Welcome to my "lever -action " mod instruction
for the Nerf Sledge Fire.

This tutorial includes:
- Conversion to lever action
- Construction of an In- Line Clip

For understanding

The Blaster in this tutorial is not made for children.
It is made for Larp. (life action role play)

Step 1:

Needed tools and materials.

- Dremel tool
- Hot glue gun
- Craft knife (cutter)

- angle Grinder
- Welder


- Nerf Sledge Fire
- Sledge Fire shell
- 16mm cable duct with connector
- 16mm PVC pipe
- 20mm cable duct
- 2mm sheet steel

<p>is it still single shot? If so, it would be rolling block action.</p>
cool mod! you should make something like this with the slingfire gun.
hi could you explain how you constructed the barrel for this gun? seems to be missing from the steps. thanks it looks awesome
<p>Wow, if the gun didn't have the stock part and just the handle part, it would look almost like the gun from Terminator 2. Awesome mod too.</p>
<p>as a cos player- this is what I needed for steampunk.</p>
<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/fixfireleo/" rel="nofollow">@ fixfireleo</a></p><p>This Sledgefire is not made for Kids, its made for Larp and it will be use </p><p>on private terrain.</p><p>to all other</p><p>Thanks for the comments</p><p></p>
<p>I love how you made it to look like a Jakobs weapon from Borderlands</p>
Beautiful work!
This is amazing so trying this
Nerf is coming out with a Lever Action Zombiestrike gun this fall as well! It's called the Slingfire.
<p>This is waaaaaay cool.</p>

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