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Ok, so its not actually a "red dot" sight, but i dont know what to call it. Maybe an "aperature sight"? (cod 5). Idk.

so anyway, its very easy to make, and if you modded a Nerf Longshot into an assault rifle (like i did), and dont want that crappy scope and dont want to just "pretend" you have a sight or glue one on, this is for you.

oh, and if you have a really cool awesomley painted longshot and you want to put an airsoftgun scope on it, you can use this.

UPDATE: Posted picks of the finished modded longshot. i think its pretty much awesomely awesome.

UPDATE #2: This was my first Nerf mod by the way. I wish i had documented it, but it was pretty tedious and trying to take pics would have been the end of me :P

UPDATE #3: Due to an unforseen amount of praise about the gun, If anyone wants to buy the gun in the pics, message me.

Step 1: Imma Cut You!

Picture of Imma Cut You!

Ok, its time to cut stuff.

cut the bottom of the scope off. its really not hard and if you fail, then you probably cant read these words or understand life. maybe someday someone would make a play about you, and it would be called "FAIL".

now, cut some squares out of a plastic lid. look at the pictures for why

Step 2: Gluing

Picture of Gluing

Plug in your hot glue gun. Glue the stuff together. once again, if you fail at this, you fail at life.

Step 3: Done

Picture of Done

Good job. now go play with it and make PEW PEW noises.


SHADOWLORD1000 (author)2015-08-13

Actually I would like to buy the nerf gun. How much?

$100 USD

Hey dude thats a bit steep for my budget can u give me a second quote?

jakobro (author)2015-05-07

is beast, but I agree pew pew sounds?

EpicMinecrafter870 (author)2015-03-27

Nice sight. I didn't mod my Longshot because mine is worth a lot (still has the bipod intact, blue version, both yellow mags, front gun that works, scope, only one small scuff I think i can clean off). I would put this on my customized Assault Rifle. A modded Stryfe with a Recon (can be Retaliator) and Raider stock. Accessories include 18 dart mag, iPhone Sight/mount, laser sight, sometimes a flashlight. I will paint it this summer, and if I can obtain another Longshot scope I will make this and paint it to match. I like CoD too, so I know what it looks like. In Ghosts, it can be the 4X sight that can be zoomed out to 1x. I don't remember what it is called, I primarily play Advanced Warfare now. Anyways, nice scope/sight/whatever you call it. I have a pros/cons list.

Pros (Lots)

Nice looking

Quite easy

Very customizable



Cons (only 1)

Can't magnify

You could make it magnify tho. Take a small magnifying glass and pop the lens out. Draw a reticle on it and there you go. Keep up the cool things.

BTW nice modded LS.

brysen21 (author)2014-05-13

Y did y say a strap on thingy lol.. Strap on, I didn't think I was on a porn instructable .. Anyways good job!!

jmason16 (author)2013-01-23

realy man...pew pew sounds? guns still sweet! little harsh sorry.

Capt. Kidd (author)2011-06-20

Actually, COD 5 screwed the "aperture sight" up, an aperature sight is actually a peep sight. The one in COD 5 wouldn't withstand the rigors of war, so they probably made something up to give the red dot sight of COD 4 an equivalent.

sirodim90 (author)2011-04-25

You should make an instructable of the dart tag gun attached to your longshot

ExperiencedNerfer (author)2011-03-15

Too bad i don't have the longshot...

darknessfalls (author)2011-02-14

I want to see how you attached the other gun under the LS!

nice mod too!

lazyboy13 (author)2011-01-03

aw dude thats realy awesome, love the painjob. dont forget the orange tip! lol

thedude000121 (author)2010-12-14

dude, that is the bet longshot mod I have ever seen. You are good!
Try moddin a recon would ya plz!

I shall. Pump-action Recon sound good?

standerd, but still unike, grate idea!!

lern too spel

mr_goodbytes (author)NatNoBrains2010-12-30

^i agree

knex man123456 (author)2010-05-01

how did you attactch the gun one the longshot

glue and... well mainly just a shitload of hot glue 

lazyboy13 (author)mr_goodbytes2010-10-06

lol. "shitload of glue". me too with my other ls. nice longshot though. check mines out and comment. that would really help.xp

also what gun is that and how did you cut it?

haha, i'm thinking i should've made an instructable on the gun!

The main gun is the nerf longshot cs-6 with various asthetic modifications, and the "attachment" is a 10-shot nerf tag gun. they come in a set of 2 with 2 vests and 2 pairs of sunglasses (that suck) for $40. And to cut everything i just used a little recipricating saw and a dremel. 

wats-a-username (author)2010-06-15

ugh I have no idea if i just posted this 2x so sorry of i did i made the dart tag thingy a grenade launcher that shoots 15 screamers about 60' (obviously they don't all land at the same spot) and yes it is mounted under the ls like yours which made me post this (God i hope i didn't type that 2x)

Can you post an instructable on the grenade launcher please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to make one to go on my recon where the light goes

wats-a-username (author)2010-06-15

I saw yours and i was like holy crap that is my gun, OK so mine i basically the same color as yours and i did the dart tag gun mod thingy what ever to it but i hollowed it out (removed the rotation barrels) and made it a grenade shoots about 15 screamer darts about 60'

albylovesscience (author)2010-05-10

 thats one  bad @$$$ nerf gun!

alexand3rS (author)2010-04-17

Dang. I never realized how much of a cooler gun these look painted a black or granite colour! Like something from Halo or GoW.

mr_goodbytes (author)2010-03-25

check out the pic i just posted for the finished gun. i didn't mod the spring because by the time i got all the pieces cut and working, i was about ready to explode from the gun not doing what i wanted it to.

nerfnerd (author)mr_goodbytes2010-04-13

what paint did you use????to paint it and can you you make a video on youtube to explain it

mr_goodbytes (author)nerfnerd2010-04-13

first, i sprayed the whole gun with super flat-black paint. once that was totally dry, i used a gloss light-grey and misted the paint over the gun evenly, holding the can far from the gun until the desired color was achieved. after that, i sprayed a bunch of the grey paint into a cup, in order to keep the colors consistent. i then sprayed a gloss white paint of the EXACT same brand into the cup until i got the color i wanted the screws and stuff. after everything was done and dry, i took a super-thin sharpie and outlined all the...cracks?... in the gun, as well as the joints and stuff. then i played with it, and realized it was awesome.

also, this is my first major nerf project, and first major paint job on any gun (i usually do airsoft)

nerfnerd (author)mr_goodbytes2010-04-15

where did the extended barral came from????usesally the 10 dart shoter gun sticks out but you make it more awsome looking by putting a barrel in front.where did the barrel came from anyway??????from which gun???

mr_goodbytes (author)nerfnerd2010-04-16

i'm not sure what barrel you are talking about, but i can tell you that all the parts in the modded gun came mainly from the longshot, exept for the veeerry end barrel thing, where it bulges. that's from that other assault rifle lookin gun. dont know what its called tho

nerfnerd (author)mr_goodbytes2010-04-15


nerfnerd (author)mr_goodbytes2010-04-13

can a video of the gun?? on youtube send me the lick

nerfnerd (author)nerfnerd2010-04-13

i mean link

MAVREV13 (author)2010-03-25

nice mod dude what all did you do to your gun also will you paint it???????????????????????????????????????????

abadfart (author)2010-02-17

what mods did you do to your long shot i am putting  the spring from an ar-15 in ming with a pump action 

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