Introduction: Nerf Praxis Stock Upgrade

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The Nerf Praxis has one of Nerfs best looking stock attachments, however like many of their other stocks the orange plastic bars are extremely flimsy. Mine was actually bent into a curve & had to be heated & straightened before I could do anything with it. This instructable shows how to reinforce those bars to make a good sturdy aesthetically pleasing stock.

Step 1: Supplies

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Nerf Praxis stock

1/2" CPVC , brass or steel tubing. ( for this instructable I'll be using steel )


Screw driver ( Philips )

Hack saw

Rotor tool



Step 2: Disassembly

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Start by removing the 5 Philips head screws , put them somewhere safe.

Open up the stock & slide the orange bars free of the cases pegs.

Use your rotor tool to trim the bars down in the locations shown by the arrows until your reinforcement tube will slide over them.

Step 3: Cutting Tubing

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Cut three pieces of the 1/2" tubing of your choice to cover the parts of the orange struts that are exposed when the stock is assembled.

Step 4: Test Fit

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Carefully test fit & grind down your reinforcement tubes until they fit into place snugly.

You will have to do a very slight trim on the housing as shown by the arrow so the tubing can fit flush against the back.

Step 5:

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Once everything fits right reassemble your stock.

If you wish to paint your stock I recommend you do so before final assembly.

The finished product should be good & sturdy now.


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