Picture of Nerf Reflex: How to Add Recoil-SIMPLE!
          Have you ever wanted to make your Nerf guns feel more realistic? Do you want your Nerf guns to feel more powerful? Well, this Instructable will show you how! The best part is: this mod is removable, and it gives the Reflex TWO modes; Recoil Mode, and Silent Mode! Here's how:
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need:
1 Nerf Reflex
1 Small crosshead (Philips) screwdriver

Step 2: Step one

Picture of Step one
Simply unscrew the screws on the slide of the gun and remove both halves. Take out the little metal rod. This will disconnect the slide from the small spring inside.

Step 3: Step two

Picture of step two
Then, put both halves of the slide back together WITHOUT replacing the metal rod. You can... but it doesnt affect anything, and is just more work. I would try not to lose it though, just in case you want to undo this instructable.

Step 4: Step three

Picture of step three

RECOIL MODE: Prime the gun. Make sure the silde stays BACK. FIRE!!!

Step 5:

Picture of
SILENT MODE: Prime the gun. Make sure the slide stays FORWARD. FIRE!!! Just like you've always primed the Reflex...

Step 6:

AND THAT'S THE MOD! ENJOY! (my first 'ible)

I found out it works with all reflexes. But dont do it at all. My reflex broke after 3 wars using it.

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8704 months ago
Yeah this mod was really just for personal amusement for anyone who attempted it.

dat kick

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8706 months ago


otmpp1 year ago
if you take out the metal thing you can't reload
nerfrocketeer (author)  otmpp1 year ago
Yes you can. Are you using an original N-strike reflex(in the ible), or an Elite Reflex?

does it work with elite????

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8706 months ago

It works on the Elite Reflex.

no it is because i have a nerf scout so if it take it out (the metal thing)it won't pull back mabye it's different
nerfrocketeer (author)  otmpp1 year ago
Oh, yeah, sorry it only works for a reflex. :(
Oh okay I might get a nerf reflex elite I think cause there is the blue and yellow and the blue shall be mine
nerfrocketeer (author)  otmpp1 year ago

this is awesome. I'm gonna paint it now

nerfrocketeer (author)  EpicMinecrafter8706 months ago

Cool! Good luck, (or I hope it turned out well).

hunter9991 year ago
Cool, and clear instructions! I am considering buying a nerf gun, I was thinking a 'Rapid Strike CS-18'. I kinda like the see through mag on it
nerfrocketeer (author)  hunter9991 year ago
Ok! Good luck getting a RS18! I'm trying to get one as well! Also, take a look at the Centurion!
Kona-chan1 year ago
i like the silent mode
nerfrocketeer (author)  Kona-chan1 year ago
Thanks! :)
chuck_dee2 years ago
By doing this, and firing in what you call "recoil" mode, you lose power from your dart. Plus, you are leaving the return spring unatached inside the blaster, which could jam in the plunger and break it. I would suggest opening up the blaster and remove the return spring.
nerfrocketeer (author) 2 years ago
This could easily fit in a POCKET...!!!!! hint hint...