This is my awsome nerf sniper rifle.
the materials needed to build it are listed below.

- Longshot
- Longshot scope and clip
- 1 inch diameter 1 and a half foot long pvc pipe
- 2 cans black spray paint
- 1 can grey spray paint
- masking tape
- utility knife (optional)
- 2 pieces of cardboard
- time
- clipsystem darts
- victim

First tape the cocking handle, buttstock lock, strap hook, and all other orange and yellow parts. put on the cardboard. paint the rest black.then paint the scope, pipe, and clip grey. wait till paint dries then take off tape and use the other cardboard piece to block the grey paint from getting on the black and paint orange  and yellow parts gray.wait till its dry. then load it and go shoot someone.
(doesnt shoot far)
<p>Cool really like the paint</p>
Simple and nice. Good stuff gunshow!
I don't know about where you live, but here in Michigan, it's illegal to paint the orange part of the barrel. It helps the cops identify that it's not a real gun. You might wanna check that out just in case its the same there.
In most areas it is not illegal to paint the safety tip orange on your own blaster. Once you buy it you can do whatever you want with it. What is illegal is painting the safety tip a non-bright orange color and then selling it as a toy. Of course you can get around that by calling it a prop. Of course if you are playing with a toy/prop without the safety tip you have to take responsibility and not do something so stupid, like aim it at a cop. Having known many people from Meechigan, it makes total sense that it would be illegal to paint the safety tip because residents of that state aren't necessarily the brightest.
k thanks <br>

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