Introduction: Nerf Paratrooper

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This is guide on how to be a nerf paratrooper! Yes, I know, paratroopers use parachutes, and you wouldn't use that in a nerf war, but i thought I would make this because paratroopers are usually better than foot soldiers . If I have missed anything please add it in the comments.

Step 1: Primary Weapon

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I suggest using a vortex gun, as they jam a lot less and go further. You could have a recon but they are really loud and jam a lot.

Step 2: Miscellaneous

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You will definitely need a water bottle, as running around can make you dehydrated. Also a coil of rope is very useful for climbing trees. You would need a pocket knife to cut small branches, unjam a gun or a range of other uses. Good shoes are the key to success. Don't where any that are uncomfortable to run in, or give you blisters.

Step 3: Clothing

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Get a helmet. Any helmet will do, I just use my bike helmet. Long pants and a camo shirt are useful too, because if the pants have pockets you can store heaps of stuff in them. A backpack is obviously helpful to carry things. Sunglasses are very useful too.

Step 4: Secondary and Ammo

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You need a reliable secondary weapon with a holster. Extra ammo is excellent too

Step 5: Tactics

Paratroopers normally sneak around and are used for recon missions, so keep to the trees and even better climb up a tree!

Step 6: Extra

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This is a list of a standard us paratrooper WWII gear jut for interest.


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