plunger tube, but also limit the air flow in the gun. Later, we will discuss these parts that limit a gun's range.

Shown in Picture 2 is the catch mechanism. It is a part that is normally over the plunger, but is shown by itself so you can see it. Picture 3 shows the plunger without the spring or catch mechanism on it. see that curved part on it? That is where the catch engages, or put in simpler terms, where the gun cocks. The curved part of the plunger, when pulled back to the catch, forces the catch up. At the end of the curved part, the spring on the catch forces the catch down. Notice that the plunger cannot move forward, because the catch keeps the plunger from moving forward. Pictures 4 and 5 demonstrate the gun in its cocked position. Note that the curved part of the plunger is stuck behind the catch.

When the trigger is pulled, the catch is forced up and the plunger shoots forward, compressing the air that pushes the dart out of the barrel. You can see how the trigger forces the catch up in Picture 6.

If you do not understand this or it is unclear, this is fine. I suggest you buy a Nitefinder for modification, as mechanisms will become clear when you disassemble the gun. Even if you don't quite know how a gun works, it is fine to open the gun, as long as you take caution not to lose any pieces. Opening the gun and tinkering with it yourself will help with your understanding of the gun's mechanisms. It is important to be careful but not to be extremely careful.
nancym54 months ago

Not really mechanically inclined, really appreciated the step by step photos and overview. Thanks

msheppard4 years ago
As noted in a lot of other Nerf mods: These pieces are glued together by the factory in newer guns. Getting them apart requires a hacksaw or a bit of luck cracking the plastic in just the right place.

Personally: I cracked it in the wrong place but after the rest of the mod was able to use Plumbers Goop to glue it back together and ended up with a far more powerful gun.
ben3605 years ago
 Ha! "It is important to be careful but not to be extremely careful." Yeah, that pretty much nails it.
heavydeath5 years ago
 ok im pretty stupid i tried to melt the glue on the outside of my barrel in my nitefinder ex3 i melted the whole barrel so everything in pic 1 wat do i need to do to make a new barrel and all

geek27 (author)  heavydeath5 years ago
You ought to replace the barrel completely.  Although you may have already seen this due to my constant insistence on this particular mod, it really is an effective barrel replacement - Link!
 good mod but i melted the orange part u dremeled any other suggestions

geek27 (author)  heavydeath5 years ago
In this case, you'll have to glue the barrel directly into the plunger tube.  You can probably wrap electrical tape until it fits VERY snugly in the plunger tube.  However, you will have to glue it down, or it will pop out after a few shots.  Since it will be taking a beating from the plunger hitting it, you will probably need to glue it down somehow.  As Gengar003 did in the previously mentioned mod, you should glop hot glue all over the insides.  That's likely the best approach, but I cannot guarantee that it will work - good luck!