Picture of Nerf Rifle 30-50 ft!!!
I got the Longstrike CS-6 thinking I could mod it.  I got it and I wanted to paint it, but the paint ran out on one of the sides so...I'm left with a half grey and half blue Longstrike.  Then I wanted to remove the air restictors and that worked successfully.  Afterword, I was going to do a barrel extention.  Basiclly I got the Spectre REV-5 only sold at Walmart.  I took the barrel from that and then thought to myself "I need a bigger barrel."  I cut part of the barrel of the Longstrike and stuck it in the front of the Spectre barrel.  It looks awesome to me.  I thought that I'd put a scope/handle on.  I took it off the Recon CS-6 I had that I mounted on, but I just had a feeling to put that on the Longstrike.  Now it has a scope/handle.  I did this other mod that isn't on the web.  You know after you keep modding the blaster back and forth, the bolt handle will start falling off at random times.  So it happened to me and I wanted to fix that.  I simply took some scotch tape andwrapped the ends with it and then wedged it into the blaster.  It now doesn't fall off.  I own it nerf wars with this becuase in kost wars I am a excellent Sniper.  In fact, I got 20-30 kills (or points) in a war 1 on 1 with my dad.  Obviously, this is my primary.  The Spectre is my secondary.  Isn't that cool, my primary is a clip fed rifle and my secondary is my revolver.  It may not be cool to you, but that's legit to me!
DustySeven73 years ago
interesting mod you have there. I have two longshot CS6's, Alpha Trooper, mavrick, and two recons. I have one of the longshot with ar removed and release hole plugged. I also stretched the spring. top distance is about 80 feet. The slide lock is removed to make removing jams easier. I have done the same to one of the Recons as well. Those can easily put a dent in the wall using stephans. The Alpha Trooper has ar removed and release hole plugged. I plan to stretch the spring. The mavrick is still being worked, ar removed, spring stretch and penny mod. and Barrel replacement with new seal. The last gun is my other longshot. That thing is no where near stock anymore. compressed air tank supply. modded sprinkler valve as trigger. angel brass breach breach.
still finishing a few things off. when done the range should be around 60 yards
ewak3 years ago
how to make rear grip ?
lil larry (author)  ewak3 years ago
what rear grip?
sithlil4 years ago
is the specter good?
lil larry (author)  sithlil4 years ago
Yes, after the ARs are removed, it is a good rifle for indoors wars. The stock is cheap though.
but is it good stock, like, how far does it shoot stock compared to modified?
lil larry (author)  sithlil4 years ago
It's a folding stock, it's horrible becuase it wobbles and it's ugly (in my opion).
i meant whats it like unmodified?
lil larry (author)  sithlil4 years ago
Oh, it's kinda "OK" I guess. It's just as strong as the dart tag blasters.
so like a better maverick, with a recons look
lil larry (author)  sithlil4 years ago
lil larry (author)  sithlil4 years ago
It's a folding stock, but it's wobbly and ugly (in my opion).
billybenj4 years ago
The only real mod you did was remove air restrictors, and i can guarentee that won't give you +35 feet of range.
lil larry (author)  billybenj4 years ago
What ever. Sometimes I get lucky and I get range like crazy good.
sirodim904 years ago
30 to 50 feet? my longstrike hits 80.
lil larry (author)  sirodim904 years ago
It's pretty good for one I've unscrewed and screwed together for hundreds of times. Plus, you should have read the other one where the other guy ask about. My dad doesn't allow me to CrZaY mod it becuase we have wars recently and I usually shoot him in the face on accident.
ikeike404 years ago
if you took off the front barrel you'd probably get +10 ft
lil larry (author)  ikeike404 years ago
I know the barrel does mess up the range, but I usually keep it on as a prop though. The barrel does derange the range because when the dart hit the side of the barrel it slows down. Thanks for telling me!
tl dr
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
What does that mean?
Too Long, Didnt Read (try condensing it, or breaking it up a little bit)
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
Try reading harder becuase you should be old enough to read all of that in just 2 minutes at least.
honestly though, 50 ft isn't that much, my AT can get it and i have done no mods to it
lil larry (author)  darknessfalls4 years ago
Umm...50 feet is pretty good for a nerf gun that shoots 15 feet when first shot. Plus if you keep abrieviating your words I will never understand you (no offense). AT? Really. You can say "Alfa Trooper" becuase it only takes half a second to type unless you do have typing problems.