In this instructable you will learn how to modify your Nerf Recon CS6 to look like an assault rifle. This may be considered illegal (no orange tip) in some areas, so proceed with caution. Check the laws of your country/state/province before build.

*DISCLAIMER* I am not responsible for any damages, lawsuits or injuries for possessing a realistic weapon so obviously don't bring this thing out in public. I am also not responsible for any damages done to your Recon. If you follow the steps correctly there should be no issues (left over parts are always bad). If you have any questions just PM me or drop me a comment and I'll get back to you A.S.A.P.

Step 1: materials and tools

materials and tools
- Nerf Recon Cs6
- Nerf Flip Clip
- Rustoliem Universal All Surface Spray Paint : Flat Black
- About 2' Of 3/4" Copper Pipe
- 220 Grit Sand Paper
- Nerf Raider Or Soaker Wars Shotblast Stock
- Screwdriver Or Multi -Tool
- Pipe Cutters(not shown)
- Plastic Bags(the small ones)
- A container for parts
- Permanent Marker
- Q-Tips
- Hockey Tape
- A Hard, Dry and Clean Work Surface

<p>look at wat i did with a rayven</p>
<p>this is super cool but i dont no were to get a sexy girl nerf gun </p>
Check out the nerf rebelle series! They have some models that even I would buy!
<p>can this work with a retalarator </p>
<p>I think you mean 1/2 in. for the copper pipe because when I went to home depot I brought the inner barrel and 3/4 was too big. So I bought 1/2 in. Gonna paint mine this week.</p>
<p>Super Nice!!!!!!!</p>
<p>Nice, complete instructable!</p>
looks cool ill try it <br>
This looks amazing i will do this <br>
i've done this with mine too but i'm planning to find some metallic blue for the reloading slide and some other bits, also, wouldn't adding the copper pipe affect the range? adding the barrel extension definitely does for a long strike because the bullets dont always go straight so they hit the inside of the barrel and slow down...
Adding the copper pipe does affect the range to a certain extent, but its a Nerf gun. To counter this problem, just get the measurements of the main spring and go to the hardware store or an online supplier and purchase a stiffer spring. There is loads of information on the subject out there.
Thank you.
how much would you like for the gun i could do it myself but i want to get it for my friend and i don't want to mess up.
I have never really considered selling this, as it has been a long time since this instructable was published.
looks like a very cool mod. I am trying to help my son complete this and when we take the barrel apart - the 3/4 copper pipe will not fit - their are ribs the touch the outside wall and the inside plastic pipe. If I take out the plastic pipe, and try to add the copper pipe - the ribs prevent the edges of the barrel from touching and therefor going back together. What am I missing? (any help would be great - trying to be a cool dad...) <br>
I will refer you to step 2, if you pipe will not fit in plastic barrel of the assembled and detatched hand guard/barrel assembly, than it is too large. <br> <br>When you place the 3/4&quot; copper pipe in the original barrel it sholud slide freely. I used hockey tape (shown in the last step) to hold the copper pipe inside the plastic barrel. <br> <br>The original plastic barrel remains inside the hanguard the whole time.
dude you should leave a bit of orange because thats illegal
Not in my country...
my recon wont come apart the screw is stuck what should i do<br>
try using a drill with a screwdriver head :)
Thanks, I'll try it. <br>-blueblobbs
Just be careful not to strip the screw.
Ok, thanks for your help. :) - blueblobbs
Yep, and good luck!
try using a drill with a screwdriver head :)
What screw? If it's only one (on the shell) you could probably be safe just drilling it through. If its the slide screw you could sand the slide while its still attached to the gun (painting will be harder) if your up to it. Other wise I don't know. Hope this helped.
MY UNFINISHED M4A1 GRENADIER :) <br> <br>m4a1-i used another cs6 barrel inside the outter pipe to make the the extended barrel,the scope is a red dot sight that i bought off ebay,(YOU CANT SEE THE STOCK)its a raider stock <br> <br>m203 grenade launcher(FRAME)-the barrel is a nerf ebf25 barrel,nerf ebf25 side rail to hold the barrel and space it from the cs6 rail,and yes i used some card paper for the trigger assmbly
Lookin nice!
Cool but to hard to make<br>i have the gun but its to complecated
Sorry that it can be complicated but I tried to make it as understandible as possible.
does it shoot farther or does it just look cool ( im still ganna make it, i was just wanting to know)
It shoots about the same distance but is quieter.
I don't understamd your tutorial at all the words seem to be mumbled up and confusing.<br><br>Also, In the Step 2 do I have to unscrew all the screws and then insert the copper pipe or measure it then remove it?<br><br>Another question, I have a 1.5M 19.05 X 1.02 Copper STR Length Pipe.<br>It doesn't seem to fit in the hole with all the screws together.<br><br>(I don't live in the usa so My resources may be limited but please correct everything you can.)<br><br>If you could answer all these could you also tell me if there's a video tutorial?
I have not posted a video tutorial nor do I know of one. <br> <br>In step 2 you do not need to remove the screws right away. You must connect the barrel to the gun and slide in the pipe untill you feel resistance from the bolt. <br> <br>The copper pipe has a 3/4&quot; internal diameter I found it in the plumbing section of my local home hardware (if they have that were you are). 1.5M 19.05 X 1.02 Copper STR Length Pipe? from what I know STR piping is plastic. All you need is a normal 3/4&quot; ID pipe. <br>Bring the inner barrel and a dart to a plumbing/hardware store and if there is a small space between the pipe and inner barrel your fine (don't forget to make sure if the dart fits). <br> <br>I live in Canada but plumbing and lumber products are still mesuredr using the imperial system so really I cant help you much.
I did something similar to this to my Alpha Trooper. I did gray and taped two clips together. I haven't added the barrel extension yet. But nice job. Looks great.
Thanks. Sounds cool.
Hey, does the gun still shoot after the barrel mod? And i took my recon apart and now i put it back together and it doesn't pull back... I pull the gray part back and it just goes back to starting position..the orange thing on the end of the gun doesnt get stuck so it cant fire...helppp
Yes, the gun should still shoot after the barrel mod. You might have installed the thing at the back of the gun near the spring wrong. It keeps the plunger in the compressed position. You may have lost or not installed the spring on the locking mechanisim right. If you lost the spring don't worry, you can use the spring from a retractible pen to do the job.
I put it back together the right way and the big spring is in place... I believe that the O ring that holds the air pressure from decompressing and firing the dart will not hold the orange compressor when the spring is in place
OK, does it work now?
It does not. I shall try again. I believe that i possibly could have pulled the larger spring longer by a bit. I don't know if that affects anything. I will try again and let you know what exactly happens...<br>By the way....Thanks for the help...
ok, hope you fix it.
NOTHING!!! UUGGHHH..... Its gotta be the O-ring...
I think that the locking mec. is not installed right. I posted a note on step three that you might want to take a look at. It's on the far right of the pic.
do you sell the m16

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