Nerf Retaliator conversion into assault rifle (also works for Recon)

Picture of Nerf Retaliator conversion into assault rifle (also works for Recon)
This has been done for the Recon, but not for the Retaliator- UNTIL NOW MUHAHAHA!!!
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Step 2: The Breakdown

Picture of The Breakdown
Take all attachments off the Retaliator.

Step 4: Done...

You're done! Hooray! Congratulations! Enjoy!
nerfrocketeer (author) 2 years ago
Sorry if you thought I meant you could turn it into a REAL assault rifle... That's pretty much impossible... But if you want a dangerous gun, put thumbtacks in the ends of the darts and fire them out of a sniper modded titan. AM NOT RESRESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT YOU DO WITH THIS KNOWLEDGE. If you want to shoot something like human flesh (than youre creepy) just make some ballistic gelatin. All of those ideas are on this site so go and find them. I have no clue how to post links...hope it helps...!

U can also make a q-tip launching atachment (/w needles :D)

nerfrocketeer (author)  gammerguy10 months ago

Yeah, that's also pretty dangerous...

knexbug11 months ago
90!!!!!!!! I only have 7 nerfs!
I have 15
I now have the pyragon, two baricades, firestrike, roughcut, retaliator and the stryfe.
nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug11 months ago
Yeah I've been collecting for a few years.

I see

gammerguy10 months ago
Actually the blue jolt is slightly more powerful than the orange but other than that nothing and yes it is very painful :)
nerfrocketeer (author)  gammerguy10 months ago

Yeah, I suppose the plunger is a bit larger on the blue Jolt.

knexbug11 months ago
Thanks, I am gonna post a roughcut attachment in the next few days.
nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug11 months ago
Ok! I can't wait to see it!
Thanks I will post soon
knexbug11 months ago

yeah, i guess it would. My personal faverite is to put modded darts in the roughcut and do slam fire

nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug11 months ago
Haha yeah, that's always pretty fun to rain darts with a slamfire mech. So I see you're into K'nex. Anything you're planning on posting? :)
which nerfs do you have?
nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug11 months ago
Too many to list. I have almost 90 guns total, Nerf, Buzzbee, homemade, and other brands.
Yeah, i have been doing knex for the last 6 years or so but have only lately started doing guns. At the moment I am trying to find something to post in knex but in the mean time I am doing office weapons and paper guns. The main thing i have been working on lately is a pumpaction p90 which i am singling and have added a stock, carry handle, biped and scope. I wil post this soon.
nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug11 months ago
Alright! I can't wait to see what you can come up with!
knexbug11 months ago

titan is So dangerous when modded!!

nerfrocketeer (author)  knexbug11 months ago
I know right? It has a range of like 500ft.. My favorite alltime mod for sure.