Picture of Nerf Nitefinder - Batgun
A few pictures of my spray painted Nitefinder.
WolfGangMouse8 months ago

First of, I highly doubt you have the "ORIGINAL" Batman comics, and even so, in the new 52 universe, he has never used guns, and he has stated before in all kinds of media that he doesn't use guns. I understand where you're coming from, but your argument is invallad. Oh and, by the way, *You *Batman *. *original *Batman *Batman *Robin *. *Give me *I *. (Message to author: I think that the Nerf Gun Is well made and awesome.)

mattman24 years ago
you guys know nothing about batman I have one of the ORIGINAL batman comics and batman does use a gun his(also robins) code of conduct is he does not KILL with weapons gimme a minute and i will post the comic
and there is my proof
mr.fungus5 years ago
Ummmm... It's cool besides the fact that batman vowed never to use guns.
does not kill with guns
ry259206 years ago
Ummm... you realize Batman never uses guns(other than grappling gun, or non-lethal devices.) But nice job.
Tonaho ry259205 years ago
Tranq gun? Hollow-point rounds? Bean-bags? "Gun" doesn't necessarily mean deadly.
.... dude you do know that hollow-point rounds are actualy more deadly than normal rounds?
they actually do something like 10 times more damage and i think are actually banned in the military under the geneva convention.... altho not 100% sure bout that.

just thought u should know so you dont go out and shoot one of ur m8s thinking its non leathal.
Have fun!
I did NOT know that. Thanks for the info, though I typically don't go around shooting my mates with anything but nerf darts or specially constructed safety arrows.
Kiteman ry259206 years ago
Add thread to the darts, it's a grappling gun!
i did that!!!! SOOOOOO cool!!!!
Sir Patrick (author)  ry259205 years ago
In the Dark Knight, Batman uses a gun that shoots sticky time-bombs.
MAVREV135 years ago
nice paint job dude did you mod it?????????????????????
DUDE! that light template thing is GENIUS!
Tonaho5 years ago
If I may, I'd suggest replacing the "lazer" with a mini-mag light and, as I honestly intend on doing one of these myself (You've inspired me) I think I'll make the bat-signal by painting it onto the focus lens.
Nerfgenius5 years ago
How did you get the paint the Nightfinder so neatly?
Sir Patrick (author)  Nerfgenius5 years ago
I didn't have any painter's tape, so I used normal masking tape to cover up the parts I didn't want to spray paint.
cover the rest around the bat symbol black