Step 2: Glueing (or taping)!

So like I said, I strongly recommend using hot glue for this rather than duct tape. Hot glue actually makes it more secure and I think it looks much cleaner.

NOTE: I did this the first time; MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GLUE IT ON BACKWARDS! It's easy to forget really.

Once you get your sense of direction, find a good spot where your monocular? fits relatively well or interlocks. DRENCH the bottom of the scope in hot glue, then stick it directly into the desired place. Once that batch hardens, try to cram some more hot glue into extra holes or concealed areas to guarantee a strong bind.
<p>I wonder if it works witnh a blowgun?</p>
<p>lol this is perfect for me. i lost the black part</p>
Would it be good with a longshot?
<p>If it's modded to heck, (75ft+ ranges) then absolutely! </p>
This would be really nice for my 220V Hail-Fire. Or should I say... <br>Hell-Fire
In my grandparents basement. If you have no toy binoculars at your house from you or younger siblings, then just go to a toy or dollar store and pick up some cheap ones. I just got lucky and got a pair that were yellow and fit well.
were did you get the bionaclurs?

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