Step 8: Barrel Replacements Part 2: The Barrel

Shown below are the most commonly used barrels in Nerf modification. However, you must first understand the use of couplers in Nerf modification. Couplers are pipe fittings used to "couple" (hence the name) two lengths of barrel material together. There are couplers for CPVC and PVC barrels. Why and how would these be used? Well, imagine if the barrel is glued in place on a gun. Every time you want to back-load stefan, you would have to put the dart in the barrel then ram-rod it to the very back of the barrel. This takes quite a while to simply load the gun and is unpractical. However, If a coupler is glued in place of the barrel, you can take the barrel out of the coupler, load a dart in the back of the barrel, then stick the barrel back in the coupler.

1/2" CPVC
  • Works with: micro stefans (back-loading) and Nerf micro darts (front-loading)
  • Good quality material
  • Very cheap material (a couple of dollars for 10 feet of 1/2" CPVC)
  • Can be cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters, pipe cutters, rotary tools, etc.
  • Works in 1/2" CPVC couplers

Brass Tubing
  • Works with: micro stefans (back-loading) and Nerf micro darts (front-loading)
  • Very good quality material, gets great performance
  • Material is quite expensive (up to 5 dollars for a foot of this)
  • Can be cut with a rotary tool using a cut-off wheel. Other tools may be able to cut this, but most use a rotary tool
  • Does not work in couplers
  • Comes in many sizes, but sizes 9/16" and 17/32" are the two main sizes that Nerfers use for barrels
  • 17/32" is the more common barrel size and has a tight fit on darts
  • 9/16" has a looser fit on darts, but it works better for some people

1/2" PETG
  • Works with: micro stefans (back-loading) and Nerf micro darts (front-loading)
  • Very good quality material, similar performance to brass barrels
  • Much cheaper than brass, sold by a vendor on this Nerf website for $0.50 a foot
  • Can be easily cut with a hacksaw, pipe cutters, a rotary tool, or even scissors!
  • Does not work in couplers

1/2" PVC (SCH40)
  • Works with: Nerf micro darts (back-loading)
  • Good quality material
  • Very cheap material (a couple of dollars for 10 feet of 1/2" PVC)
  • Can be cut with a hacksaw, PVC cutters, pipe cutters, rotary tools, etc.
  • Works in 1/2" PVC couplers
IMPORTANT! - 1/2" PVC is larger in diameter than 1/2" CPVC. in fact, the neck of stock Nerf darts fits in the barrel. Because of this, you can back-load stock Nerf micro darts into 1/2" PVC barrels. This is not the most common barrel material. Back-loading stock Nerf micro darts into 1/2" PVC barrels does not receive ranges as great as micro stefans in a 1/2" CPVC barrel, so 1/2" PVC barrels are not commonly used. There is, however, one common use for 1/2" PVC: barrel "nesting." This is basically when one glues their brass or PETG barrel inside the 1/2" PVC, "nesting" it inside the 1/2" PVC. There are a couple of reasons for this:

1.) One may nest their brass/PETG barrel in 1/2" PVC to protect the barrel, as brass tubes are prone to denting and PETG is prone to bending.

2.) One may nest their brass/PETG barrel in 1/2" PVC so their brass/PETG barrel can be used in a coupler set-up.

Note on nesting: 1/2" CPVC will not nest in 1/2" PVC, as the walls of 1/2" CPVC are too thick. In most cases, it is unnecessary to nest 1/2" CPVC in 1/2" PVC, because 1/2" CPVC is not prone to deforming as brass and PETG are, and 1/2" CPVC works in couplers as is.


