Step 7: Barrel Replacements Part 1: The Stefan

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This is an introduction to barrel replacements.

YOU MUST FIRST UNDERSTAND THIS CONCEPT: Nerfers make and use homemade darts called stefans. These stefan darts are very cheap, easy to make, and have great performance that achieve much higher ranges than stock Nerf darts. Shown in Picture 1 is a stefan in comparison to a stock Nerf micro dart. Notice how stefans do not have a ring of rubber on the end of the dart. This allows them to be loaded in the back of long barrels. Nerf darts have a ring of rubbery material on the front. This is sometimes referred to as the "neck" of the dart. In barrels in which stefans load in the back, Nerf darts load in the front, as the neck of the dart prevents it from being pushed in farther down the barrel. The concept of stefans being loaded into the back of the barrel, often referred to as back-loading, allows the dart to achieve ranges much higher than that of normal Nerf darts. Since the dart travels down the entire barrel, it receives optimum pressure when it leaves the barrel. Also, when stock Nerf darts are front-loaded in high-powered guns, they usually end up spinning out of control.
do you have to use the stefans or can you just use normal stock darts will the fit in some mods????
geek27 (author)  mjames-books4 years ago
That's a good question. Honestly, if you're modding a gun to have barrels made for stefans, you will be able to fit stock darts in the barrels. However, stock darts work better with some mods and some blasters than others. For example, if you mod a Nitefinder to use a fairly short barrel (like Gengar003's mod, which calls for a 4" barrel), it will be able to shoot both stock darts and stefans.  However, since you're able to rear-load stefans, you can get better range with them.  I'm guessing that stefans would go about 40-50 feet flat on the modded Nitefinder and stock darts would go 25-35 feet.

But, if you have something that calls for a longer barrel, chances are that it won't shoot stock darts very well at all.  The barrel is long so that the stefan will fly a far distance and have a stable flight.  If you front-load a stock dart, the gun will probably fire it and cause the stock dart to spin out of control.  Longer barrels are generally used for more powerful guns, and if the dart doesn't have a long barrel to travel down (stock darts don't because they're loaded in the front of the barrel), the dart will spin out of control.  So, if you are modding a Nitefinder or similar weaker gun, stock darts will probably work just fine.
TSC4 years ago
Were do you get Stefans?? Cause I can't find them!
geek27 (author)  TSC4 years ago
Stefans are homemade darts. You make them from foam backer rod and weights.

My stefans are CaptainSlug's stefnas.  This method of stefan making is the less-popular method of making darts, but I find that I produce better stefans following CaptainSlug's method.

There are also a number of instructables on making stefans.  Just search "stefans."
TSC geek274 years ago
I know that there homemade darts! I mean were do you get the stuff to make the darts??
u make stefans yourself, lots of tutorials on i. GL
geek27 (author)  TSC4 years ago
You can get foam backer rod (it may also be called "caulk backing" or anything else involving caulking) at a hardware store in the caulking aisle or area. If you are using weights (fishing weights or BBs are used), you could probably get fishing weights and even BBs from a sports store. If you want to make Slug stefans, you honestly have to buy online. You can't find the felt discs and washers you need for the stefans in the quantity you want at hardware stores. You have to buy these through McMaster.

Enter the item's part number into the McMaster "find" bar.  They are as follows:

Felt Discs - 8771K22
Washers - 91083A009
Foam Backer Rod (If you can't find any at hardware stores) - 93295K43

Mind you, that foam backer rod comes in lengths of 250 feet.  That's why it's so expensive ($35).
TSC geek274 years ago
OK thanks!
5chidori5 years ago
It's rear-loading not back-loading.
geek27 (author)  5chidori5 years ago
Yeah, I suppose that most people do use rear loading rather than back loading.  Both terms have been thrown around, and I happened to select the term back loading, which was probably a poor choice of words.  I may edit it when I get the time, although I would have to find every spot where I used back load.  Thanks!
In real guns, the proper term is "breech-loading"
geek27 (author)  D1rty Di3sel5 years ago
Dear Mr. Crapper,

Technically, you are correct... although that could become confusing in Nerf terminology.  Some guns utilize couplers, while others contain actual breeches, which involve barrels moving within barrel sheaths.
Lol I laughed when you wrote "Dear Mr. Crapper"
lmao, so did I...I think I woke up my son.
Saturn V geek275 years ago
Who cares about which you use as long as people know what you're talking about?
weasel9995 years ago
u can make darts from baker rod i
xj5616 years ago
The nerf stream line darts have rubber heads but are flush with the rest of the dart.