How to Make a Nerf Sawed Off Shotgun





Introduction: How to Make a Nerf Sawed Off Shotgun

About: I like to make knex guns, swords, and medieval artillery, I sometimes draw, play music, and Mod nerf guns.

Hello, here is what you need
A screwdriver
A container for your screws
....that's it

Step 1: The Internals of the Stock Blaster

Here are the internals. Look at that plunger tube

Step 2: Minimization

Take the stock out BOOM done. Now you have a pistol shotgun

Step 3: Shell Ejection Mod

Move the return spring in the barrel to the upper screw hole.
Pic 1: stock spring placement
Pic 2: modded spring placement

Step 4: Done!

Now seal up your blaster, and have fun with your shell-ejecting pistol-shotgun fun!

Step 5: Thanks for 2,000 Views!

Thank you guys so much for 2,000 views. It really motivates me to make more content, so let's go for 10K!



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    7 Discussions

    Now I need the Sledgefire to do that! <3

    That is a really well done guide. It is easy to do and clear. It is also relevant and fun. Well done

    2 replies

    it's basically "How to make a nerf sawed off shotgun"

    All in all, I like it

    dude. you forgot the most important part of the craft! THE NERF SLEDGEFIRE!