&nbsp;nerf for fun and not getting hurt<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> Paintball/airsoft for people who want to get hurt<br /> <br /> <br /> Id choose nerf<br />
Same here!<br />
i choose paintball. lolz<br />
okay, witht these mods you can poke people with thumbtack bullets. nerf can be just as painful but costs less!!!!!!!!!
you know you can make explosive airsoft buulets and if you know what your doing you can make a grenade launcher that actually explodes sending shrapnel in all directions. airsoft owns. you can bring your nerf guns back to kindergarden unlees your ready to be a man and take the pain of airsoft.<br>
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yeah <br />
Why not just make a nerf gun from scratch. Like what's the difference between making my own and modding a gun that I buy?
<p>The difference is that its cheaper,easier and the parts are usually pretty good quality as for making your own gun it can be hard to get the right parts and most of the time you would need a 3d printer.</p>
<p>HvZ and SuperStock wars require you to have regular guns, but allow mods. NIC wars let more things in</p>
<p>That would not be called nerf anymore but homemade gun</p>
<p>The difference is literally making every single bloody part by hand. Sure, you CAN make a barrel, magazine, and all the other pieces from scratch, or you could just a gun and replace the spring...</p>
<p>To all of the people saying that (<em>insert sport here</em>) is better, let me just say that it is all up to personal preference. Airsoft, Nerf, and paintball each have different qualities that different people like. And to those who say &quot;Nerf is for kids, real men use Airsoft&quot;, or that &quot;Real men take the pain, or &quot;Real men use real guns&quot; why are you even here? This is a article about Nerf. If you feel like insulting something or someone, go somewhere else instead of a place for people to learn. All you are doing is proving that you are a simple minded jerk. Real men are kind, caring, positive people like the person who took time out of his life to make a guide for people new to Nerf mods.</p>
What a good guy
<p>Props, bro. That's one of the best comments I've seen in a while.</p>
<p>That's something to say Amen to</p>
<p>Thanks so much, I don't feel inclined to disagree! :-)</p>
<p>Real guns conquer all.</p><p>No batteries required.</p><p>B8</p>
<p>what kinds of springs can i use to replace the one in my nerf zombie strike longshot?</p>
<p> we have the stuff but cant make it</p>
<p>Not really mechanically inclined, really appreciated the step by step photos and overview. Thanks</p>
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<p>Probably Mothership.</p>
<p>Ah--I was thinking more of their original studio albums when I asked, but Mothership's a fine collection, too!</p>
<p>one mod I did was take two ten-shot dart tag guns, do the normal removal of the springs and such(on one I took the spring out of a firefly rev-8 and put it in. It stings!), took the end pieces off, and duct taped them together! You shoot one, and when it runs out, you flip it around and use the second gun!</p>
Thanks! Just yesterday I was talking to my cousin about the nerf wars he goes to and hosts and he told me that they always modded their guns. Now from this, I will do the same, and it will be AWESOME!!!!!!!
<p>heh made a nerf sly dart by making a dark tube out of a Kleenex and stuffing it with flour. It looked authentically shotgun!</p>
1 i can buy a quality airsoft rifle for $15.2 i have modded many of my guns to spray and my pistols to shoot farther. and 3 in a pro airsoft war you better have a secondary that you can reach quickely or you die. summary...airsoft owns!
Airsoft is a way better sport because you don't have to go around picking up darts and the ammo is cheaper, plus it gives you more of an adrenaline rush.<br>
<p>ok nerf amo are only 5 bucks for thirty and 10 for 75 so no airsoft is way harder</p>
Sniperbeast, I agree. Nothing can beat airsoft.
<p>ill tell u wat beats airsoft its called a 357 magnum ruger yeah a real gun better than airsoft by abou 400 mph faster so lol</p>
real cool
Hi thanks that has really helped
You're very welcome! I remember how lost I felt when I first began searching Nerf forums to learn about modding--and that's exactly why I wrote this Instructable :-)
Could you just pull the air restrictor out of the barrel with some pliers, or would that break the plunger?
Hi! <br> <br>This probably depends on the specific Nerf gun that you're attempting to modify, but here's what I think applies to most Nerf guns: <br> <br>If there's a barrel post, you could probably pull that out of the barrel without taking apart your Nerf gun at all. However, in order to remove other air-limiting devices (like the air restrictor itself, which is usually found with a spring), you will most likely need to take apart the Nerf gun. The plunger is usually found a little behind the barrel, so I don't think it's likely that you'll damage the plunger by attempting to remove air-restricting plastic from the barrel using pliers. If you want the most range from your Nerf gun, though, consider taking apart the gun!
Hey do you know if i can paint my nerf with acrylic pant???
Thanx a lot :)
Hi can i ask you something ? Does darts hurts ?sorry for ask you a simple thing its just that im new of this thing of nerf
Hi! <br> <br>Unfortunately, I can't exactly measure how much darts &quot;hurt&quot;--to a great extent, it depends on the person who's getting hit! But, in my experience, I would say that Nerf darts don't hurt. Keep in mind: if you modify your Nerf guns, the darts will travel at higher speeds, and if you use stefans, then the darts may be less &quot;soft&quot; than stock Nerf darts (the stefans I use only have felt discs on the heads). However, as long as you're wearing clothing, you shouldn't feel much pain when you're hit. <br> <br>Recommendation: if you want to play with modified Nerf guns, going outdoors will ensure that you and your friends are firing at each other over longer ranges (so the darts shouldn't hurt as much). Also, do not play with modified Nerf guns in the nude. That one might be a given. <br> <br>No, loincloths shouldn't be allowed either.
like nerf better beacuse i can mod esayer and you dont kill people if you hit them right.
I like when people use correct grammar and spelling.

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